Hillary Clinton Struggles With NYC Subway Card

Hillary Clinton Struggles With NYC Subway Card

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19 Responses

  1. Nico _ says:

    Just like everyone else, yay.

  2. crooklyn says:

    Fake New Yorker.

  3. Anand Giri says:

    Hillary is the poo poo motherfucker of the world. She is worse than the
    flint water system, she makes iraq look like a heaven. Her mother should be
    proud of being able excrete shit from her vagina

  4. ObsessiveFanBoy says:

    And this is relevant to our lives because?

  5. John X says:

    Republicans working hard to defeat Hilary because they know they can beat
    Bernie easily.

  6. Bloxxer says:

    is this the person you want as president, America?

  7. LngVly22 says:

    Meanwhile in New York
    Hillary takes the subway, Trump takes his limo, Ted Cruz drives a pickup
    truck…and Bernie is still waiting with a nickel for the streetcar.

  8. Kevin Mendez says:

    She’s a subway Noob

  9. Jason Stoll says:

    ‘Not doing his homework?’ This woman is full of shit.

  10. Ricovali says:

    A link from The Drudge Report brought me here.

  11. Fifty 1 Fifty says:

    it’s her or the dude that wants to fuck his own daughter. this election is
    gonna suck.

  12. mtnmahogany says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Trying to show up Bernie because he mis-answered a question
    about the New York Subway at that Press Interview! “As If” she rides the
    subway all the time!!!!!

  13. not important says:

    I don’t understand why people are bashing her for this. she was doing it
    right. it’s like when the credit card scanner doesn’t read your card the
    first time.

  14. Harry Johnson says:

    Id love a woman president but Hillary is not the right one! She is just
    another war mongering lying politician who is bought and payed for. She has
    “changed her mind” on almost every major issue over her entire political
    career! We need Bernie Sanders an actual human being who truly cares about
    this country and the future we leave for our kids. “Its my turn” is not a
    good enough reason to run for president!
    Bernie Sanders 2016!
    Get out and VOTE people!

  15. aricars6263 says:

    she must have been using her EBT card instead.

  16. shade7507 says:

    Bernie attacks Hillary on facts ,that anyone can look up and see that is
    true about Hillary.

  17. Leadstorm76 says:

    Where the fuck is a jihadist suicide Subway bomber when you need’em. Having
    her shit splattered all over subway probably would have gone viral.

  18. blackearl7891 says:

    can’t stand hillary, but give her a break those turnstiles suck, blame the

  19. Agent Bill Wilson says:

    i love how this woman that hasn’t had to drive herself to work for 20 years
    does this “i’m just a normal person” bullshit and like, talks to snowplow
    drivers saying shit like “i know how you feel”, bullshit hillary