“HILLARY STORIES” — A Bad Lip Reading of Hillary Clinton

“HILLARY STORIES” — A Bad Lip Reading of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton shares revealing personal stories from her life.
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51 Responses

  1. JohnBillings says:

    If you never heard her speak before you’d actually believe this woman is saying these things. ?

  2. Super JJ says:

    *deep inhale*

  3. animal8girl says:

    Conclusion: spoons are better to carry than forks

  4. psygn0sis says:

    *”You are banned because this tweet the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.”*

    • Leonardo Wilhelm says:

      The alt-right comes crawling out of the woodwork to anything remotely Hillary connected. Basic bitches have the presidency, Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court and ‘the system is rigged!’. Back to the basement with you.

    • Dieselpunk says:

      +Leonardo Wilhelm …said the pedobear who supports the party that founded slavery and the KKK, oh, and it still does. Pick up a fucking book besides Das Kapital, you friggin Commie.

    • Yah Boi says:

      Dieselpunk “friggin commie”? How old are you? 60? 70?

    • How To Bicycle says:

      Dieselpunk please refrain from using the KKK argument… It shows severe lack the understanding of history. Just because the party at the time was “Democrat” it falsely represents the ideas for Democrats today. If you have a simple understanding of the history of our country you would understand that sometime around World War II, the two switched places and Republicans became more fiscally conservative and Democrats more socially Liberal. Abraham Lincoln according to his policies and beliefs would side with the modern liberal over the modern conservative. Check your facts

    • Dieselpunk says:

      +How To Bicycle You’re full of shit. The so called party switch that was said to have occurred in the 60s has been debunked over and over again. Democrats support slavery even in these times. They want big gov’t and they want people to rely on handouts. It’s plantation logic and economics.

  5. william sullivan says:

    The Peru Incident sounds like an actual thing she did

  6. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    *Breadsticks for President! Make America Breadsticks Again!*

  7. QRIOUS says:

    “I remember he just bled so good…” *dreamy face*

  8. I'm lost, please help. says:

    I’m getting some real _Taxi Cab Confessions_ vibes from this video.

  9. Mizzy's Parrots says:

    I was dancing for the bucks

  10. Minion Master says:

    How are these lip readings so good??

  11. Justin Watkins says:

    I’m watching this before the Clinton’s have you killed and your channel deleted

  12. We The Animals says:

    *Plot twist:*
    These are the real interviews, and the Big Media are the ones that dub voices.

  13. brightbite says:

    Hillary when she’s had a couple at the Bohemian Grove.

  14. KSW says:

    This version of Hillary is more likeable, but I still wouldn’t vote for her.

  15. Damian Perkins-Neptune says:

    I’m recovering from surgery and this just MADE MY DAY all better!!? Keep up the great work guys!

  16. ForTehNguyen says:

    in before Bad Lip Reading commits suicide with multiple gun shots to the head

    • Ehren says:

      Is Hillary a mob boss now??

    • ThirteenthAndy says:

      +Ehren Vince Foster was reported by tabloid news sites to have multiple gunshot wounds though his death was ruled a suicide. Fake news feeding conspiracies. The Clintons would cover up a murder better than that.

    • Len Mulaski says:

      I’m not so sure of that… What about the judge who died of a “heart attack” that was found with a pillow over his face? Also, taking the credibility of the DNC’s “victims” into account, they don’t strike me as the sharpest pencils in the desk overall.

    • Johnny yuma says:

      ThirteenthAndy  He was just a bad shot

    • Justice says:

      ForTehNguyen lol you conspiracy theorists really must think shes the biggest mastermind on the planet ?

  17. Tanner Townsend says:

    “I did that prank where I scratched his vein open.” One of my all time favorite pranks.

  18. Shirt Agency says:

    Came here because Mashable says this isnt funny. It is funny.

  19. wcr4 says:

    Is ? your ? mother ? a ? Shanghai ? gremlin?

  20. Geeksmithing says:

    I really appreciate the extra time and thought that went into the environmental acoustic effects for the different spaces. Well done.

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