Highlights Real Betis vs FC Barcelona (1-4)

Highlights Real Betis vs FC Barcelona (1-4)

FC Barcelona won against Real Betis in the Benito Villamarin thanks to a superb show and the hat-trick of Lionel Messi and another wonderful goal of Luis Suarez. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019

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93 Responses

  1. Cristobal Soria says:

    Definitivamente…. A todos y a todas nos gustaría que Leo Messi nos hiciera un hijo su santidad…!

    • Jesus Rodriguez says:

      Que sucederia si Mensi cambia de equipo.? No sucederia nada
      Esta demostrado que CR7 es mejor en donde lo pongan
      Juventus . ahora el mejor en Italia
      Antes el mejor en España

    • Julián González says:

      +Jesus Rodriguez
      Usted parece más un niño rata de Cristiano Ronaldo, por qué no puede aceptar que los dos son grandes, los dos han ganado mucho y los dos se merecen respeto.

    • Julián González says:

      +Jesus Rodriguez
      Y te respondo como lo hizo Ibrahimovic, que uno de los mejores jugadores se vaya al mejor equipo de un país no es un reto, simplemente es ir a ganar en otro lado, aún así, la Juventus ganaba copa prácticamente siempre, este año con Cristiano la perdió.
      Con esto no me refiero a que Messi sea mejor, sino que cada uno tiene sus puntos débiles y puntos fuertes, es verdad que Messi no ha ganado con la selección de mayores, y qué? Eso le quita de los mejores?

    • Julián González says:

      +Jesus Rodriguez
      Aún así, respeto su punto de vista, para mí Messi es el mejor, para usted es Cristiano Ronaldo, y listo, ahí se acaba. Por qué cada uno tiene su punto de vista y su manera de pensar, aunque personalmente no me gusta que comparen sino que se disfrute del buen fútbol.

    • marcosswar2194 says:

      +Jesus Rodriguez en españa no era el mejor y lo saben xD

  2. David Saiz says:

    1000 likes for to say that Messi is the greatest of all time !

    • Goblin Kid says:

      +Anthony Michaels Even more embarrassing. Ronaldo is being outscored in Serie A by a 36 year old playing for a team in lowly 9th position. Whereas Ronaldo is surrounded by and fed pinpoint crosses to nod in by players who will stroll once to their 8th title in a row – a European record. The last 4 of which were league and cup doubles.

    • Alex Ashmore says:


    • Ki Todd says:

      Goblin Kid ronaldo just single handedly wiped athletico Madrid out the champions league why do you idiots compare messi and ronaldo why not just appreciate both of them

    • Tuân Đồng Minh says:

      Ki Todd true , both of them r the greatest player of all time , even better than the legends

    • Ballin Too says:

      +Anthony Michaels ronaldo not even playin every game u sound stupid

  3. Daniel Lloyd says:

    People who don’t think Messi is the GOAT, don’t know football

    • Davio Canyon says:

      Daniel Lloyd shut up. Messi sucks

    • woods merchant says:

      +jeremiah jayaseelan .. true..
      Cristiano is a stunning player, probably, the most prolific goal getter ever.
      But, when we debating about who is the greatest one, that’s a really different one stuff where goals speak only is not enough..
      The problem with Cristiano is, when we compare Cristiano with Messi, what really stand from Cristiano to level with Messi is his goals number, that’s it! That’s how great Messi is, then pundits had to compare him with such players like Pelé, Maradona, Cruijff, Platini, Gerd Müller..

    • Andrew Griesel says:

      +ulises ortiz yeah many Argentinians like you think that Messi is in Maradona’s shadow just because Maradona played with a Argentina team that was more than competitive with the rest at the time, while Messi plays with a dysfunctional Argentina team that can’t get the best out of him, and can barely string a few passes together. And don’t get me started on their recruitment of coaches…

    • Shane Mac says:

      He is in a poor league, try the premier league like Ronaldo has done

    • woods merchant says:

      +Shane Mac .. Premier League is not better than La Liga..
      If you want to brawl, go to Premier League, if you want to play football, go to La Liga..
      If La Liga was a loor league, why such a super club like Madrid, with his Cristiano, Bale, Modríc, Kaká, Xabi Alonso, Oezil, etc. only won two La Liga in nine years? ?
      And how could a poor league like La Liga gave so much torment for such a gaffer like Mourinho?!? La Liga is where Mou failed the most ..

  4. Paulo Júniorッ says:

    *_M E S S I T H E G O A T_* _hat-trick³_

  5. James Melia says:

    Hatrick is just a normal day for Messi. The true ?

    • Makhaya Mahlangu says:

      +Jared Da Legend why u bitching it’s true seria a is a farmers league,same team wins 7 years in a row i can’t imagine how hard it to win it every year,NOT!!

    • Makhaya Mahlangu says:

      +Jared Da Legend just making excuses serie a isn’t what it used to be and thats fact

    • Davio Canyon says:

      Makhaya Mahlangu Ronaldo is the goat. You know it. *EVERYONE KNOWS IT* you just don’t want to say it

    • Makhaya Mahlangu says:

      +Davio Canyon that’s your disillusioned reality ,keep telling yourself that bro if it helps u sleep at night

    • Davio Canyon says:

      Makhaya Mahlangu Messi won 4 champions league. Ronaldo won 5

  6. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man says:

    If the 5th best player in the world is doing this, imagine what the best player is doing… oh wait

    • Vic Rattlehead says:

      Every players now is aiming to be 5th best player in the world.

