history of japan

history of japan


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20 Responses

  1. Justin Yu says:

    Do history of Korea

  2. SuperDominican says:


  3. The Mexican Potato says:

    well now ur famous bill. please still remember me

  4. Supanova1220 says:


  5. redconvoy says:

    This was very interesting. Thanks.

  6. Alex Vazquez says:

    Will you do other countries and different types of documentaries?

  7. Branislav “Biaffra” Radulovic says:

    Wow.. I just watched this and i’m impressed. 😀 Really good job. 🙂 I would
    like to see the same thing, but for my country. :)

  8. thebreakdownprocess says:

    This was amazing. Please do Korea lol

  9. Kenneth Wong says:

    Do more history videos like this, please

  10. The RPG Ghost says:

    Come on, no one’s writing a report on this, I don’t see why people are
    pointing out little inaccuracies or slight biases. Anyway, I thought it was
    entertaining and pretty informative overall.

  11. Nicole Smith says:

    Pls make more of these videos lmao

  12. Kinesthetiacmusic says:

    bill wurtz i love your videos a whole fuckin bunch i’m so inspired

  13. javalin597 says:

    AaaaAAAAaAAAaaaaaaaaand subscribed.

  14. Leecannon _ says:

    Moar please

  15. VideoGuy says:


  16. yourmamaisphat says:

    I learned….SO MUCH!

  17. Katherine Estrada says:

    I need more

  18. Eric santiago says:

    Who is the men that comes out at minute 4?

  19. littlebitofkat says:

    “Germany just had war declared on them by Britain because Britain was
    friends with Belgium which was being trespassed by Germany in order to get
    to France to kick France’s ass because France is friends with Russia, who
    was getting ready to kick Austria’s ass because Austria was getting ready
    to kick Serbia’s ass because someone from Serbia shot the leader of
    Austria’s ass.”

    best summary of the reason behind WW1 ever.

  20. elrictheblue says:

    I feel like I saw this with 13.000 views yesterday…hmmmm