Hillary Clinton Election Video Cold Open – SNL

Hillary Clinton Election Video Cold Open – SNL

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) announces she’s running for president in a social media video co-starring her husband, Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond).

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18 Responses

  1. Neal Angel says:

    Crazy Eyes needs your vote!

  2. Hemant Sharma says:

    “Buckle up America, the Clintons are Back!”

    well, better than all the loonies on the other side

  3. Jack Stanley says:

    See it here

  4. Lissette Carlo says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS! #ReadyForHillary 

  5. Andy Smoak says:

    Kate slams that bitch Hillary! Awesome!!!

  6. Frank Herron says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. Jim K says:

    Art imitating life!

  8. Liberty Meme says:

    See it here

  9. duncan7599 says:

    I would rather have Hillary Clinton as president then some of these dumb
    bimbo Republicans like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

  10. zorro9992 says:

    This woman nailed it!

  11. beardo52 says:

    The Hildabeast rises……

  12. neotripper says:

    Our country is already a world joke…God, Allah, or Pagan gods alike, help
    us. She is without doubt, Gozer the destroyer.

  13. Abigail Rivera says:

    Elect Hillary if you liked Bengazi 

  14. Mike Younis says:

    This is wickedness!!! repent of your sins and turn to Jesus! He loves
    you!!! Jesus is not in politics

  15. tony febbo says:

    Hillery you are a cheating thief like your asshole husband, you should be
    in jail for all the money you stole from other governments. I hope you and
    cheating Bill go broke. and another thing your daughter is a beast.

  16. Lalo Zarlengo says:

    I’d vote for Kate McKinnon in a New York second!

  17. SuperGirl.xox says:


  18. TheNauseator says:

    They even mentioned the “private” server that Hillary wiped clean!

    Here is how it goes with Democrats (in random order): first black
    president, first female president, first gay president, first Hispanic
    president, first transgender president, first Asian-American president and
    so on.
    Whether the person is actually competent to do the job is irrelevant to

    You will see, if you call Hillary a woman, you will be called sexist and
    every other name under the sun. This is how they roll.