HISTORIC Snow Emergency Cripples Western New York | NBC New York

HISTORIC Snow Emergency Cripples Western New York | NBC New York

Jaw-dropping snow totals continue to climb in areas in and around Buffalo, New York — and there’s little slowdown ahead. News 4’s Adam Harding reports.



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  1. Melinda Moros says:

    I guess that no one remembers the Blizzard of 77… over 8 feet of snow fell in about 24 hours and combined with high winds to make drifts of up to 40 feet. I lived in a 3rd floor apartment, and the snow was just short of our balcony. In many cases it reached up to rooftops. The wind pounded the snow into the engine compartment of my brand-new car, and it wouldn’t start until we dug out the snow. Cars that pulled off the roads were literally buried, and it took weeks to find and dig them out.
    Hope you all fare better this time, but never underestimate the snow in Buffalo!

    • Judy Florida says:

      Nothing unusual for the snow belt. It is historic for that date.

    • Noneofyour Damnbusiness says:

      Weather has become more political than politics. Stop the theatrics. It gets cold this time a year and it snows. Crazy, I know, for those who have bought into this hoax.

    • Judy Florida says:

      I was there for that blizzard. I lived in the city. Cars blocked the roads to get plowed. Burn ski areas open. Landlord turned down our heat.

    • Elaine Goolsby says:

      Exactly! I lived in PA at the time. It was a fun time the kids loved it! Hey, it’s winter, so have a happy winter and a blessed Thanksgiving!🙏😇💞😇

    • Gene Wells says:

      Exactly! Click bait with an agenda.

  2. Anne Biebrich says:

    I was born and raised in Buffalo……was in the blizzard of 77….the amount of snow dumped in this storm is crazy ! Prayers for safety!

  3. Dutch Flats says:

    Lived in the WNY area most of my life, this is just one of these episodes which hit us every 10 years or so. We will be back in business pretty quickly and most people won’t be too effected except those who over-exert and suffer cardio/vascular problems. By far the worst such event here occurred here in Jan. 1977 where the drifts covered the tops of telephone poles.

    • Jay Gomez says:

      @Connie Harper You obviously don’t have faith in bartenders.

    • Connie Harper says:

      Not to worry, we won’t be here 10 years from now according to the climate scientist and bar tender AOC.

    • Jay Gomez says:

      @Beth Walters Sorry I don’t do politics, its for the ignorant and naive .

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Not every weather event is “global warming”. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully your comment isnt deleted.

    • Keith Brown says:

      @Bargdaffy 153 we have to DO SOMETHING!!!….more govt regulations, more TAXES, more oppression, more people staying home, more green energy… if only we had started doing all this years ago …all this could have been avoided….and winters would be like summer and hot summers would be winter and THEN ALL WOULD BE RIGHT WITH THE CLIMATE AND BE BALCED AGAIN….we have got to do SOMETHING!!…..oh and btw men give birth too….

  4. John Assal says:

    77 inches in Orchard Park. That’s 6’5″. So if you’re 6 foot 9 the snow is up to your eyeballs. Not the drifts or the piles the plows leave. Everywhere. Your roof, your yard, the street. Then any drifts/piles… That’s nuts.

    • Jean Augustin says:

      @Frank It’s gonna take a long time to melt.

    • Suzie Reigns says:

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ You people need to learn not everyone believes in your mystical man in a dress or cares about the mystical man in a dress. Stop trying to push your Christian bs on people. You don’t hear or see devil worshippers saying “hail Satan” or “praise be to Satan” every chance they get. Besides if everything happens according to gods plan out whatever, that means he made it snow this much. Why pray to the dude who’s making this much snow fall in one place?

    • Frank says:

      @Jean Augustin I live here in upstate new york I know winter and it kinda sucks..🙄🥴😳😛

    • Frank says:

      @Kathy Ross Yup good ole upstate new york weather…🙄🥴🥴🥴🥴😛

    • BJ Lopez says:

      👁 👁

  5. Judi L says:

    Wow, years ago I helped clear the roof of a split level home, after which you could step from roof to packed snow. Then we had to find a spot to slide down to the drive. Our area didn’t have snow plows, they had huge snow blowers on the front of dump trucks that blew the snow up to 40 feet between houses.

    • Judi L says:

      @Stephen Burning Thankfully no longer in northern Canada! Fortunately I had a hand made Eskimo parka I used back then. Amazingly warm at 30 below.

    • biff 585 says:

      Not good for metal carports. If anything New Yorkers are used to snow. It’s just more of the stuff they normally get. There have been some years lately that haven’t received much snow at all. I guess mother nature’s making up for it. That bowling alley looks like it might have had problems long before the storm hit. That line of truckers happened because as the firefighter said I-90 was closed. I’ll bet Wegman’s figured out a way to open.

    • Stephen Burning says:

      I’m Stephen from Missouri and you

  6. CHT2 says:

    When I was a kid we used to build snow forts with tunnels running underneath. A great place to play. ☃⛄

  7. Virginia says:

    I’m from Toronto and it seems like every winter WNY gets walloped by snow much worse than we do. I feel bad for everyone affected.

  8. Gamma Del Ray says:

    It’s interesting from an engineering perspective, because in Minnesota (my home state), you’ll never really see a thick snow covered roof on a house. They are all designed to be taller and steeper so the snow falls off when it gets too heavy. I suppose they don’t build them like that out near the coasts because it normally isn’t necessary. Crazy how much a few feet of snow can weigh, let alone six…

    • 2A says:

      Here in the Midwest we shovel the flat roof buildings

    • Big Toe says:

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ stop you tard

    • The Blurred Crusade. says:

      @hint0122 no, actually it was a mad situation because loads of us had been working on that area, we finished at 17:00 and at 19:00 ish the security guard said he heard this massive noise and it all fell through 😳

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭17‬:‭17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • hint0122 says:

      As a fellow minnesotan, I see that as well. Homes generally have more bracing to handle snow that does acclimate.

  9. Ilianelys Ortiz Mendez says:

    Dios los bendiga y proteja cuídense mucho

  10. richard miller says:

    And yet people still refused to heed warnings and try to get out and drive around. Unbelievable stupidity!

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