Homeowners Associations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Homeowners Associations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses homeowners associations, the surprising power they have, and how to tell if a tree is “tree-shaped.”

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40 Responses

  1. laalaa99stl says:

    The fact that HOAs can perfectly, legally bypass even SCOTUS rulings on desegregation is some truly dystopian BS.

    • Dunedien says:

      @Johnny Mac There’s not a single home on the market in my area and price range that doesn’t have an HOA. It’s not that simple.

    • Fanny McFlanagan says:

      That or it shows the power of the middle class, middle-aged white woman 😂

    • David Bryden says:

      @Johnny Mac  There are other reasons for HOA’s . Some have a lot of amenities, such as equestrian centers and riding trails. I briefly lived in one, in California, that was a “gated community,” and they had their own security patrol. I would much rather deal with them rather than the LA County Sherriff! I’m pretty sure that’s why Snoop Dogg lives there!

    • Michael The Undead Mariachi says:

      @patfromamboy Denton

  2. Kin Yuen Wong says:

    Root cause of almost everything John discusses: privatization and for-profit companies in almost every sector of American society.

    • Steven 1701D says:

      @Kit Coffey because it alleviates the stress on the local govt. Now your local city doesn’t have to do the job we pay taxes for, like maintain roads, utilities, and trash.

    • Kit Coffey says:

      HOAs should be banned already. They certainly aren’t helping make housing more affordable or solving the housing crisis. Why secure a mortgage to be micromanaged?

    • dcgregorya says:

      I mean that’s not the issue. The issue is you’re forced into a covenant that strips your normal property rights and due process rights. That’s thanks to the government, not thanks to the tattles hired to snitch on rules violations. I couldn’t bind you into a contract like that no matter how hard I tried it takes an act of government to allow that kind of fuckery.

  3. Paul Young says:

    All the houses in our HOA voted out the board and replaced it with 2 ppl. Then we reduced fees to $250/year and told everyone to do what they want but just keep the front yards looking nice. It was the best 10 years I ever had living in an HOA neighborhood.

    • Kit Coffey says:

      seriously could some start lawyer start a RICO suit over HOAs

    • Kit Coffey says:

      how about dissolve them all because no one should have to pay a mortgage to be micromanaged plus glorified protection racket money

    • brian5o says:

      I am so happy that you and your community was able to get together and overthrow the board. As someone who hates HOAs, that warms my heart. Your community’s example is the way an HOA should be, a few people from the community looking out for the community, not some corporate a-holes looking to shake people down.

    • Sean Gutierrez says:

      In that case, everyone living in a bad HOA should do a board revolution and vote to kick the entire board out.

  4. holly kidson says:

    Our HOA gave us a warning because we had grass under our tree instead of mulch. Imagine the horror, plants growing by other plants.

  5. Sadie Virtue says:

    I owned a condo in Florida once. I stopped paying HOA fees after they refused to fix a leak in my wall that was coming from another unit. The HOA payment was almost $400, in addition to 2 or 3 special assessment payments every month. About 6 months later, the HOA notified me that they will start foreclosure proceedings. I immediately stopped paying the mortgage and when the bank hounded me, I told them I will not oppose a foreclosure. I lived there for a year without paying any bills before the bank served me the papers.. I told the HOA they could go f**k the bank to get the outstanding dues. I lost my condo, but I was relieved, with HOAs like these, you are better off renting.
    P.S. the condo was under water too, valued less than a third of the purchase price/mortgage loan!

    • Sam Ederman says:

      really, the hoa is responsible for that? are you saying they should have done something about the owner of the other side making the leak? It seems either the owner of the other side or the builder(possibly hoa in that regard) if under warranty would be who is responsible?

    • Sadie Virtue says:

      @Arnulfo Vasquez I was too, but to my surprise, it didn’t affect me much. When they ran my credit, they saw the foreclosure, but most places told me it didn’t matter….

    • John S says:

      ​@Arnulfo Vasquez If her house was that far under water, bankruptcy was probably better then dealing with an HOA, in the short and long term.

  6. Dr Ida D Bunker, PhD says:

    I am so grateful John puts his schtick on Youtube. I have no interest in paying for HBO. But for me, his shows are a lifeline to sanity.

  7. KeegoTheWise says:

    i’m an incredibly non-violent person, but if an HOA secretly bought my house a year before evicting me for less than a Happy Meal i’d be catching multiple life sentences

    • Delta PAG says:

      I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened yet. Don’t any of these families have any mentality disturbed youth and tell them “instead of shooting up the school, go the the HOA building”

    • • Happy Capybara Space Force 🌠 • 17 yrs ago says:

      @Brent Stewart lmfaooooo god the nightmare continues

    • Michael Margiotta says:

      ​@• Happy Capybara Space Force 🌠 • 17 yrs ago most places on earth Id imagine are not much better. Im sure humanity could be better though.

  8. Nura Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I could never live where someone was watching over me and nit picking everything I did to my property. It would be like living with a horrible mother-in-law.

    • Cecelia Voss says:

      I never have and never will live in a community that has a HOA. Nobody is going to tell me how I keep my home.

    • Kit Coffey says:

      I have no idea why people would consent to going from renting apartment slavery to house slavery.

    • Amica Aranearum says:

      @A Gravy This is a spam bot that reposts other people’s comments in order to entice people to click its profile, which promotes porn.

    • 超虎生活 says:

      @A Gravy If you didn’t like that one, don’t you dare click ‘Enter’ if you happen to see a similar one in the future.

    • A Gravy says:

      Dude wtf is up with your name and picture?!

  9. CremeCrimson says:

    If HOA’s are largely unregulated and considered hands-off by state and federal government, would they investigate a string of coincidental homicides?

  10. Queen Bey says:

    When my HOA tried to penalize a few people over trash cans being “visible from the street”, it turned into every house leaving their trash cans out front and people threatening to burn down the clubhouse. Needlesstosay, they haven’t bothered anyone about trash cans in years.

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