History Buffs: Dunkirk Trailer Impressions

History Buffs: Dunkirk Trailer Impressions


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20 Responses

  1. Jack Dutfield says:


  2. Jon Nelson says:

    Hey Nick, please review Gettysburg. It’s my favorite historical movie and in my opinion is better than Waterloo.

  3. Guypersonmanthing3 says:

    Normie: Dark Knight is the best superhero movie ever
    WOKE: Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman movie ever created

  4. Piss Off Racist Moron says:

    Hey anyone play War Thunder, the types of planes used in Dunkirk trailer are the Spitfire mkI 6x 7mm mg and Bf 109 e3, 2x 7.6mm mg and 2x 20mm cannon 🙂 Also the Ju 87, probably D1 variant, w/ three 250 lb and 2x 7mm mgs. I might be wrong.

  5. prchall says:


  6. Alan Mountain says:

    I don’t want to spoil this film for you guys but the Germans win

  7. matthijser says:

    That moment when an English speaker says “blitzkrieg” without butchering it. I’m impressed (2:15)

  8. Hale Hortler says:

    According to Wikipedia, Churchill won’t be in this movie because Nolan didn’t want to politicise the film.

  9. James George says:

    The first major WW2 film about the British Army in close to 40 years, is about how good they were at retreating.

  10. iGuilleProductionZ says:


  11. Erik Gebl says:

    you gave a second breadth to my love to history, next year I am starting studying history and archeology on the university in Bratislava. And you are the man who motivated me to continue studying on the university.

  12. Titus Pullo says:


  13. nathan de crom says:

    plz dont fuck this up plz dont fuck this up plz dont fuck this up

  14. Imperator Augustus says:


  15. Jacques says:

    it saddens me. they will forget the rear gard. I just know it. so typical.

  16. Nathaniel Lussier says:

    I am so glad I am not the only one hoping to see the French represented and their heroics noted.

  17. Duke of Lorraine says:

    I really hope this movie portrays the French army with respect instead of the widespread idea of “France surrenders”.

  18. Harryhas26 says:

    This film is going to blow everything else out of the water this year (no pun intended). So glad we’ve finally got a British war movie, it’s been too long.

  19. RedTeamReview says:

    Plus Mel Gibson isn’t in it so it’s safe to say Nick will enjoy it 😛

  20. tomtom21194 says:

    My grandad was at Dunkirk, he and most of his ambulance core unit was abandoned by their officers and told to wait their turn. Seeing countless lads getting shot down and bombed, vicars walking along the lines and blessing men as they were being shot at he and some lads decided to get out of there on their own. They took an ambulance and drove through france somehow making through the german lines they went to as many ports as they could to try to find a ship home until eventually finding a coal boat in Brest to take them. He wrote it down before he died and i always thlught it would make a great bool or film

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