Hogwarts Legacy – Gameplay Showcase

Hogwarts Legacy – Gameplay Showcase

Join Game Director Alan Tew, Senior Environment Artist Boston Madsen, Community Manager Chandler Wood, and special guest Community Host James “XpectoGO” Whitehead in this all new look at #HogwartsLegacy.

In this gameplay showcase, our hosts will take you through a deep dive into the character creator, a small tour of Hogwarts Castle, and an introduction to combat.

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31 Responses

  1. XpectoGO says:

    AHHH so excited to share this experience with the Community!

    • Mikrokosmos GHB20NL says:

      Cool that you were invited! Hyped!

    • Dont you shy away says:

      @Joe Garland or just let others be happy

    • Joe Garland says:

      I felt that way about cyberpunk and then the GTA remakes and they were all horrible disappointments. The expectation is pretty low these days. They’ve never charged more for games that don’t work just to charge us for expansions months down the line. I wouldn’t get too excited this industry has become complete garbage

    • b1bbs g0t h4nds says:

      weird and kind of ironic to have a bigger guy with the controller and the game doesn’t let you change bodyweight or height

    • Vugen18 says:

      This looks perfect.. u thought of everything we could ever want. Its like Bully 2 just hogwarts

  2. Raiders says:

    Hogwarts Legacy looks amazing. This is exactly how I imagined this game 15 years ago in my dreams. Amazingly, now the dreams are coming true. Thank you to everyone who created this game.

    • GamingNord says:

      @Shadow all I’m saying is lower your expectations

    • GamingNord says:

      @Dont you shy away listen I was super stoked about this game but after todays showcase it just seems like this is going to be an empty game that a lot of people are going to be upset with. I’m happy for those who are thrilled about the game. All I’m saying is lower expectations, I mean shit you can’t even play Quidditch in the game.

    • Shadow says:

      ​@GamingNord this game is not even close to cyberpunk disaster and it is a completely different game and they didn’t show us as detailed gameplay as in this game and cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay day one Reveal is not even the same as in current game of cyberpunk 2077 we will not see this happen in Hogwarts legacy so honestly it is a bit wrong to compare this game to cyberpunk 2077 two totally different game types and m8 the mistakes CD Projekt RED made with cyberpunk 2077 will not happen to the legacy of Hogwarts not the same game company howarts legacy is made by Avalanche Software and not made by CD Projekt RED

    • Dont you shy away says:

      @GamingNord have you learned how to let people be happy

    • GamingNord says:

      I wouldn’t get too happy about this game… Did you learn anything from Cyberpunk

  3. ARCTURUS says:

    the fact we get random world events happening like that bit with peeves messing around with the student 28:50 just makes everything so much more immersive, I love it!!!

    • Cameron Shindler says:

      I was thrilled when I saw him appear organically so many times. See me I woulda went over and helped that student. I wonder what would happen

  4. ForestFire says:

    Overall i think the game looks really good, however the idle animations and facial expressions for conversation with NPC’s could use alot of work

  5. Dru Cherry Cat says:

    The care, and love, and attention to detail that the team has put into the game is phenomenal!!! So excited to see more and finally get to play it in February!!!

  6. Ethren says:

    The game looks really amazing so far! Everything I’ve ever wanted. Literally the only thing I noticed it was a bit jarring was when characters are talking, between their lines of dialogue their face reverts to the default expression and it looks a little bit odd in conversation, but that was honestly the only thing I noticed for the entire gameplay that looked off to me. So amazing. So beautiful. The team here should be proud. You can tell how much love has been put into the project.

  7. ArZii says:

    Thank you very much for building a game just for us Wizarding World fans Avalanche Software! We are all very grateful for the opportunity to play something you and the entire team put your whole hearts into making. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on it and make my official legacy and to play a gift given to us by you. ❤️

  8. chelsgomes says:

    This looks amazing. I remember playing the previous HP games and feeling so immersed in the world. I can imagine how easily i’ll be lost in it looking at the graphics 😍 The potterhead in me is very stoked for this!

  9. Miguel Cardoso says:

    Thank you so much for giving us this sneak peak! To the Devs and everyone working on this game – THANK YOU for making a 21-year old dream come to life 🥰 February can’t come soon enough!

  10. Colossal says:

    I have waited for a game like this for the past 7 years.

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