Homeless man gives me his last two bucks 🥺

Homeless man gives me his last two bucks 🥺

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  1. mac says:

    That was beautiful…. Imagine a world where we all blessed those less fortunate, no homelessness, no starvation, no war, no hate… Just bless one another

    • Mrs De Vine says:

      everyday mac , everyday.
      ” Imagine all the people
      Livin’ life in peace
      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will be as one” John Lennon

    • Yoshi says:

      @mac interesting 🤔

    • elsa blue says:

      @I hate people only if all followed Jesus Christ and were born again in His Spirit.

    • Vexocorp says:

      Won’t happen, even though it would be nice, war is extremely profitable for the higher ups, the only losers are the people who don’t get the profit.

    • mac says:

      @Shiv Verma because the world’s gone its own way and chooses not to honour our Heavenly Father who simply wants us to love one another… Let your kingdom come Lord Jesus…. I so look forward to revelation 21:4

  2. Purplepenny111 says:

    Imagine if there were more people like this…life would be completely different. ❤️

  3. holly nicole 💓 says:

    immediately when he said “i would want somebody to do it to me” my first thought was “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

    • YO LO says:

      Amen amen and amen

    • mac says:

      @Lalo Malo THE way, THE truth AND THE life… Thankyou Jesus for your love and mercy and provision…. I have no idea why you saved me after the life I lived but Thankyou Thankyou THANKYOU…. use me Heavenly Father

    • Lalo Malo says:

      @mac powerful words from the lord

    • holly nicole 💓 says:

      @peadar mckinney the God that has “caused the most human death on earth” actually created everything on the earth. why do you think He would just take everything away that he has created? and how do you have proof if that’s not from the Bible?

    • holly nicole 💓 says:

      @peadar mckinney he doesn’t have amazing strength and i never said that. i was relating what he said to a Bible verse because im a christian and i wanted to comment that 🙄

  4. Dio says:

    Aw man, Randy 100% deserved that. Good guy. Hope things will start looking up for him soon

  5. Cat says:

    It amazes me that he comes across a lot of humble people. It’s a blessing to see people like this still exist in the world.

  6. Luke Marlowe says:

    This dude seems soooo dope. Get their venmos more often man I want to send money!! ❤️

  7. Taylor Herrera says:

    He said “thanks Zach” like he’s known the man for years . I love that

    • Eleegen PurnX says:

      @Stuss I don’t think you understand. He’s meaning, he loves the fact that he listened and called him by his name, like he knew him for years.

    • Stuss says:

      He did introduce his self before that he clearly say I’m Randy n I’m Zach before

    • Floyd Mcmullen says:

      I was in love with the fact that he said Zach’s name back to him. He was an honest gentleman.

    • 1 Wild Indian says:

      I agree😁
      He said his name like that because he was actually listening to him when he spoke.
      Some people “hear” you, but they don’t “listen”. Remembering people’s name is important.
      A simple and meaningless acknowledgement, (like a head nod) is all most people know to do these days….
      When you can recall someone’s name that you see every day, perhaps at the gas station you go to every morning, calling someone by their name let’s them know that they have a spot in your mind, and that they are worth remembering.

  8. Laura Hayes says:

    Randy helped him w/ no hesitation at all! He gave him what he had while trying to get some $ for the scrap yard. Such a wise & kind man! Couldn’t go to a more deserving man! 😇🥰🙏

  9. ZombieInKhakis says:

    Most people know the saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” and people like this are great at actually putting it to use. So many people probably have said this phrase or even have it hanging on their wall or something but when someone truly needs help they look the other way. I hope to be like this man in more ways

  10. Adam Arzo says:

    Wish we could hear more from these guys they seem like amazing people. I know your channel isn’t about that but it would be awesome to sometimes have a longer video where you talk to these people.

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