Homeless “Scam” Update, Alex Jones Twitter Ban, Kanye, Joe Rogan/Elon Musk Controversy, & More!

Homeless “Scam” Update, Alex Jones Twitter Ban, Kanye, Joe Rogan/Elon Musk Controversy, & More!

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World Sides With UK In Novichok Poisoning Allegations:

Elon Musk on Joe Rogan Podcast:
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90 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Let me know your thoughts on any/all of the stories I covered today in the comments down below! <3
    Homeless “Scam” Update 00:21, TIA (4:41), Oscars (6:23), Jones Twitter Ban (7:19), Post Malone (9:00), Kanye (9:56), Spies (10:25), Elon Musk/Rogan (11:26)

  2. TheNeomaster15 says:

    Alex Jones was banned from Twitter, for something he did not do on Twitter.
    Meanwhile groups like antifa and Richard spencer are up on Twitter spreading hate and inciting violence. Don’t you just love it when Twitter doesn’t apply their rules fairly?

    • Kusa Rii says:

      Apparently if I wear a mask, call someone on the street a fascist and attack them with a bike lock it makes me an anti fascist. Kind of funny considering that one of the key traits of fascism is an intolerance for opposing opinions.

    • Rick Sullivan says:

      TheNeomaster15 Richard Spencer doesn’t really spread hate he’s just against multiculturalism. I mean it’s just a big experiment anyways, he should be allowed to criticize it without it being labeled as “hate” Just confirms what he’s saying’s correct and they have to falsely label you to win.

    • TheNeomaster15 says:

      And antifa groups don’t bully people on Twitter? Why is it that when a left winger bullies people its ok but when a right winger does it suddenly that is cause to ban?

    • TheNeomaster15 says:

      Zeriu Claudiu

      Bad speech is part of free speech, you can’t have free speech without the worst parts. Because lets say twitter started banning people for lying, then for saying mean words, then for disagreeing with certain ideologies. Would that not be Orwellian as fuck? People will never be allowed to voice their opinions in fear of getting banned.

      A federal judge ruled twitter to be a public forum so yes he is being censored.

    • TheNeomaster15 says:


      Antifa is antifascist in name only. They go around attacking people for different beliefs which is exactly what the nazis did in Germany. But since they call themselves antifascist that means they “must” be antifascist, do you also believe that North Korea is democratic?

  3. Lindsay England says:


  4. Silas Mayes says:

    I hope Johnny kicked his opioit addiction. I just hope if he doesn’t spend all that money on heroin.

    • sammy k says:

      likeastarbaby mac died of drug overdose, so they’re implying that johnny is going to die from OD too. Which is fucked up.

    • Buffy Summers says:

      Silas Mayes he may not even be an addict the couple could just be saying that because they’re tying to make an excuse to keep the money for themselves

    • Silas Mayes says:

      +Buffy Summers he did admit to having an addiction though. I’m unsure if he kicked it though.

    • Samuel F says:

      Honestly, if Johnny really does have an addiction still, him getting this money is not good. His dealers will be making bank and he will end up right where he started. Not saying I hope that happens and not saying the couple are innocent by any means, but it has happened many times. I am not optimistic for his future, if the addiction is the case.

    • Merrida100 says:

      He can have his opioid addiction managed. The problems come when people expect 100% clearance. That’s why rehab almost always fails and people end up right back in. This country has a crazy misunderstanding of addiction, what causes it, and how to treat it.

  5. Jay Braun says:

    The whole story with Kate n her husband with Johnny is sketchy…..I dont doubt that Johnny have his last 20 dollars to Kate for gas, but I used to live in Philly and Kensington is a baddddddd neighborhood (the only thing in Kensington is drugs), What was Kate doing down there and why did she run out of money for gas in a drug neighborhood, and anyone that knows kensington would stay away unless they had to go there and would make sure they dont run out of gas there especially if your well off enough to take vacations on a whim……I think Kate was down there getting drugs and was soo messed up on them she forgot to get gas and used all her money getting drugs, Johnny prob got them for her and gave her money to get home but instead of her paying him back they set up a gofundme for him, I wouldnt doubt that we will hear that she uses as well

    • random 1 says:

      You’re a creative person coming up with that soap on the fly like that.😂 She might have been hooking. The dude didn’t pay her and that’s what she was counting on for her gas money. Or her pimp sent her down there and Johnny beat off the Joes, then they all congregate to huff her gas, causing her to need more.

