Hiker gets EATEN ALIVE… and lives

Hiker gets EATEN ALIVE… and lives

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Time Stamps:
#1 — “The Torngats” — 1:07 — A group of hikers go into a forbidding wilderness

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Music by: @co.agmusic1823

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25 Responses

  1. Wendy S says:

    Matt is one incredible person—-not just for surviving, but for having the balls to go back to the same place, armed guard or not. And to hold no grudge against the bear. Whatta man! Now that’s guts. God bless him.

    • BAN EVERYTHING! says:

      I say we BAN BEARS! Put the BEAR BAN into effect! Joe Biden can do it.

    • Connor Lancaster says:

      Hello does anyone here believe in Jesus?

    • Emily Gabelt says:

      Wow fck them people! Cause how is it respectable to go somewhere where there’s ENDANGERED animals. Not follow any of the rules. Get attacked. Then return with a GUN? In the bears territory? Knowing what could happen? So he’s then gonna shoot it? So that’s like coming into your house when you don’t know me. You already beat me up the first time I did it. Then I return and do it again but this time with a gun. Like what?

    • Bay G says:

      Y would Matt hold a grunged to Apex predator? You’re in his territory😅

    • Paula Palais says:

      @Ali Abdul I reported it, came back…the sign of the bot…

  2. 🔞YOUR SEX PARTNER says:

    That’s one hell of a story. Not only was there good quick thinking for everyone in the group but the fact Matt walked away alive but with respect and appreciation of the bear says a lot about who he is as a person. Not to mention the fact he went back to the site a year later. Truly one for the books.

  3. DallasCowboyDuo says:

    Man I remember thinking 500k was a huge milestone watching you pass, now watching 7 million almost here, I can’t help but say huge congratulations brother! You deserve every bit of your success!

    • white privilege says:

      @Connor Lancaster no I believe in Satan

    • white privilege says:

      @Kartik Padmanabhan sounds like a personal preference of yours .

    • Kartik Padmanabhan says:

      @Bruh maybe it’s a personal/unpopular opinion, but the stories are kinda bland, short and just don’t have that esoteric feel and the complex plots the earlier uploads had, maybe it’s because his content is branched out on so many outlets, I’m still a Mr Ballen Stan though.

    • Bruh says:

      @Kartik Padmanabhan I havent kept up with Mr. Ballen, can I ask how?

  4. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Mr Ballen you are the only storyteller that keeps me gripped and wide-eyed from beginning to end. This story was of particular interest because the Canadian North wilderness is so vast and remote, but this area seems largely untouched and still pristine. Would love to hear more stories or any surrounding mysteries about this fascinating expanse. What an incredible story this was, thank you Mr Ballen!

  5. Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW says:

    I feel relived when Mr Ballen begins to go into detail during the story as that usually reassures me that they lived to tell their story

  6. Linda Nichols says:

    Thank you so much for covering this story about Matt’s survival. He certainly is a very strong and lucky person. Yesterday I was thinking about your incredible story-telling ability and hoping that you might cover some of these stories in which people experience sustained physical and existential threat and yet survive. I am truly amazed that at 2.30 am on Monday I am still awake and have just found this story. You bring it to life as if we are actually there witnessing and experiencing all the terror but, since you have kindly prefaced the story by telling us that Matt survives his ordeal, we are able to relax somewhat. Greetings from Australia.

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    You know…I’ve been trying to break the shackles of my comfort zone and embrace activities such as camping/hiking. I really want to be more of an outdoor survival type; but when I hear these stories it makes my stomach weak and bowels loose!😵‍💫

  8. Cody Cevering says:

    You could really tell that Mr. Ballen was excited about this one.

    His high energy and respectful delivery of such a horrific event is simply superb.

    Still one of the best channels youtube has to offer.

  9. The drop pig says:

    When I’m looking for animal attack stories, how is it my favourite channel posts exactly what I’m looking for? Matt is absolutely amazing and a real inspiration for how he dealt with the trauma after the attack.

  10. Lily Raven says:

    I don’t always listen to sponsorship ads but I always watch yours without skipping. I love the humor you put into it and I think it’s hysterical when you can’t keep a straight face and giggle. Thanks for being you – please don’t ever change

    • Debbie Olandese says:

      I don’t skip any of his ads. They are every bit as entertaining as the story! I also just love how he gets tickled and breaks out into the giggles 🙃!

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