Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Dodges On Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Dodges On Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

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20 Responses

  1. Sniffles says:

    When the Clinton campaign says, “First of all, I’m glad you asked this
    question…..” Way to deflect, NOT. LOL

  2. Robert Short says:

    fuck ALL you Democrats!

  3. 1974mrharley says:

    California 4 Trump Hillary 4 prison

  4. violinsheets says:

    what an idiot

  5. The Cure To Liberalism says:

    Hillary for prison

  6. Andy M says:

    what a pathetic excuse for an election season. Trump is by no means
    perfect, but this witch is down right awful.

  7. Sd Ny says:

    Oh course he does that’s exactly what his overpaid lawyers told him too do.

  8. MotoMiata Nb (MotoMiata) says:

    Wikileaks leaked them all we know everything already the fact that there
    was a specific one that was to an IT guy about covering it up… that’s sad
    FBI never said no evidence of wrong doing. FBI said no evidence of intent
    to cause harm which doesn’t matter in the real world but apparently does in
    regards to Hillary fucking Clinton.

  9. TreTre McBongrips says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could support either one of these candidates.
    The thing that pisses me off is..
    Most asshole supporters will argue they aren’t fueled by hatred towards the
    opposing candidate.
    Yet will not take one fucking second to look into/ fact check the candidate
    they fucking strongly support.
    Just like Hillary supporters, Trump supporters do the same thing.
    Dodge facts by sugar coating and pointing their fingers the opposite
    Summary = *FUCK THIS ELECTION*
    2 party system is organized communism.
    Now bring on the “pussy tree hugging liberal” rants.
    You don’t have shit on me.
    I despise that phony, crooked, lying, cunt as much as I do..
    that greedy, narcissistic, dumb down, piece of shit Trump.
    I guess i’m “unpatriotic” if I don’t cling onto one parties horrible

  10. Bobby Fat says:

    The first female corpse traitor president. I can’t wait!

  11. Tom Jones says:

    vote 3rd party. fuck em both

  12. Nikola Opacic says:

    im sorry i thought this was a American not fucking ancient Rome. Since when
    could people in modern America get off everything so free when theres so
    much evidence of curruption and, pardon my french, blantent tom-fuckery.
    Like seriously, how can she just go around being a bootleg Kevin Spacy and
    make every one and everything that threatems her “mysteriously dissappear”.

  13. Wealthycriminal 101 says:

    I don’t care why was I notified that this is trending?

  14. Stephen Esperson says:

    Nice try CNN, we know your in Hillary’s pants. Go back to pushing your
    agenda and stop notifying me of your content, I didn’t sub to you.

  15. Austin Jackson says:

    Fucking “in the ether”


    how is that doging

  17. Carl Chalk says:

    He says it republicans but it was just an IT guy working for Clinton. Next
    week: IT guy found dew in mysterious circumstances.

  18. John Yanopolous says:

    Oh sure we trust the justice department!! About as much as we trust

  19. Krystian Mazgajewski says:

    “in the ether”
    who the fuck are you tryna fool?? she’s a shitty liar. literally blaming
    the opponent is the worst thing you could have done here.

  20. bcj70 says:

    where is the turd sandwich