Hogwarts Legacy Review

Hogwarts Legacy Review

Hogwarts Legacy reviewed by Travis Northup on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.
In nearly every way, Hogwarts Legacy is the Harry Potter RPG I’ve always wanted to play. Its open-world adventure captures all the excitement and wonder of the Wizarding World with its memorable new characters, challenging and nuanced combat, and a wonderfully executed Hogwarts student fantasy that kept me glued to my controller for dozens of hours. It’s certainly weighed down by technical issues, a lackluster main story, and some poor enemy variety, but even those couldn’t come close to breaking its enchanting spell over me.

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  1. IGN says:

    The elephant in the room with Hogwarts Legacy is Harry Potter’s creator, J.K. Rowling, whose comments about transgender people in recent years have left a sour taste in the mouths of many current and former Potter fans, both at IGN and in the world at large. This has driven some to call for a boycott of the Wizarding World altogether – including Hogwarts Legacy, though Rowling was not directly involved and there are good reasons (both in-game and out) to believe the developers at Avalanche don’t necessarily share her views. Regardless, IGN has always and will continue to champion human rights causes and support people speaking with their wallets in whatever manner they choose.

    As critics, our job is to answer the question of whether or not we find Hogwarts Legacy to be fun to play and why; whether it’s ethical to play is a separate but still very important question. So just as in virtually all cases, we’re choosing to expose and address the views of the franchise creator separately from our consideration of the work of the hundreds of game developers and evaluate Hogwarts Legacy as it stands, leaving behind-the-scenes context to be considered in addition to that evaluation, rather than in place of it, so that it can be weighted according to your own values.

  2. Poorly Wrtten Reviews says:

    It’s great to see peeves as a character, but it is heartbreaking rik mayall passed away before we could ever see his portrayal as the character

    • ProMax T.V says:

      @Joe Bloggswasn’t he cut because Columbus was unhappy with the overall look of Mayall as Peeves due to the lack of visual effects technology that was available at the time?

    • F@CК МЕ. TАР ОN MY P1С says:


    • Joe Bloggs says:

      His role as Peeves was simply cut without explanation. Don’t think that footage will ever see the light of day. He was super pissed about it as well because he didn’t find out until seeing the film himself. There was talk of the kids not being able to stop laughing at him so maybe he was just too funny to be filmed for the role haha

    • Cathal says:

      @Reckluse Music Rik was a gem. A genuine gem.

    • Reckluse Music says:

      Adore Rik mayall, personal hero of mine.

  3. agogische sparerib says:

    Playing it now, spent three hours just walking around Hogwarts and exploring. If you’re a HP fan, this is the game you always wanted

  4. TheZFighter7 says:

    If it had a quidditch mode it would have been a 10/10.

  5. Z G says:

    Pleasantly surprised by this review. I’m very excited to play!

  6. Sanjay Singh says:

    Been waiting to have an experience like this since playing Chamber of Secrets on PS1 as a kid 🙂

  7. Yanpretman says:

    9/10 for a game made by developers doing this for the FIRST TIME is something we haven’t seen in ages. I’m in awe.

  8. Thechainlard says:

    Nice to see Peeves makes it back, I’ve only seen him in the games/books – shame he wasn’t in the films

  9. RoastedJustice says:

    From Disney Infinity to this. Now that’s impressive

    • RoastedJustice says:

      @AquaLeaderJesse No worries. It’s really dumb that there are numerous AAA game devs with the exact same name 😂

    • AquaLeaderJesse says:

      @RoastedJustice yeah nevermind, you were right. My mistake.

    • RoastedJustice says:

      @AquaLeaderJesse Nope it’s not. This is Avalanche Software. They’ve developed Disney Infinity 3.0 and now Hogwarts Legacy.

      Your thinking of Avalanche Studios Group, usually just called Avalanche. They’re a swedish set of studios that developed games like RAGE 2, Just Cause series, Mad Max, Generation Zero and the upcoming Xbox exclusive Contraband 🙂

    • Zeno Blues says:

      @Xehanort11  The issue with Disney Infinite is that they had to make individual micro campaigns. This need to focus on making as many as possible harmed the quality of all of them.

    • AquaLeaderJesse says:

      It’s a different Avalanche

  10. KeanuChrist says:

    This is the first game I’ve pre-ordered since Elden Ring. I’m so excited to play this tonight.

    • bigpapabear76 says:

      This the first game we’ve preordered since RDR2, I’m in the office all night but I’m sure my wife will be online at Midnight

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