Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are Back: A Closer Look

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are Back: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the revelation that the FBI discovered more emails that might be relevant to the investigation of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private server.
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Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are Back: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Luka Ivezić says:

    So early, first time I ever saw “No views” under a video.

  2. Hadrian Bradley says:

    Yawn. We do not care about emails. We do care about misogyny & sexual
    assault. We do care about SCOTUS. We do care about paid family leave. We do
    care about overhauling the credit reporting system & banning insurers &
    potential employers from accessing our credit reports. We do care about
    education. We do care about people with preexisting conditions
    automatically qualifying for Medicare. We do care about employment
    nondiscrimination. #ImWithHer ?

  3. Elle Engel says:

    The November surprise will be the unraveling of Trump’s server and his ties
    to Russia and his ex campaign manager undergoing a preliminary inquiry
    about his foreign ties . Oddly enough no public statement yet by the FBI.

  4. Hunta says:

    I needed the reminder about the fraud investigation on Trump

  5. Faeriedarke says:

    Why does no one mention the rape of a 13 year old. He goes to court on the
    16th of December.

  6. joujou264 says:

    Here come the Trump supporters that claim all late night talk shows are
    biased towards Clinton, yet they inexplicably still watch these shows and
    even comment on them.

  7. Really Bro says:

    Last time I was this early trump supporters weren’t in the comment section

  8. Taylor Beckett says:

    I hate our election this year. Jesus, this is such bs.

  9. Laughing Man says:

    I just thought of a new SNL sketch. The Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton
    dance party.

  10. Bobbybobob says:

    Can we just start the election process over with two new candidates

  11. xCaptxCrunchx says:

    100 years from now, Historians will look back at the 2016 election and
    recount the time a Weiner took down the First Female Presidential Nominee
    in US Political History. smh

  12. liyev says:

    I gotta admit…any jokes not about trump are plainly not funny any more.

  13. Barry Kaine says:

    Where are donny’s tax returns? That is what really matters- his credibility
    is based on nothing without those returns. HOT AIR !!

  14. Vika Khan says:

    wow media sold its ass to hillary grosssssss

  15. Douglas Williams says:

    She is going to win the election, and then the Republicans will refuse to
    work with her. Then they will continue to act like spoiled little children
    who do not get their way, just like they have for the past 8 years……

  16. Mohammed Hussain says:

    “bing bing bong bong”

    Seriously America, why?

  17. Mr. Divery says:

    Dear Hillary, I will vote for you, but please for the love of God, stop
    trying to be cool.

    Just embrace you are a stuffy old white lady, we’ll respect that, don’t try
    to be “down with the kids”

  18. colleen says:

    You are a sick man, Seth Meyers!! SICK! I was hoping tonight would be the
    night you’d come to your senses, but noooooooo. Hillary could blow up a
    damn bridge and you’d still worship her!! Ya know what? I can’t WAIT till
    Trump gets elected next week, cause I wanna see you EXPLODE and QUIT right
    then and there. Then I hope you move to Mexico. (It’s either that ior
    Canadam and I can’t do that to Canada!)

  19. Les Deplorable says:

    I want to see all comedians when Donald Trump wins

  20. Snuffy Smif says:

    In the mean-time, Trump hasn’t released his tax returns, has sexually
    assaulted women, and like Seth said, is going on trial on November 28th.