    • Wolfman Jack says:

      +Tyrone Castner girls with no ass

    • Buffy Summers says:

      MedicatedGT if you think it’s even physically possible for someone to do $25k worth of heroin in less than 2 weeks than I feel just as sorry for you as I am for the couple trying to swindle him out of what he deserves because they think they’re somehow entitled to it from their typical and comfortable life, especially when compared to his. Yeah 20k could really help a homeless person out to get on their feet but 400k would actually help them to stay on their feet. Most people who are addicted btw are living dollar to dollar day to day even when they get treatment as soon as they get out they’re broke and maybe have no place to go when you’re in that situation it’s really hard not to want to kill yourself and when you’re on the streets with nothing at all and get into that state of mind physiologically they’ve been emotionally driven to a point where they can only see 2 options. There’s a highly probable chance any addict you could ever have the opportunity to ask would give up using forever if it meant they could have what is considered a “normal” life. Especially take into consideration that treatment centers alone or even any amount of money, can’t makeup for a lack of significant job history, and since there’s a required sustainability associated with homeownership/renting, going back to school could potentially be an option but that would allow much less time to find a good job before the money runs out. Most people aren’t used to seeing that much money all at once so they assume it’s this life changing amount and as much as it would be for anyone already even decently enough well off, for someone who has nothing at all and maybe never has because that’s how they grew up and all they know, trying to pull themselves up to that “normal” status depending on the type of housing they’re able to secure the amount of investing they’re able to do what kindof work they’re able to find, if any, whether or not they want to try and get a degree and what portion that would cost….I guess the point I’m trying to make is for someone who’s been consistently middle class or even upper lower class the majority of their lives has already had that $400k just not all at once and rather over time which is how they’re able to afford a place to live, a car, food, clothing, getting an education etc were so used to the basic expenses and prices we pay for things often times taking these luxuries mistaken for necessities for granted but how could you even begin to imagine what it’s like for someone who not only has never been exposed to those things but has only ever had just barely enough money to feed themselves each day even if it does include a drug habit (which is physically unbearable when unattended to and without a residence how would one get insurance even through the state in order to visit a facility to get clean which even people who have a place to stay struggle tremendously with cold turkey detox)

      Sorry I know this was all over the place I’m just trying to offer a broader perspective for people who are making assumptions about what drug use is like based on a stereotypical lack of proper information but more importantly to think about what it would feel like to have lived either half or even all of your life on the streets with nothing. I’m grateful that so many are unaware of quite how seriously terrible it is because it means they haven’t themselves had to experience it, but that also disconnects them from the reality that a majority of homeless people don’t want the life they have and many times there are people in the position through no fault of their own and that’s such a tragic thought. To judge every homeless person as an uncontrollable irresponsible drug junkie who will only ever care about drugs more than anything else is the saddest of all to me, that for someone to be at their most helpless and vulnerable place they could possibly be then have people gawking at them assuming they’re worthless incapable leeches and it’s impossible for them to contribute anything at all to our society other than debauchery (which ironically criminal activity usually results in an abundance of money or jail time so it’s even more likely that a person who is genuinely homeless, and not pretending just to get away with not having a job and panhandling instead, is an honest person with integrity and morals, which a resounding yes is the answer to whether or not you can retain those things as values while using. It’s true that most people who get severely addicted to drugs let the addiction take full control and lose themselves completely but that just isn’t the case for everyone because every single person in this world is different therefore they all react in different ways and view things with different perspective. Let’s use an example. Say you had a friend who was a twin but they went off on a killing spree and murdered hundreds of people. Does that mean all twins have an evil one who’s going to kill everyone? Of course not. Just like when Eliot Rodger had his restoration day or whatever no one reacted by saying “all Asian Americans are violent repressed red pill swallowing future mass murderers” or when that guy drove over the woman at the protest in Charlotte, the public response wasn’t “oh he’s a Nazi he must have been drunk driving all nazis are alcoholics and the only reason they’re so aggressive and angry is because they’re too drunk” what about every single cop who shoots a potential criminal does that make *all* of them corrupt and racist or does it mean *some* of them are just trying to do their job to protect civilians, their fellow officers, and theirselves the best they possibly can

    • Hanson says:

      *shanes conspiracy voice*
      Hey what’s up you guys

    • Russ Wilkie says:

      @Jay Braun, Wow, that is assuming right there. Jay, if you keep going around trying to fill in the gaps of information with your imagination, you’re just going to assume the wrong things and cause harm to others. Refer to: Anti-Vaxxers, Flat Earthers, 9/11 Speculators, Reddit’s Boston Bombing Controversy, etc;

  6. Harrison Phillips says:

    That podcast was amazing. I love Rogan and Musk both, I’m seeing Rogan in Philly and now I’m even more excited

  7. eric foster says:

    Musk is using his many businesses to simultaneously disrupt multiple established markets and fields of technology, yet the thing that blows people’s minds is that he took a puff of weed while in a legalized state and on a podcast with Joe Rogan. Those two modifiers make weed essentially an inevitability. Let the man live.

