Hisuian Voltorb’s shocking debut! ⚡ | Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Hisuian Voltorb’s shocking debut! ⚡ | Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Hisuian Voltorb looks very similar to the Poké Balls of the Hisui region. This Pokémon is always in high spirits and has a friendly personality. However, it discharges its stored electricity when it gets excited, so it frequently shocks nearby humans and Pokémon.

Make friends with Hisuian Voltorb in #PokemonLegendsArceus on January 28!

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40 Responses

  1. Lumiose Trainer Zac says:

    Aw, he’s not so angy.

  2. SwiftpawWolffox says:

    It’s such a simple redesign, yet so fitting to the setting and era.

  3. GlitchxCity says:

    What a good lad

  4. Nicholas Lienandjaja says:

    Would like to see Apricorns return in this game (complete with more traditional-looking wooden Pokeballs made from them).

  5. Syncity Kirby says:

    Never in a million years have I ever thought about wanting a voltorb…until this regional variant became known.

  6. K-Nine says:

    That type combo makes the perfect sense, because Hisuian Voltorb looks like a wooden ball! I like it! I love that they are continuing the tradition of region forms in Arceus! Single Type Pokémon can get type changes and a 2nd type! I hope we get at least 1 Hisuian Pokémon with a new type or type combo! So far, they keep their type and get a 2nd type. If the Alolan Ninetales line can be Ice/Fairy and Galarian Rapidash can be Psychic/Fairy, then we gotta get something like Hisuian Bisharp and it’s Fighting/Fairy.

  7. Justadog says:

    The song’s a banger, the Pokémon’s cute, everything’s cool oh my Arceus I love them all so much.
    I never thought I would be this happy for a Voltorb.

  8. zak the potato says:

    the fact that they were different sizes and that the pokeball bounced off the tree seem to make this game way more promising

  9. Goat-on-a-Stick says:

    He sure gets around.

  10. Elton's Stuff Productions says:

    He looks so charming!

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