Hit Rap Songs in Voice Impressions 3! ft. Polo G, Dababy, Lil Nas X, Pooh Shiesty, + MORE

Hit Rap Songs in Voice Impressions 3! ft. Polo G, Dababy, Lil Nas X, Pooh Shiesty, + MORE

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I do NOT own any footage or instrumentals in this video
This video is a parody and no money will be made from it

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36 Responses

  1. Aitor Echegaray says:

    The power of Wakanda’s successor unites us all again.

  2. Brian Jimenez says:

    Who else very proud of Azerrz he came a long way

    • X amers says:

      But we missed him man☹️

    • Jayden Brantley says:

      Bro fr like how tf he get disliked bruh that’s just people straight jealous bro you cant possibly hate on this man hes talented

    • Normal gamer22115 says:

      how is this 17 hours ago when the video was 6 hours ago 😐

    • Auto Hunter says:

      Hey you. Yes, you. The random person I would never meet. I truly hope that you would find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day. blessings and love✍️💯♥️❤️♥️❤️g

  3. KingoYouth says:

    How the heck does he come up with this genius stuff. These lyrics are smooth and relate to the character’s perfectly. Absolute hold.

  4. pikaHYPE says:

    Man… I miss him… I can’t say his name Becuase I will always call him black panther….

    R. I. P Chadwick Aaron Boseman, You will be remembered ❤️🙏

  5. presha only says:

    it’s crazy how people sleep. i sleep on my side, my friend sleeps on her stomach. and the world sleeps on Azerrz.

  6. TherealMJ says:

    Azerrz: “I’ll be back”
    Azerrz: brings AK and sprays the entire music industry “anyone still alive”

  7. Timmy Melfi says:

    I love how he’s cracking up halfway through the Arnold one💀💀

    • I Sylas Krizm I says:

      I’m glad he enjoys what he does, because I enjoy it a lot.

    • Timmy Melfi says:

      @I Sylas Krizm I yeah for real! I think seeing him smile and have fun with it is what makes me enjoy it so much, I hope I can meet him some day cause he seems like such an amazing person

  8. Azerrz says:

    I know my face fat af rn but imma fasho burn this covid chub off for this summer! 😤🤣

    • Trey Kaunert says:

      Mannn don’t worry about it! You look good spitting regardless, plus people don’t really care about looks if they enjoy the content, I mean look at 69s fan base lmao that mfs something else. But keep up the awesome work man! Im waiting on the next character mixtapes to cop 😎 I’m still rocking this mind of azerrz one today

    • baylor simpson says:

      Bruh I’m right there with you

    • King Termin8ter says:

      Same my brotha and I need to upload on youtube

    • Don Mbarire says:

      You could use some kung fu. Please do a kung fu video.

    • Dimitar Angelkov says:

      heeey you’re quite alright, don’t need to much burn just keep ya head up and you look slimmer that way

  9. Max Wrye says:

    nobody talking about how lit his original song was at the end though?? sheeee

  10. IIVekk says:

    This man could literally make a song as 21 savage blow up and people wouldn’t even know it wasn’t him

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