Hogwarts Legacy – Before You Buy

Hogwarts Legacy – Before You Buy

Hogwarts Legacy (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) is an open world action RPG set within the world of Harry Potter. How is it? Let’s talk.
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Video by Jake Baldino

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36 Responses

  1. FreeWater Family Network says:

    Funny how an IGN 10 min review feels like forever and a 14 min Gameranx doesn’t seem long enough

  2. lunaluvya says:

    I’m actually surprised at the amount of deep Wizarding World lore that they inserted into this game. There’s a lot of details that you really have to search for in the canon of other potter video games, books, and media that they have seamlessly added into this. You can def tell the dev team really took their time with things like that.

    • lunaluvya says:

      @KNIGHT NXK there’s def room for a lot of dlc. With the reviews they are getting, no question it’ll get dlc. I’m honestly playing it for that nostalgia factor you mentioned. I’d be happy just to wander around a Hogwarts. I guess we will see what happens if they decide to do more stuff with it.

    • deadlyydude says:

      Yup. So many new additions to the lore, and they’re fleshing out things that were only mentioned briefly in the original canon.

    • KNIGHT NXK says:

      @lunaluvya I will be honest I havent played the game yet, but I played many MMORPGs and RPGs games and I can tell quite fast after seeing every aspect of the game. Game is fun to see and explore, memorable,
      I know i was also a big fan of LOTR and i bought every game that came out in the past I had my own fun with it despite knowing some where literal trash, but it’s for the experience i guess. I have nothing against anyone, it’s just that everyone is hyping too much and after a week it will be a dead game cos there will be nothing exciting to do. I hope they bring more things to do and maybe bring it online like GTA or RDR2

    • lunaluvya says:

      @KNIGHT NXK I’ve only been in the castle so far and Hogsmeade. The walk to Hogsmeade had a lot to see. I def haven’t seen enough yet to know if it’s super barren out in the open world or not.

    • KNIGHT NXK says:

      It looks fullfiling, but it feels empty.

  3. Tim Mauntler says:

    This looks like the perfect HP experience. I watched all movies, because the world was cool. The disappointing part of the movies was how it felt like they were just scratching the surface with all the possibilities. I’m not buying this game any time soon, but I’ll be excited to play it when it inevitably gets a discount and all the bugs are fixed- maybe when all the possible DLC has already been released.

    • Marcus Pedraza says:

      @jon mI mean it’s really up to preference really like yeah the books have more lore and stuff but some people just don’t like reading books(I’ve only read the first 2 Harry Potter books and I’m on the 3rd so my opinion might change) but some people prefer to just watch movies rather than read a book

    • Jason Brooks says:

      @jedipatriot325 Stephen Fry is better. I listen to all the books on loop when sleeping.

    • Harry says:

      @jedipatriot325 I reckon Stephen Fry does a better job with the audiobooks

    • Hugo Frederico says:

      @COSMiK MiND  not a year I imagine, but tbh for some games that’s t smart thing to do… specially multi-player games like me2 bf 2042 n so on… Def those games didn’t launched complete

    • Hugo Frederico says:

      It’s t best way to experience games nowadays…

  4. Ashok raj says:

    The way they perfected the NPC pace while following them on quest is highly appreciable

  5. lilalvi10 says:

    Gameranx is the only game reviews I trust. Was on the edge about this game as I’m not too big of a Harry Potter fan. I’ve seen all the movies I just don’t really care for it, but the idea of an open world game in the the Harry Potter universe could be fun, this video convinced me to pick it up and give it a shot

  6. Jacob Arrowood says:

    I just wanted to thank the entire gameranx crew for giving us such informative and helpful content. My #1 source for all gaming info that I look for.

  7. RedTeamReview says:

    The moment you said it was a WB style RPG in the same vein of the Batman Arkham games or the Shadow of Mordor/War stuff then I knew exactly what I was getting. I was expecting something on the level of what Bethesda does with Elder Scrolls and Fallout or Obsidian with Outer Worlds but I’ll take it.

  8. Daphne says:

    I can’t wait to play this! 🤩 Loved the books as a teen, watched the movies as a student and the spin offs as an adult 😝 It will be so much fun to run around in that world and explore for myself! 🤗

  9. TheHighGuard UK says:

    I can’t wait to play Hogwarts Legacy, it really looks and sounds amazing. The devs for this have done an awesome job and really put a lot of time and effort into making this the best Hogwarts experience to date. Respect. 👍

  10. wynters says:

    Definitely a game that touches base with the fandom. I see a lot of growing potential and like Jake said, a franchise to think about! This gives me major Insomniac Marvel’s Spider-Man vibes, a game to comfort the fanbase, a straight up, Harry Potter game. No weird trinkets, just that. And I see them doing more in the future, kudos Jake, and the rest of Gameranx. Thank you! 🙂

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