Hillary & Bernie Cold Open – SNL

Hillary & Bernie Cold Open – SNL

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Bernie Sanders (Larry David) reminisce about their time running against each other in the Democratic primary.

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20 Responses

  1. Frank Toldt says:

    Gonna be a good general election, Satan vs Lucifer 2016.

  2. Josiah Garrett says:

    “Never a big fan of the pivot” I felt Jerry on that one.

  3. Seanbrant23 says:

    Trump has this in the bag…

  4. Luis Mijares says:

    Bernie Sanders supports are crazy, Hillary Clinton is winning
    democratically she’s gotten more votes than Bernie the superdelegates would
    abandon her if she began to lose the popular vote like they did in 2008
    when she began losing to Barack Obama

  5. Jonathan Myles says:

    Love it lol

  6. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    Love it lol

  7. Rachel Maxwell says:

    Anyone but Hillary 2016!!

  8. 4hpook says:

    “I promise I’m gonna have a very special role for you in my
    naministration.” 02:11

  9. silentrain1203 says:

    it might take another failed president for bernie to get a shot. hopefully
    he lives that long…

  10. tamasjalaro says:

    no matter politically how this all turns out I am laughing.

  11. Señor Sandman says:

    Bernie vs Trump. Let’s make it happen.

  12. JaySun Estev says:

    His Bernie is horrible

  13. OG LoLo says:

    SNL is boring as fuck now!

  14. MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) says:

    Hillary’s worst nightmare is being indicted for installing an un-encrypted
    private server in her home in which to funnel State Dept. info and then
    lied about it.

  15. Shana Saaa says:

    you can use my code for episode its D4DCC3YVA

  16. Jules Mekler says:

    Everyone knows it’s the Quorum of Twelve and they dress in suits

  17. G Power says:

    That twirl at 5.40 IS how Hilary would dance.

  18. David Pappas says:

    what’s the song at the end called

  19. maymaylingling says:

    VOTE for Bernie for the next great president of the United States of the

  20. ALEX HIRSCH says:

    I love them talking smack about Debbie Wassermann Schultz xD