Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection Reveal🦄

Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection Reveal🦄

Got boring nails? Just add a Unicorn Skin🦄Shop ➡️ http://holota.co/simplyunicorn
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💿🌮🦄NOW AVAILABLE: http://holota.co/simplyunicorn
♥ Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection box set – $60 (USD) ***LIMITED EDITION and LIMITED QUANTITIES of box***
♥ 3 Iridescent Flakie toppers polishes, also available individually – $13
♥ 2 new crème polishes, Indigo Away and Not Milky White, also available individually -$11
Note: The collection box set is limited edition and there will not be a restock. The individual polishes are not limited edition, and will restock if sold out so long as supplies and materials are available.

Don’t forget to pick up the following to complete the perfect mani!
♥ Glossy Taco or Super Glossy Taco, for that super smooth glossy finish and to make your nail polish last longer without chipping: http://holota.co/sosoglossy
♥ Flakie Holo Taco (back in stock after 7 months of dry supply!): https://www.holotaco.com/products/flakie-holo-taco
♥ Long-Lasting Base coat: http://holota.co/simplylonglastingbase
♥ Smoothing Base coat: http://holota.co/simplysmoothingbase

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Nail polish thinner – any kind works! https://amzn.to/2CSEtmA

Old-school Simply unicorn skin origins:
2017: http://bit.ly/UnicornSkinTests
2016: http://bit.ly/UltimateUnicornNails
2016: http://bit.ly/UnicornVeins

Allure article: https://www.allure.com/story/iridescent-nail-art-trend

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Ring light for face-cams: http://amzn.to/2cU7cNO

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Disclaimer cause I love you guys: I didn’t pay myself specifically to make this video for Holo Taco but I do benefit from Holo Taco sales so I’m not sure what disclosure to write, fire me😹 Some other links above are affiliate links.

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53 Responses

  1. Jessica Dixon says:

    *Job gets shut down due to virus *
    Me:eh I’ll survive for a while
    Simply: releases the good shit that I can’t afford
    Me: why cruel world 😭

  2. Staša Raletić says:

    Me: got a notification from YT”Nailogical:1new video”
    Also me:reads: New holotaco nailpolish!

  3. tiba khalid says:

    Cristine: “whats in the box”

    Me: “a stick”

  4. Belen Martinez says:

    Me: is moving out, just quit my job, no one is hiring, meal prepping to see how much food I have, basically just being broke
    Me:gotta save dem bills
    Cristine: “look at this pretty box”
    Me:lives on the streets now but with nice nails

  5. Henriette Bülow says:

    I’m a nurse students and I’m an intern atm at the ER in Denmark. Our department have been transformt in to covid isolation. 3 days in to it all tested have been negative.

    • Sky T says:

      Stay safe!🌻

    • Alana Dyer says:

      I would not want to work there. Good luck huh and stay safe

    • Jelly Bean824 says:

      ER nurse in the US. It’s insane! lol but so far not too many sick here. Just gotta deal with kiddos being home for the next 3 weeks.

    • Jessi on the Go says:

      @Jelly Bean824 well, not too many tested. We really don’t know how many are sick, since we can’t get tests. Those not critically ill are likely writing it off as the flu.

    • Jelly Bean824 says:

      Jessi on the Go In my opinion, that’s why it’s sometimes frustrating, the way the media plays it up. Because we don’t know. So so many patients come in with flu like symptoms but test negative for the flu and are stable. So they are discharged home to “let it ride out”. However the panic is not helping. In the hospital we are on our last boxes of masks. That are needed for a variety of other patients, including to protect our chemo and immuno-compromised. But we are having to be very conservative with masks. Hopefully it passes sooner than later.

  6. Kira Kuroe says:

    I’m going to imagine Holo Taco runs a high end spa for unicorns and all that dead skin is then recycled for nailpolish

  7. Cosey says:

    Me, a poor college student who has horrible nails and never paints them: ” I NEEEEED”

  8. Bridget Conway says:

    “Assorted creme polishes”
    AKA: Holo Taco Creme Polish prototypes.

    • Jessi on the Go says:

      They are prototypes. I’m thrilled she released a white. I wish she would have gone with something other than another blue.

  9. Charma Lewis says:

    *sees new video* “Yay!”
    *sees that she released new collection* “Yayyy!”
    *purchases collection before video is even over*

  10. leenah :3 says:

    We need corona polish, a nail polish that won’t come out easily with water so you can wash your hands with style 😎 💯

    • Alyona says:

      @Hol A you dont need hot water to wash your hands

    • The Gagnon's says:

      @Alyona it kills most germs so most people including me use hot or warm water to kill as many germs as we can

    • Léa R. says:

      @The Gagnon’s you need 65°C (149°F) to kill most viruses or bacteria, which would burn your hands. Soap however will break down the lipid membranes of viruses and bacteria. So even with cold water and soap you will be fine 🙂

    • Mittens Lara says:


    • Debra Kadabra says:

      It’s not the temperature of the water that’s important – it’s the length of time you devote to washing your hands.

  11. Kira Elizabeth02 says:

    Oh my god, I ever since I watched harry potter I would use nail polish as “unicorn blood” and now there is an actual unicorn skin polish made by my favourite person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gummy Bear says:

    lol the disclaimer, that NO UNICORNS WHERE HARMED, like she was waiting for stupid people to cancel her for killing unicorns!

  13. Rosie McLeod says:

    When you’re trying desperately to save because the plague lockdown is likely to mean you end up jobless but Christine releases a new collection 👀

  14. Kaivon Nix says:

    cristine: “i mean it’s debatable that it’s the most viral thing of 2020👉👈

    me: CRISTINE I- 💀💀😭😭

  15. Tiffani Erickson says:

    I’m currently wearing three different shimmer/metallic greens layered in with all 3 holo tacos. Now that I’ve seen her mix holo and unicorns…I want to try all 3 unicorns together and then try a different manicure with all 3 holos mixed with all 3 unicorns!
    I like to live dangerously!

  16. Becca Bender says:

    “Maybe we shouldn’t describe trends and viral right now”

  17. sectioavrea says:

    “it’s debatable that it’s the most… _viral_ thing of 2020”

    [laughs in italian]

    • recoil53 says:

      You know in the US that belief in the seriousness of Covid-19 is divided by political party?
      We can see your infection and death numbers and yet we’re that stupid.

    • Layla Ariel says:

      recoil53 well atleast the Republicans will see them democrats were always right bout literally everything when they are sick and have shit health care and the economy tanks.

  18. Marbleous Mel says:

    Husband: Are you trying to hint?
    Me: No. I already bought it.
    Husband: I’m writing hate mail for saying the box is prettier than that cat.

  19. Addie Davis says:

    “It changes so much like my mood”

    That quote just made me buy the whole collection😂

  20. Alana Dyer says:

    Are we not going to talk about the “Charlie the Unicorn” mention 🤦‍♀️

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