Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate – UFC 196 Highlights

Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate – UFC 196 Highlights

Watch Miesha Tate defeat Holly Holm in the 5th round via submission to become the new UFC bantamweight champion.

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20 Responses

  1. john robie says:


    HOLM V TATE II, Fuck ronda

  2. Jason Triplett (VertEgo) says:

    On a largely unrelated note, do you think we’ll ever see Bethe Corriea
    actually fight again or is she just going to be content with trying to
    trash talk her away into another title fight?

  3. Jalen Mitchell says:

    dem titties bout big as fuck. Ill fuck her raw

  4. Edwin Aponte says:

    i feal very sorry for hom but she will come back strong. people learn from
    bad things except conor magregor piss of shit glad what happens mf.

  5. Anthony 410 says:

    the need to remove the rear naked choke from mma. It’s cheating if you ask

  6. Hovington Kirst says:

    told ya,,,, holm was a fluke

  7. Christopher Brown says:

    Didn’t I tell you Holly wouldn’t keep that belt long? Fuck you Ronda Rousey
    haters! Where is your so called ”elite and better fighter” now? Bwhaha! I
    get the last laugh! Ahahaha!

  8. 0313_cm says:

    I respect both fighters but I’m glad Tate won. Mainly for that fact that
    all these fake no nothing convert UCF fans can leave now. Just read a
    comment someone posted about hating submission wins, as if this wasn’t a
    UFC fight.

  9. Herbz Yazzie says:

    keep your head up Holly Holmes

  10. guilo ortega says:

    this girls looks Nasty and disgusting

  11. Eliseo Ixtos says:

    wow great

  12. ten8goa says:

    I would much rather see them rolling on the ground naked and makin out than
    punching each other in the face.

  13. Shinrip S says:

    She has big…um…personality.

  14. SEXY white says:

    HA! Take that you Holly homo dickriders. Put that in ya pipe, and slowly

  15. littlegoatgt says:

    Holly lost that 2nd round, but overall she is the better fighter. Shame
    what happened in the 5th but that’s the way it goes with mma. Still
    leaning towards Holly to win a rematch.

  16. great456789 says:

    It is actually not that hard to escape the rear naked choke hold.
    Especially when the person with the hold doesn’t have on sleeves and the
    arms are sweaty like is the case here.

  17. bruceliem says:

    My little girl miesha regaining her title. Pretty awesome miesha, pretty
    awesome. O knew she had what it takes. People need to stop getting hyped
    over holms. Ronda could have whoop her are if she didn’t let her anger take
    over. Tates and holms match up are awesome. Tates has the speed but she
    never could out maneuver ronda. Her speed was enough to keep up and beat
    holms though. Its like a rock paper scissors match. However, ronda should
    have focused and beat hplms. Holms is just a temporary champ. Everything
    will change for ronda.

  18. Mike Neumann says:

    The top 5 women in this sport grate looking@ tough as nails love to see and
    have grate respect for.Neumannlove!!!

  19. sg500 says:

    congrats meisha. wonder who shes defending against or will it be a rematch.

  20. El Chube says: