Highlights | West Indies v India| India Win By 3 Runs In Dramatic Finish | 1st CG United ODI

Highlights | West Indies v India| India Win By 3 Runs In Dramatic Finish | 1st CG United ODI

Watch highlights of West Indies v India during the 1st CG United ODI at Queen’s Park Oval

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25 Responses

  1. DEON EASTON says:

    This was extremely entertaining. Both team showed up and show out. The power hitting was spectacular. The fans got their money worth. Rest assure we have an AWESOME series on our hands here.

  2. Adi says:

    I couldn’t think that wi would get that close. Still India earned the victory. Congrats..❤️❤️

  3. Tyrelle Audain says:

    That was indeed the closest of finishes I’ve seen in quite sometime. Well played to both West Indies & India. Can’t wait to attend the 2nd & 3rd games Sunday and Wednesday to root the #MenInMaroon on.

  4. Shadman Sakib says:

    Finally witnessed a good scoring match in Trinidad! The pitch was awesome

  5. Nostilohacker says:

    That wicketkeeping save from Sanju Samson saved India 🔥🇮🇳

  6. Genah_speng Entertainment 🐊 says:

    Nail biting encounter between both teams and I believe there’s a lot more fireworks in store for the duration of the series, C’mon Windies


    Let’s go team India congrats and well played from our boys!!!❤👍😎🔥

  8. Prakash says:

    A good effort from the Island Boys. Very rare to see us chase 300 so valiant effort forms the boys

    • Zick says:

      @Navaneet bangladesh play also with their b team musfiq sakib saifuddin yasir ali also miissing that series🤣🤣🤣

    • Mr_AnCHaN _ says:

      @AHONAF JAKIR potthelesh

    • Navaneet says:

      @AHONAF JAKIR This is Indian B team, and we are still winning 😂😂😂. What if we came with our Main team, Match would have finished within 20 overs lol.

    • Prakash says:

      @AHONAF JAKIR they have their moments. Jason Holder is back in the team so. That is a factor you need to consider as well. He was former captain

    • AHONAF JAKIR says:

      They just scored 100 against bangladesh😁And now 305 against india🤣🤣

  9. Fawad Bilgrami says:

    Finally an ODI worth watching.

    • 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕖𝕪ꨄ︎ says:

      Odis have the right amount of entertainment in t20 s you can only see reckless hitting and dumb wickets
      With all due respect to test cricket and it’s a very played format but it’s boring to the viewers in 50/50 cricket you can see everything teams balancing dot balls with boundaries trying to build up a partnership centuries fifty’s a loads of them good chases it’s the best form of cricket

    • Fawad Bilgrami says:

      @parampreet singh yes true. As far as they make balanced pitches. Lately they started feeling like prolonged T20s. ODIs should be replicating an essence of Test Cricket, where the ball gets older and ball spin.

    • parampreet singh says:

      ODI are always better than t20 and test . Long and entertaining

  10. Lisa Doman says:

    The W.I. did not win but l feel proud that they were able to put in a fighting performance against India..

    • NotNice says:

      @eeeceffeffefefff B team, won’t consist of all first team players. west indies don’t have Hetmeyer , lewis and holder…..

    • eeeceffeffefefff says:

      @danyal paracha ,no siraj isnt a regular player, instead shami is chosen over him and I think now bhuvi would also return in odi after seeing his performance,u missed out bumrah,shami,bhuvi,kohli,rohit,rahul,pant,hardik,jadeja,these are the stars of Indian team, guess ,better u read some stats of these players

    • eeeceffeffefefff says:

      yes playing against B Team of india,surely now a fighting performance, that too in their home grounds, shame on u for not even acknowledging india that they can still win matches without star players,

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