Hixson man has nearly 18000 bottles of sanitizer he can’t sell

Hixson man has nearly 18000 bottles of sanitizer he can’t sell

Matt Colvin and his brother scoured stores around the region buying all the sanitizer they could find in hopes of re-selling it for profit.

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61 Responses

  1. Nicole W says:

    Imagine he has all these hand sanitizers and ends up getting the Coronavirus lmaooo😂😂

  2. MegaJojopepe says:

    This guy is an embarrassment to veterans all of the United States instead of helping people he is hurting and robbing them.

  3. DeLorean4 says:

    Did he seriously think his stupid T-shirt would make him win in the court of public opinion?

    • Eris T says:

      Seems that’s what he’s hoping.

    • Albert Johnson says:

      @Eris T He FAILED

    • Est A says:

      He’s a family man, doing this for his family, so he HAS to be a good guy…. uh, just forget all the other families that have suffered for his actions, how much he ripped other people off who may have had to give up a meal or two for a necessity that now has a 1000% mark up, and that some people may die as a result of not being able to buy necessary products…. No, he’s a family man so let’s all just give him sympathy because he was doing it for the family ( and ONLY his family )

    • Grisel Griselda says:

      Est A – He literally said in a report that he was just looking for his own family.

  4. Sad Satan † says:

    What a loser. And that’s coming from me.

  5. intempify says:

    Absolute asswipe. What “freedom” has become.

  6. Justin Caleb says:

    World is in a panic:

    this guy: “oh boy, time to abuse peoples fear and desperation to get rich”

    • Joe W says:

      That’s the foundation of capitalism (still better than socialism and communism though).

    • Africanjew says:

      I think hording up on supplies is a better idea than to sit and wait to die of hunger.. but to each his own.

    • bleebleeblahblah says:

      @Africanjew riiiiiiiight because when he gets hungry he can eat some sanitizer (along with some crow). 👎

    • beth says:

      @Africanjew 1/5 the population panicking and buying 400 cans of food at a time is what could starve people. We have lots for everybody if people would calm down.

    • Joe W says:

      @Africanjew Yea that would be true if we are in shortage, Which we wasn’t until people with the same retarded logic decided to panic buy everything, Well done, You made an already shit situation shittier.

  7. Bexxybex says:

    He went state to state clearing shelves??? So that’s why multiple elderly and others that are vulnerable couldn’t get them. What a selfish attitude, humans never cease to amaze me. And still just sat with them when they could potentially help thousands??…
    How about he starts handing them out to the elderly in his area?

    • Africanjew says:

      @Bexxybex that’s false the virus is not a bacteria! Hand sanitizer sure is better then nothing however the coronavirus protects itself with a layer of fat which the handsanitiser has no proven effective on. that’s a false sense of security for people.

    • Daisystar Shine says:

      Bexxybex Thank you I work on a till so Ive always took hand sanitizer in for years as some tills don’t have them, id even leave them for other staff as non on tills as can’t get off it for hours! Now I have none left! I really don’t want to go to work as I’m a carer also for my dad! It’s scary! I hope you are your family are safe and keep well especially after what you have been though!! Sending love and good vibes to you all! 😊❤️

    • Bexxybex says:

      @Africanjew it’s not false. The coronavirus is an ‘enveloped virus’, which means the hand sanitiser needs an alcohol concentration of 60%. We’re still very much in the ‘unknown’ stage of this virus. I also don’t think using hand sanitiser leads you into a false sense of security. No one’s foolish enough to think hand sanitiser renders them immune. It’s just about adding an extra layer of defence. So again, there’s no harm in taking extra precautions, especially if this virus could potentially kill you.

    • Daisystar Shine says:

      Africanjew when you have no other option in working on a busy till with no breaks for 5 hours there is no other choice… If lucky I get to go toilet then I can wash my hands!

