HOLE-IN-ONE for Michael Block! | 2023 PGA Championship

HOLE-IN-ONE for Michael Block! | 2023 PGA Championship

Michael Block’s fairytale continued as he aced the 15th at Oak Hill during the final round of the 2023 PGA Championship.

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Contested each May, the PGA Championship is the second major championship in golf’s annual rotation, and perennially features the strongest field in the men’s game based on the Official World Golf Rankings. Known for dramatic finishes and notable champions, the Wanamaker Trophy—which has been awarded to the winner since 1916—is inscribed with names such as McIlroy, Woods, Nicklaus, and Player. The 2023 PGA Championship is set to take place between May 18–21 at Oak Hill Country Club. The reigning champion is Justin Thomas.

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39 Responses

  1. Matthew Bretz says:

    Rory’s genuine excitement… “Did that just go in?” and “It went straight in the hole!” shows his love of the game and respect for a phenominal shot by a competitor… And Block’s disbelief after the third time asking if it went in and then pausing… these are now my two favorite golfers to root for. Both are in it for the right reasons.

    • Hugh Joelcock says:

      Rory was a class act all day I gained a lot of respect for him he is one of us not just a robot celebrity.

    • DMC says:

      Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better. Michael Block and Rory McIlroy showed what golf is all about, two incredible class acts, and two guys who obviously love golf for all the right reasons. God bless them both!

    • Greg Engel says:

      You’re going to get a he’ll of alot of likes for years for your comment .

    • James Litvak says:

      In an interview I just rea, Block said that McIlroy came right up to him and said it went in, and he had to say it five times before he believed it. Great interview. Dude is humble af. I’m now a fan!

  2. KPain says:

    a fly hole in one is absolutely nuts in this type of environment.

  3. badger14 says:

    This dude is an absolute legend

  4. Smergle says:

    This dude literally just had the greatest moment of his life … he even said so in the interview he knows it we all know it and good for him seems like a good dude can’t wait to see him play next year!

  5. Atl Anvil506 says:

    An ace is rare enough, and a fly in ace is crazy rare, but a fly in ace in that moment by that man was just so amazingly improbable and yet it happened. Hes a legend now.

  6. jesse berg says:

    I’m at the tournament the entire place went absolutely nuts

    • Austin says:

      I was at the tournament and it was really quiet. The roar was just a dub over on the broadcast.

    • Jake says:

      @Austin a dub? Lmfao dude

    • JM Studios says:

      @AustinI was at the tournament, I was actually the only one there

    • Saab Tech says:

      I was there at Oak Hill the year Dufner hit his second shot into the hole on a par 4. Hole 2 I think. The roar went through the entire course. Everyone knew something big happened. He went on to win the tournament. He was peppering the flag all week with his irons.

    • Corvette Mode says:

      I was on the same planet that this tournament was being played on. I heard a solid reaction.

  7. bobby jones says:

    that moment at 1:03 when he looks back at his caddie and actually starts to cry a little. he literally forced himself to not believe what everyone else was telling him including Rory twice what had happened. then the realization that it was no joke and it was the best moment of his life being filmed and lived in real time!
    then seeing him break down when he heard that his son said it was the best day of his son’s life was the icing on the cake. he deserves all of this and cant wait to see him in the future!!

  8. Bubba Kushii says:

    No roll no bounce no nothing just straight in the hole, amazing.

  9. fundy023 says:

    Just when you thought his story couldn’t get any better

  10. Matthias says:

    I mean, what a story this dude just created. Whoever wins this tournament will be irrelevant compared to this guy

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