Homemade Potato Waffle Recipe

Homemade Potato Waffle Recipe

Potato waffles are even better than regular waffles. Because potatoes. And bacon. And cheese. Great, now we want potato waffles. Better still, this is inspired by a traditional kugel recipe.

Get the full recipe here: http://sortedfood.com/potatowaffles

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20 Responses

  1. Jennifer Mann-Hunter says:

    where is Baz and who’s that imposter?

  2. FanTrash says:

    jamie isnt irish
    he didn’t say potato properly

  3. aliawesome12fab says:

    lol why did I have to see this on my feed while im fasting? 🙁 so hungry
    now lol

  4. SheTalksToTheTrees says:

    so it’s bascially a Kartoffelpuffer as a waffle? fine by me

  5. Neith See says:

    Everyone but Ben has a checked shirt on… Maybe someone should get Ben a
    checked chef jacket…

  6. josie attard says:

    They just uploaded a new video then deleted it!!!!!

  7. Emmett Del says:

    You guys said a while back that you would have an option on the site and
    app to alternate to American measurements but I don’t see that anywhere ?

  8. Toby Wong says:

    Says potato waffle…

    …turns out to be a meat and dairy waffle

    Oh well

  9. Undertale Trash says:

    This looks so good. I’m going to add some peppers and take out the bacon
    though. I don’t eat meat.

  10. AbdulSamad .A. Raji says:

    fasting and watching this video. torture??

  11. Yellow Waffle says:

    You ask someone to taste your food for an opinion lol

  12. Sel Destiny says:

    how can I get just 1 serving ?

  13. michael Tanaka says:

    potato chip please

  14. sammooa says:

    ben’s neck is so indistinguishable that he looks like a bear

  15. Park Christine says:

    I really want to try this!! What if there is no waffle machine? 🙁 is there
    other way of making similar stuff??

  16. Dim War says:

    это же драники!

  17. John Basher says:

    Instead of bacon could I use raccoon meat?

  18. Maya says:

    Ffs why do white english people add bacon to everything

  19. Gary Su says:

    One guy does everything….

  20. Daniel Ellis says:

    Hey +SORTEDfood can you do some more vegan recipes?? Ta!