  8. Archie A says:

    *RIP Mac Miller*

  9. Chris Fuller says:

    I’m not a fan of the Alex Jones Twitter ban. It’s a massive slippery slope, because what’s next? Social media police state? Banning him from social media is the wrong move, regardless of what Alex Jones said or did not say, regardless of what he did or did not do. If people are offended by what he said or had done, prove him wrong and let people know that he’s wrong. Don’t ban the guy from social media, it’s doing nothing to him. In fact, banning him from social media makes him stronger! It make his followers think he’s right, and it make people who are on the fence think maybe he might have a point!

  10. Dean B says:

    If Alex Jones can be banned from Twitter and Youtube then Logan Paul should be banned from social media sites as well due to his behavior!

    • Emmanuel Styles says:

      ManderzArl I was responding to Juste kevin who said “Emmanuel Styles gay frogs is critical thinking?” Pay attention.

    • ManderzArl says:

      Well excuse me then. Didnt see his comment until I came to read your comment. It does this type of shit on fb. People think others are deleting their own comments which I think fb is actually deleting them. (In some cases people actually do delete their comments) Weird…

    • ManderzArl says:

      And good thing alex jones is protected from the government for free speech but not the public/private platforms. Pretty sure illegal threats will get the government after you though. Take a look at a few people who posted “threats” on twitter and paid the price. Namely the girl who “joked” about bombing an airport or something along those lines.

    • Tom King says:

      Silence everyone we don’t like. It’s worked so well throughout history. Until they start to silence you for saying things like this.

  11. GrassMan716 says:

    Did anyone else think Black Panther was boring? I Thought it was well made with plenty of great performances but it was just kinda boring

    • Generic TM says:

      WillTheProdigy any movie with women or non whites is an sjw cash grab

    • TheNoblePeasant IsBest says:

      ThatAussieGirl, so are you saying that you feel for the terrorist that decide to give weapons to all the people that fit his agenda. Witch was clearly a plan he can up with in 5 seconds because his idea was to give all the oppressed weapons of mass destruction and hope that none of them would do anything but what he hoped. It’s like saying that the world would be at peace if every nation had a ton of nukes. But no he was clearly a very well written smart character that was clearly not evil at all. Also if all the best villains think they are the hero doesn’t that make the dark night’s Joker not a good villain.

      No hate and I did enjoy the movie but I really don’t understand why people think so highly of it. It was very typical Marvel.

    • Omar Elmaghraby says:

      It’s gud

    • R. F. says:

      I hated it thought it was super boring and way too long I fell asleep during it

    • dick van dyke says:

      WillTheProdigy black panther has been around since the 70s marvel has been creating cinematic universe black panther and wakanda are a big part of their universe how is that a sjw cash grab ?

  12. Blaze Swartz says:

    Elon Musk is an alien , they don’t know how to smoke !!!!!

  13. GuardianDarkAngel says:

    As far as the Alex Jones thing….i’m personally not a fan of him as a person. Only as a meme. However there are MANY instances of people breaking the rules on twitter. More so people calling for literal “death to all whites” or things like that. And twitter just ignores and dismisses them as if they don’t exist. If they are going to enforce rules they need to apply them evenly across the whole platform. As far as i’m concerned that is the real censorship in this instance. They are a public company; Not a private company, and they have a responsibility to enforce their rules fairly against everyone.

    Though at this point i’m waiting on Twitter, FaceBook, and other Social Media companies to pull a Europe and start treating to jail people over content “they” don’t like.

    • off-kilter says:

      No. Can you prove that they disproportionately ban ppl who disagree with leftist ideology. Or do you mean they ban ppl who overwhelmingly threaten violence, death, bully, harass others or spread fake news, harmful conspiracy theories? If the ppl who did this comes more from the rightist ideology then why can’t they ban them? Or do you agree that these ppl who spread hate, violence and death threats should be allowed to do more harm?