      The no.1 best player already out from league race, CL and Copa del rey… who would want to emulate that?

    • Jake Howard says:

      Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man hahahahaha so fucking true

    • adrian barahona says:


    • woods merchant says:

      Yoooo.. Spider – Man,.. where are you right now? i missed you since Thanos made you nowhere!.. ??
      i never imagine Spider – Man watched football too and an admirer of Messi yoooo .. ????

    • Andrew Griesel says:

      +Mahmoud Hourani yet he had most:
      Key Passes

      And best skill in the process BTW

  7. Joe Stockton says:

    Messi is a glitch in the matrix.

  8. Cris C says:

    This is not even football…it’s just art

  9. Fatima Alw says:

    This is not football… This is art

  10. hugo vasquez says:

    Football will mourn the day this man retires

    • Mij Halfdane says:

      I felt that way about Zidane, I can’t go through that again ?

    • woods merchant says:

      +Dota Ultimate .. he is a legend already.

    • Dota Ultimate says:

      +woods merchant i know but most people want Messi to continue his contract in Barcelona and that actually can make his performance become slow because of his age. When that happened people will see Messi is already bad when comparing to the new/current footballer younger that Messi which is still at their top performance.

    • woods merchant says:

      +Dota Ultimate .. remember, Messi is a genius who play football (Capello). A genius always find a way to adapt according to his condition and evolve his game, like what he has been doing right now.. and, .. well, actually, he is compared with brilliant younger players already, such as Mbappe

    • MDB says:

      i teared up the other day thinking about that day.

  11. ch0per says:

    Goat with 39 goals this season, treble incoming, ballon dor incoming.

    • jaguarjamie45 says:

      +Jared AzpeitiaCr7 it will be whoever wins the champions league dipshit. Get with the times.

    • Alexandre Oliveira says:

      Jared AzpeitiaCr7 What is Cristiano doing this season? Even An 36 year old Striker has more goals than him in Serie A. His only moment was against Atletico.

    • prosper deogratius says:

      +Jared AzpeitiaCr7!!? Cristiano won’t even end up top scorer in UCL

    • Fut Crew says:

      Not to mention 15 assists as well and would’ve been a lot more if Suarez was able to find the back of the net with a pass from Messi. I was starting to feel a bit worried about Suarez but it looks like he’s back on track because of his performance last few games

    • woods merchant says:

      +Jared AzpeitiaCr7 .. Messi will reach 50 goals and dozens assist again this season. Back to back double winner follows. Champions League? We’ll see..
      .. Who’s gonna win the Balon D’Or 2019?! Wanna bet? ?

  12. Mario K says:

    Messi was fabulous, no doubt. But have you seen that bad ass Suarez goal tho? He literally took apart the entire defense on his own.

  13. AJXHD says:

    Ronaldo is amazing, a difference maker, a winner, but he’s no Messi

    • woods merchant says:

      +a lacava “..Cristiano scored hattricks when his team is down 2 – 0 against one of the best defensive team in the world. And Messi scored his hattricks against sh*t team like this..” —> this is typical when someone know sh*t about football trying to put level Cristiano above Messi..
      tell that to kids at football school..

    • woods merchant says:

      +a lacava .. there are two g.o.a.t? No way! The greatest is Messi and him alone..
      – Eden Hazard –
      In this case, to be successful you need hard works, but to be the greatest, hard work alone is not enough, you need being GIFTED.

    • woods merchant says:

      +KeezyWithABanger .. so true, comparing Cristiano to Messi is pretty unfair. It only make Cristiano being outclassed..

    • Ramel Leevis says:

      Just ask Ronaldo fans to ask Ronaldo to be more humble when playing football then Messi fans will start to love Ronaldo….I guess…

  14. Mario A says:

    As a Manchester United fan, I am worried!

    • Vamos Messi says:

      I am a barca fan but I also worried about man utd

    • Clant Pax says:

      +ikhwan hasnin you high mate? What are you on about

    • Ahmed saaaid says:

      +Vamos Messi how can u worry. as a man u fan we don’t have any player like Messi he is untouchable I know I will sweat while am watching that game .it is the best team in the world we are facing with the best player in it

    • jeremiah jayaseelan says:

      Ikhwan, you high on something? Messi has scored 22 goals in 29 games against top 6 english clubs. I think this a record cr7 envies as he has only scored 12 goals till date against top 6 english clubs. So, I am sure messi wont choke. Careful man. You might choke on whatever you are high on

    • DanceySteve says:

      Stop ✋ Stigmatising getting high with Moronic statements. Weed is fucking awesome and doesn’t deserve this association

  15. chiranjivi khadka says:

    When messi scored his third goal..betis fan forgot that he was scoring against them ????

    • Samuel RJP says:

      They do not give a fuck. Last year they did the same, they truly respect what is good. I would tip my hat to them if I had one.

  16. Mariano says:

    1:01 Lenglet’s reaction says it all…

  17. Ayii Garang says:

    This needs to stop
    It’s getting annoying how he’s just doing this every week.

  18. Aw Hu says:

    The only way to stop Messi is to pause the video

  19. Sadixman N says:

    How can you compare this Alien to any player ? That third goal ??‍♂️

  20. Kunle Lasisi says:

    I made my dog see Messi’s third goal and now he’s a wolf

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