Homemade Screw Tank Test Drive

Homemade Screw Tank Test Drive

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48 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    What a machine, very pleased with this. So next phase we need to make it float and be bit faster but what weapon should we mount???????If you want your own Colin Furze OFFICIAL Safety Tie click here https://www.colinfurzeshop.com

  2. Jay Hay says:

    A flame type weapon would be suitable I reckon. This build reminds me of the game ‘Crossout’🙂🤙

  3. Kevin Kiss says:

    Everyone: OMG the corona virus 😱

    Colinfurze: I BUILT A TANK THOUGH!

  4. Happy Torrentt says:

    A railgun would be perfect for the screw tank lol

  5. 珈琲豆 says:

    The first step to Shagohod XD

  6. Chop says:

    Colin: makes small yet powerful tank
    “U.S. Government would like to know your location”

  7. ornotermes says:

    Since it’s a screw tank, a nail gun would kinda fit the theme.

  8. A O says:

    I really feel like you’re living your best life.

  9. supercomputer2004 says:

    Neighbor: what are you doing??!!!
    Him: just cutting the grass.

  10. Mahan says:

    he’s like a mad scientist 😂

  11. Mark L says:

    Great job! Laughed myself silly. All you need is positive flotation, Tapered rear ends on the back of screw drives, mud guards, and a weapon. Potato cannon with target stabilization????

  12. Ginger Smash says:

    And to think he was a plumber. I started watching him when he first started

  13. Skididigg says:

    When it comes to the weapon, there’s only two options:

    A thermite launcher

    Or a firework barrage

  14. Sanitized Productions says:

    “Mommy, whats that noise?”
    “Don’t worry sweetie, thats just the insane inventor in the fields again.”

  15. OutOfSight123 says:

    6:09 Rail slide! 😂

  16. Crossout Mayhem says:

    Pickup truck: tug of war let’s see who wins?

    Tank: hold my drink

  17. Ray Ceeya says:

    Congratulations Colin. You’ve made the most entertaining rotor tiller ever.

  18. Elite-Roblox says:

    The frogs didn’t see him coming in time rip frogs 🐸

  19. Jonathan Reichert says:

    People: what are these weird markings is it aliens
    Him: DRILL TANK!!!!!!

  20. GAMER PRO AK says:

    Behold the “UNDERMINER”

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