    • Bexxybex says:

      @Daisystar Shine oh no, that’s a real dilemma! Being on the tills opens u up to a lot of traffic, and if you’re also your dads carer that creates a big risk! I know it’s hard, but no hugs and no close contact with dad for the time being, and all the obvious things, like repeated hand washing for u both. I’d also suggest if your dad has visitors or other family that visit to stop that for the time being. Our elderly really are our most vulnerable atm, we really need to do all we can to protect them. But for most of us we just can’t stop working for months at a time, so it’s weighing up what the best solution is. As I’m pretty sure no family can survive on the £90 a week statutory sick pay! That doesn’t even cover mortgage/rent for most of us!
      Thank you for your kindness. We all need to try not to panic, and just take as many preventative measures as we can. But more importantly we need to support each other! And for people to not act selfishly like the man in this video. Again, really sending you love and best wishes for you and your family ❤️

  8. Eff Yiew says:

    That long pause when he was asked if he’s sorry. That said it all.

    • Jules says:

      He was thinking of saying sorry to make it look better for himself in the public eye, but the option of saying no is better for his pride and feeling like less of a failure from his failed entrepreneur endeavor

    • Daisystar Shine says:

      Exactly what an absolute selfish dick head!!! No heart just greed!

  9. Bee Dee says:

    Who married you, what an embarrassment

    • Eden Hazardous says:

      He didn’t really do anything wrong he was trying to make a business move and make some cash but failed

    • zain says:

      Whoever his spouse may be, I hardly think they deserve any of the blame for his actions.

    • Rebecca Dhillon says:

      Eden Hazardous attempting to profit off of other’s fear and desperation and keeping items from vulnerable populations that actually need it is not a business move its greedy and corrupt. The way he speaks (or doesn’t) about it and has absolutely no remorse says it all.

    • Colorado Girl says:

      @Eden Hazardous The attorney general in Tennessee disagrees with you. An anti-price gouging law was in place because the Tennessee governor declared a state of emergency over covid-19.

    • Alundra says:

      no, the world health organisation did not marry him.

  10. Wiracocha says:

    Someone go cough on his door handle.

  11. Json says:

    Disgusting price gougers. Throw him in jail.

  12. FallHall13 says:

    This guys probably stacking up on toilet paper now.

  13. TheDiamondGamerzZ says:

    I feel no sympathy for this man, he deserves it.

    • R.I.P. Sonic says:

      He deserves worse, he could be the reason somebody ends up with the coronavirus after not being able to find hand sanitizer

  14. prvanram says:

    I went through the comments expecting at least one person to defend him. I found nothing. I am pleased.

  15. Mike Collins says:

    daddy..why do people point their middle finger at us wherever we go?

  16. Mike Collins says:

    he may be picking eggshells off his cars and house for a while…

  17. Nia the Gulf Gypsy says:

    This man is *not* an entrepreneur. He is a straight up vulture who intentionally did what he did to gouge prices, take advantage of a desperate situation and frightened people! He has no conscience — None at all!!

    He can try to rationalize his actions all he wants, but if it was his wife or child in dire need of say food, and had none, but some other low life, opportunistic vulture had bought up every single morsel of food and said to them: “I’ll sell you this one dollar bottle of baby food for a $100” — I bet he’d feel a whole lot differently.

    I’m all in favor of independent small businesses — But this is *not* what he’s doing. He’s intentionally exploited a tragic situation in the most cold and heartless manner possible!!!

    I hope he reads this. Hope his wife, family and neighbors read this. His actions in this matter speak volumes about his utter lack of character and integrity. He’s as low if not lower than a rotten drug dealer or pimp — They’re just trying to make a buck too; aren’t they? But they’re rotten to the core and so is this guy.

    May he and his family never be at the mercy of anyone as cold, heartless, venal and callous as he is. And may God forgive him for his blatant exploitation of this tragic time!

  18. CringeCanadianDude says:

    -would you say you’re sorry?

    Man: wait lemme just read the bible real quick

  19. Well Tube says:

    How is taking Advantage of people’s fear and
    vulnerability a “business”.

  20. madelyn grace says:

    good. he was trying to take advantage of people’s fear. he deserves it.

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