Holiday Ninjas!

Holiday Ninjas!

Bringing our holiday tradition back with Holiday Ninjas where we go around terrorizing the homeless. #BeSelfish
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19 Responses

  1. Exit says:

    He said he doesnt know why he is dressing up as a ninja, in his first
    holiday ninja video he said he doesnt have a santa costume thats why he is
    using a ninja one.

  2. Aysia says:

    Dear Ryan do the Mannequin Challenge

  3. Jonathan Z says:

    Hope you are having a great day so far! 🙂 I know that 99% of you won’t
    read this comment, but if you are that 1% you are an amazing person and
    don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! :D

  4. Siliya says:

    Omg the ending, I’m dead

  5. Maggot Corporation says:

    does anyone know which video that he started with a teehee and ended with
    hey guys?

  6. Nabil Umaira says:

    you should’ve tell them to do a dab then give them foods xD

  7. Zain Ishaq says:

    the below statement is false
    the above statement is true

  8. Joey Smith says:

    Dear Ryan Can you do a spicy food eating contest?

  9. Black Splash says:

    I think the “damn” at the beginning of the video was his first curse word
    on here ?

  10. Dustin Vuong says:


  11. Boom Jet says:

    Dear Rayan do the manicin chaleng

  12. erick vargas says:

    what i if told you
    you read the first line wrong :V

  13. LoL Team says:

    Y’all are such good people ????(?tears of joy)

  14. Esmond Goh says:

    whoa! Above the title of the video, it says “#2 on trending”

  15. Sketches In The Mind Of Ry - Ry says:

    Do Ryan Higa reacts to teens react to Ryan Higa. Please

  16. Victor Diaz says:

    Dear Ryan can you do the rubix cube without editing

  17. Georgenatti says:

    When Ryan gives out more food in one day then you’ve ever had in your
    entire life…

  18. Teanna Strong says:

    You guys should do the manican challenge

  19. Dewy Choo (the girl) says:

    Respect for Ryan ??✊?