Hogwarts Legacy – Gameplay Showcase II

Hogwarts Legacy – Gameplay Showcase II

Join Game Director Alan Tew, Systems Designer Mekenzy Toner, Community Manager Chandler Wood, and special guest Community Host Ben Snow in this all new look at #HogwartsLegacy.

In this gameplay showcase, our hosts will take you through a new look at broom flight and traversal, advanced combat, and an introduction to the Room of Requirement.

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44 Responses

  1. hufflepoof says:

    please let this be as good as it looks, this is literally a dream come true for so many people i’m so excited

  2. Moniker says:

    hats off to the animators. so much of this world is truly brought alive because of the fantastic animations, the hippogriff in particular was breathtaking, absolutely stunning work

    • Barnaby Abbott says:

      @Alaric Pumani nothing you’ve said makes the slightest bit of sense. You sound like a toxic wannabe tryhard from gta online lol 😂

    • Avery Campbell says:

      @Gesù Cristo 🤡

    • Gesù Cristo says:

      @Barnaby Abbott I’ll be glad to see the better animations if they eventually add them, but you should know that usually developers spend the last months before release just for polishing and performance optimization, not making new animations (that requires motion capture for modern games, not something you do in a couple of hours)

    • Gesù Cristo says:

      @Barnaby Abbott I’m gonna recognize the good work once I try it, there’s no point in calling it a masterpiece before release and then being let down by the final product

    • Alaric Pumani says:

      @Barnaby Abbott It’s not a mobile company game that had enough money for making something else with other more talented already established studio that I will give credit BRUH 😅 ( and yes emoji and?).
      Don’t let the fact that it’s an old IP remade. Armored core gonna come back after ~+10years AND..? Should we call it a masterpiece cause of it?

  3. Sellene Silvana says:

    This is far more than I ever could have imagined! I can’t wait to jump into the world of Hogwarts Legacy. 🥺

    • Solus Raptor says:

      The stuff they’re showing is stuff you need to mod in for most games. I just hope that A) it will be in the finished product and B) that other game developers take notice that these features are what people want…. as a close second to getting an actually finished game (looking at you Todd).

    • Shubh Roy says:

      The way you can customize all these items in the RoR is blowing my mind🤯

    • G8oo8N says:

      Stop crying you will be ok.

    • John McNamee says:

      Did you see how LARGE THAT GAME MAP WAS?! MORE SPECIFICALLY WHEN HE WAS FLYING ON THE HIPPOGRIFF?! It looked as big as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!

  4. Dearest Nides says:

    I love how the creators behind this game are clearly just as excited about this as the fans. The room of requirment part in particular was just a joy to watch with everyone nerding out together

  5. WifeWantsAWizard says:

    (1:52) Broom Flight
    (4:33) Bar Life
    (6:20) Mount Flight
    (8:30) Dancing
    (8:39) Snow vs. Non-snow
    (11:26) Advanced Combat
    (12:50) Dark Arts Battle Arena
    (13:55) Arena Wave 1
    (14:42) Arena Wave 2
    (15:35) Arena Wave 3
    (17:30) Arena Wave 4
    (18:27) Arena Wave 5
    (21:21) Room of Requirement (RoR)
    (24:24) RoR Loom
    (26:56) RoR Vivarium
    (28:55) RoR Toybox
    (30:40) Moving Vivarium Elements
    (33:41) The “surprise” is missing.

  6. Michael Napper says:

    Not a Potter fanatic, but this looks pretty dang impressive. Way more than I thought it would be.

  7. Zuernaxashyr says:

    That customization at the end is really great! As a Sims player I know I’m gonna spend more time than I probably should adding, moving and changing things around!

  8. Valentino Raffaele Sandoli Álvarez says:

    My god, this looks phenomenal. Hope the final game lives up to the expectation! It would be so cool id they really took care of the saving beasts part, and have a ton of different species around the overworld to save and bring home… 💘

    • I have a question says:

      Yes. You can absolutely do that. Confirmed in this video and the state of play 😀

    • RavenClawStudent says:

      I thought you could?? A lot of the fantastic beasts are suppose to be in this game and you can save and nurture them i think. I could be wrong but im pretty sure they said that in one of their showcases . I just want a little niffler or a pickett to keep on my shoulder lol

  9. berserk guts says:

    Can we just appreciate how far gaming has come ! Its literally a dream come true for people that wanted this since the 90s.

  10. Raiders says:

    I am in such a positive shock after seeing this showcase. It looks like all my dreams from watching Harry Potter as a child are coming true. When I first played the Harry Potter games I dreamt of a game that had an open world that I could live in. Being able to fly, explore the world or create your own wishing room is amazing. The animals are amazing. I’m already looking forward to immersing myself in this world and forgetting my problems, at least for a while. At this point I would like to write a THANK YOU. ❤

    • Frank says:

      @Light Up because recent games have had a track record of being disappointing. cyberpunk looked great too

    • Light Up says:

      Why shocked?
      The game has been announced for like 4 years and it always looks great

    • Mautiks says:

      Yeah but the game got delayed

    • Moon's Meadly says:

      @Frank (Also fyi, you seem to have a thing for dads, but maybe I should clarify that any rich asshole can buy gear for any team)

      lol, please stop trying to tell me that you can’t simply think of ONE thing, out of the hundreds of fucking sports that exist. I can’t take any more willful stupidity.

    • Frank says:

      @Moon’s Meadly yeah but football has rules that make sense. still waiting on these examples for these mystical objects that rich dads could apparently buy in real sport to give advantages

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