Hillary’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches: A Closer Look

Hillary’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the recently leaked documents that reveal her coziness with big banks.
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Hillary’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Augusto Daro says:


  2. Eric ng says:

    boo hoo seth is so biased, why you never talk about shill….. oh wait

  3. No “More” Soldiers says:

    I agree with Trump, Trump supporters need to vote on November 28th. Make
    America great again by voting for your sexual predator on November 28th,

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    I think Hillary should just stop using emails.

  5. JoeDurobot says:

    *Hillary makes one speech every few day, reads teleprompters, and goes back
    to her ambulance van … so it’s harder to find clips of her saying the
    wrong date by accident.*

  6. CHRIS CONLEY says:

    Gee, all those people whining about last closer look not talking about
    Hillary. Are you happy now?

  7. Ruben says:

    Hmm soo since their existence wiki leaks as had 100% track record which has
    lead to a lot of real world consequences for people. Things that have hurt
    large companies and even Russia. Now all of a sudden we can’t trust them
    just because it’s about Hillary Clinton? If they were fake why did she talk
    about wanting to drone strike Julian Assange?

  8. Michael Ramon says:

    Hey, Seth. Did you consider that maybe Hillary put on her most
    Wall-Street-friendly face for the private, paid speech to the Wall Street
    guys? Everyone seems to be assuming that those lines are her being
    completely honest about her feelings, when they could just be her telling
    her audience what they want to hear. That’s certainly something she likes

  9. ebonykony says:

    Seth has a very punchable face

  10. Foodie Thinker says:

    Hillary should stop using emails.. Use whatsapp or dust..

  11. carebearscooby says:

    Seth meyers was not funny on SNL, and he’s still NOT funny on Late Night.
    How does someone so boring have his own show?

  12. ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead says:

    Jill Stein is the *only* sane candidate right now – and that’s why they
    want to keep you in the dark about her. She’s not hypocritical, nor
    corrupt, and won’t bring on world war three like Trump or Clinton will.
    Stein’s for REAL transparency (she’s the only one that recognizes Edward
    Snowden’s patriotism instead of demonizing him – she WILL pardon him).
    She’s the only one serious about fighting climate change (Trump doesn’t
    even acknowledge it, and Clinton supports fracking ffs). Stein is anti-TPP,
    against Citizen’s United, and would put a stop to involving us in these
    ridiculous oil/corportist wars. She would get us on the right path for
    changing over from fossil fuels to renewable energy. She isn’t afraid to
    say Saudi Arabia should not be our ally!! She speaks TRUTH to power and
    truth to us! Don’t let the media fear monger you into voting for “the
    lesser of two” evils and pretending as if third party candidates are
    insignificant. If enough people vote third party so neither Trump, nor
    Hillary, achieve 270 electoral votes, they are done for – and that is

    If there EVER was an election to vote in a GOOD third party president, THIS
    is it!! We need to break this circular reasoning nonsense of not voting
    third party just because they tell us not enough people are voting third
    party. Grow a set and be the change you want to see. Vote your principles!
    Vote your conscience! Look up ANY of her interviews here on youtube – I
    PROMISE you that you will walk away impressed as hell and relieved that
    she’s in this race. Relieved that there is a better choice than Trump and
    Clinton. Let’s make her presidency a reality people! Tell everyone you know
    about her!

  13. Jordan says:

    I can’t tell if it’s your writers blow or if it’s just you.

  14. solidn6 says:

    How many late night shows does the USA have?

  15. Cinqmil says:

    Is it me, or does Hillary only look good next to Trump?

  16. Project root says:

    OK Seth, point to the place on the doll where bill Clinton touched you

  17. SuperStarMcAwesome says:

    I’ll be voting for Hillary, but I’m tired of seeing the biased media. It’s
    an 8 minute clip, he talked about the “public and private opinion” like 2
    minutes. Then she made up a HUGE non-coherent lie in the second Debate that
    sounded like Trump when he’s asked about his Tax forms. A CANDIDATE HAVING
    A PUBLIC AND PRIVATE OPNION, is basically saying she will tell voters what
    they want to hear, and once elected she will vote according to her private
    beliefs. Corruption in politics? I check yes.
    If only Bernie Sanders had won…

  18. Vivek Chauhan says:

    trump forever

  19. Adam Prince says:

    is it just me or is the studio laughter more fake than usual on this video?

  20. scorpio3749 S says:

    Trump voters don’t forget to vote on NOV. 28th.