Hillary Clinton Isn’t Running For Anyone Else’s Third Term

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Running For Anyone Else’s Third Term

Hillary Clinton stopped by to talk about what her campaign is about and why she wants to be president.

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20 Responses

  1. Top Ten Man says:

    Did she ever say what policies she supports will help the middle class? I
    know raising taxes or keeping them at the current rate isn’t helping. :(

  2. Bobchillingworth says:

    Is she wearing Torah earrings?

  3. Pradhan Thandra says:

    They wooed for everyone including Trump, what the…!!!!!!

  4. BuyAnAxe says:

    answer the question hillary

  5. Dovahkiff says:

    she’s just copying what Bernie says to get more support, don’t expect her
    to act on what she says she’ll do

  6. Hassaan M says:

    I thought Bernie Sanders was playing a Halloween prank until there was no

  7. Iasleepful says:

    Why are Bernie supporters so violent? Hilary brings to the table more than
    Bernie offers, so why can’t we have both?

  8. Jeremy McDevitt says:

    Hillary is saying what Bernie said on your show and you gave him shit for
    it, but it comes from Hillary and you eat it up. Figures.

  9. Joe Kohle says:

    It’s upsetting that she’s going to be our president

  10. Fitzger00 says:

    Bernie Sanders !! I’m finally voting to get somebody in the presidency that
    wants to make a difference.

  11. chickendinner2012 says:

    Just have one thing to say here, Bernie 2016

  12. Susan B says:

    she doesnt know history:the middle class was “invented” in britain. also,
    it was under her husband’s tenure as president that glass-steagall was
    repealed leading to the financial shenanigans. republican and democrat by
    any other name it is still the same animal, republicans are just more
    upfront about it

  13. Can't Stump The Trump says:

    Who actually believes anything that comes out of this lying criminal’s
    mouth? Pure scum that has no respect for America.

  14. Kyle M says:

    I gotta say im very disappointed with this interview. Every other
    presidential candidate got grilled by colbert and that’s why I have been
    watching his show on a regular basis. This was such a softball puff piece.

  15. PurpleScarz says:

    Why wouldn’t Stephen even bring up the several Wall Street banks that are
    actively supporting her campaign with hundreds of thousands in donations?
    That’s a pretty important issue to raise when the candidate is vowing to
    fight those same banks. I guess that wasn’t more important then parachute

  16. Crimsonphilosophy says:

    Well she is often focus group approved before appearances. Although Libs,
    You may have to hold your nose and vote Hillary when Sanders ends up
    endorsing her….profit sharing is not such a bad idea. Although I don’t
    think Sanders can really pay for free college and universal healthcare.

  17. proteuseffects says:

    Hillary can copy Bernie’s words all she like but she can not copy his
    sincerity and integrity. Don’t buy into her lies, once she is in office she
    will mostly serve her banker donors over us. Vote Bernie Sanders for real
    change #berniesanders2016 #FeelTheBern

  18. Ant Grisham says:

    Berny Sanders fans online are making me hate him. I’m tired of these
    groupies coming on e-v-e-r-y Clinton clip to advertise for Sanders. The
    American voting population dont come to comment sections on the internet to
    be told who to vote for, so you can stop that now.

  19. Pzark says:

    How does anyone still like her? I have a hard time believing anything she

  20. Waderinga says:

    Loooool. I don’t like lefty politics but I know Hillary Clinton is not a
    lefty/liberal. She is a lying snake and will say anything to get to
    Whitehouse. If you are lefty (which I don’t approve of) at least vote for
    Bernie Sanders. But anybody who wants a better economy in the future vote
    for Rand Paul