History’s Worst Non-Water Floods

History’s Worst Non-Water Floods

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“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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58 Responses

  1. ajaxtuff / zoid says:

    I just have the impression that hes stoned 24/7

  2. lyon. says:

    it was literally fire whiskey

  3. the_epic_hunter says:

    2018: Flood of of Flex Seal



  4. Raphael Chen says:

    Why did you have to upload at 1 am

  5. Avocado_Birb says:

    can we please have another molasses flood but uh…world wide?

  6. RadReaper says:

    The only YouTuber whose videos aren’t over 10 minutes

  7. TheMelonboy says:

    Talk about the sweet release of death, amirite?

  8. Beaste Meauxde says:

    Number one stickiest place: Golden Corral???
    *FACTS!* That let me know the info in this vid was reliable.

  9. pamela hernandez says:

    “Oh boy time to start chugging…. in moderation, if course.”

  10. LaMarque Drew says:

    Time for my monthly dosage of salmonella

  11. John Henry says:

    Dont let this video distract you from the fact that Sam O Nella is probably 6’3

  12. Hillary Trump says:

    *Who’s here to watch this video?*

  13. Kisame Hoshigaki says:

    Actually, the hot coffee lady wasn’t an idiot trying to get free money. She didn’t want to take them to court, but they forced her hand. The coffee wasn’t just hot, it was like 190 degrees fahrenheit. That’s way hotter than coffee should be. She suffered 3rd degree burns, had to spend like 8 days in the hospital, and had to undergo skin grafting. After this case McDonald’s changed their machines to avoid serving coffee at almost boiling temperatures! The case was publicized as frivolous law to discourage others from ever taking a big name to court. To this day their advertising was so good that everyone thinks it was a get rich quick scheme. She didn’t even get “a lot” of money off it. She got about half a million. Hospital expenses were part of it.

    Come on, Sam. You’re better than this. Do the research, don’t promote corporate greed.

  14. Bobby Ferg says:

    What about West Virginia’s tragic demise to the poopcano?

  15. Yip Pip says:

    2:52 Top 10 stickiest places in the world. *The Chuckie Cheese Ball Pit.*

  16. The Derp Chaos says:

    The amount of ants that would arrive because of the molasses

  17. jake woodbury says:

    So…where’s that second video talking about the lesser know religious symbols?

  18. Admiral Anger says:

    The Boston molassacre

  19. A Commenter says:

    Skill Share has corrupted YouTube. We must band together to stop this enemy before we start independently thinking.

  20. Edgard Pinheiro says:

    I am from Brazil. A few years ago the city of Niteroi, adjacent to the city of Rio de Janeiro, had an event we call “Tsumerda”, translating it means “Tsushit”. The walls of a sewage treatment plant broke and a huge wave of sewage came down the streets carrying cars and whatever was on its way. Incredibly, the same city had a similar catastrophe a few years back. There was a considerably large hill that was formed from an abandoned landfill, and people started to build houses on that land. During one day of heavy rain a piece of this hill came down in an avalanche of garbage. Quite a few people died on this day.

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