      I quote you”Sure you can find actual radicals and racists on the right still on there, but that’s only due to the sheer amount of dummy account made daily. ”
      Since you agreed with us that there are radicals with dummy accounts then why can’t we ban these dummy accounts? Twitter ban leftist dummy accounts everyday and do you see them complaining like the alt-right too?
      I find these rightist snowflakes getting more whiny, childish and making baseless accusations just because we do not cater to their threats. Can i ask why do you coddle them? Nobody ever asked to coddle the leftist and yet you insist on coddling the alt-right.

      What is wrong with America these days that we have to coddle man/woman-children everyday and throw away our common sense to cater to their every whim??

    • stuffums says:

      Alex Jones has nothing to do with the “”alt-right”” which is purely about race and mild white nationalism. Alex Jones is a Kosher-Conservative who married a Jewish woman and has unwavering multiculturalist/multiracialist views.

    • off-kilter says:

      +stuffums Stop lying. You think we haven’t look at his propaganda videos before? I have even watched the vid where he calls himself a lizard. I mean what do u want us to do with this talking lizard man? Trust his every word? Give us a break. Can u at least step into the real world for awhile?

    • Photios says:

      GuardianDarkAngel. You said, “They are a public company; Not a private company, and they have a responsibility to enforce their rules fairly against everyone.” I think you may be misunderstanding the meaning of a “public company.” It is one whose “ownership is dispersed among the general public in many shares of stock which are freely traded on a stock exchange or in over the counter markets.” (quoted from Wikipedia) In contrast, a “private company” does not issue shares or they are not available on the market.

      “Public companies” like Facebook and Google are NOT government owned entities or public utilities. They can still create and enforce their own rules of conduct and terms of service. The government does not write those rules for them. Yes, they may be selective and possibly even unethical at times in how they enforce their codes of conduct, but that doesn’t mean they are breaking the law.

    • Branden Dutchess says:

      Twitter is a company and does not owe anyone anything. When you are famous on a platform you have a duty to not say horrid things and make people feel awful like Alex Jones does constantly. He is a garbage human being and if he insists on saying things that are terrible then he should be subjected to the consequences. Censorship should be applied to those who refuse to play nice with others and break the rules.

  14. Chris Harkins says:

    Elon “smoking” weed has been the biggest non-story I keep hearing of today

  15. elstongunn says:

    Epic podcast by Joe Rogan with Elon Musk. Listening to this brilliant man discuss his vision, insights into what he sees as the future of technology integrating with the human experience, and how he views his own unique capabilities was fascinating. Opened new insight into this genius and his personality. Highly recommend watching this podcast. Most people will come away with much more than just the few seconds of him pulling on a blunt.

    • random 1 says:

      It just shows how lazy and uneducated a good portion of society is when they flip shit over something they’ve not even watched. If legal weed gets this reaction in 2018, we are screwed as far as thinking outside the box to solve problems in the future. The man didn’t even get high. He tasted a tobacco weed cigarette for the first time essentially and didn’t dig it. Lol.

    • ErebosGR says:

      Musk is a showman, a PR figurehead. He’s not an inventor, nor a visionary. If he actually believes what he says, then it’s astounding how misinformed and delusional he is.

  16. Emme Chatterton says:

    Interview request Elon Musk, Phil… He’s giving them out like candy right now, I bet you could get him!!

  17. Cult Comedy says:

    The Joe Rogan Elon Musk podcast was wonderful. It deserves 7 billion likes.

  18. eerereps says:

    Some people are idiots! – how do you go through an informative 2-hour podcast & only take away ‘He smoked Weed!’

  19. FredOWNZ says:

    last time saying this: black panther does NOT deserve best picture…

  20. DawnCrusader4213 says:

    “My conspiracy theory. Jones has made himself rich off of InfoWars through all the sponsorships and now has enough
    money to retire before being 50 (who wouldn’t want to?).He can’t just up and quit though, his fans would crucify him for it. So instead he starts pushing the line knowing that people will shut him down eventually.
    Once he’s off all the platforms his viewer numbers will shrink, it’ll get harder to get good deals from sponsors, and inevitably he’ll have to shutter InfoWars. It won’t be his fault though, it’ll be the illumanati’s fault.He’ll keep his fans and maybe downsize the operation to something that only needs 2-3 people to help run it and he can retire on a nice beach and drink margaritas while recording podcasts from a home studio.” *Copy Pasted this from the Reddit User on /r/News by the name of /u/vix86*

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