Homemade Luge Track

Homemade Luge Track

Homemade Luge Track

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19 Responses

  1. fllwwhtrabbit says:

    coolest Dad of the year award goes to…..

  2. Bernhard Baker says:

    Love James’s corpse-like control of the board.

  3. bilolson says:

    Plz Help Me Reach 100,000,000 Subs By Tommorow, Thx

  4. Just a Youtuber says:

    how abut some loops?? 

  5. luceymajor says:

    That’s pretty ghetto. Smooth that shit out!

  6. JizzMasterPino says:

    They will remember forever. Magnificent father.

  7. Russ Q says:

    Best part: “What’s your name?” “JAMES”

  8. jake .w says:

    Yea, nice try kiddo, as a stage 3 reddit-certified engineer and architect,
    I can tell that this homemade ‘snow luge’ is an accident waiting to happen,
    one of your children could seriously injure themselves or worse, turn into
    -Jake W, moderator of /r/architecture

  9. Creamy Beef says:

    As a male feminist, these children are clearly not safe! I would go as far
    to say that you may be a pedophile. Please end this immeditately and phone
    me when these girls are 18 so I can care for them in a way only a male
    feminist can!

  10. grofys says:

    who would put a child on this? and they’re not even wearing helmets. 

  11. Jon Smith says:

    Where is the diversity in this video? Where are the black kids and other
    people of color you racist white?

    Check your privilege,

    -A sensible blackman

  12. Backstage Gabe says:

    This is the reason I wanna go to Ohio. 

  13. Cape Town Guy says:


  14. Fihdi, the anti Redditor says:

    Redditor here,
    Im a feminist, no friends, video is pedophile because interaction of adult
    and child. Many IQ, Many dont give a fuck

    -Fihdi, no time to write sentences

  15. Scizzler McNasty says:

    Awesome bro! 

  16. steeveloss says:

    Awesome !!!!

  17. Gryphon S. says:

    Redditor comments are always the lamest attempts at humor ever…

  18. Zalan Romero says:

    What’s with these unfunny Reddit comments?

  19. James Hale says:

    Hey Joseph, is it possible to feature your video on another video site?
    on liveleak.com and viralfleek.com

    Please reply here. Thanks