HomePod Unboxing!

HomePod Unboxing!

First look and unboxing of the new Apple HomePod!
Watch my features and review video next: https://youtu.be/14lRHY7IZss
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74 Responses

  1. iJustine says:

    Check out the HomePod features and review video next! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14lRHY7IZss

  2. Ricky Rubio says:

    “Alexa” how dare you lol

  3. hazim rasyad says:

    Justine : Alexa stop playing
    Siri : Goodbye justine i am moving to a new home
    Alexa : you should

  4. Grahzzy says:

    You should be a voice for siri

  5. Edsel Costas says:

    So it is basically like google home but worth 100 times more…Only at Apple.?

    • Brandon Anderson says:

      Edsel Costas Pretty much apple home-pod is limited.

    • Brandon Anderson says:

      Boss Brandon It’s 50$ more and you get the same sounding speakers, 3rd party apps, more commands, and a better assistant.

    • Brandon Anderson says:

      Achmad Putra Yes, but again, you can’t really do anything.

    • Ryan Federschneider says:

      So it does stuff no one ever will need. Why do I need a 350$ speaker when I have a home Theater system? You can buy google or Amazon devices that will work with your home system for a fraction of the price.

    • You were Wondering says:

      I think it’s closer to Google Home Max, and in sound quality it’s better than amazon alexa and the normal Google Home, but at the same time it has lots of disadvantages in my opinion, like the high price, and well Siri. Anyway, not a bad option for people who are heavily invested into the Apple’s ecosystem. But not really the best option for anyone else as Google Assistant and Alexa does more at least for now.
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  6. Ella Mae says:

    “Alexa, stop playing”

    Favorite part ??

  7. alan joy says:

    “Alexa stop playing” ?

  8. Will Summers says:

    Just waiting for home pod mini

  9. Faiz Rahman says:

    Google Home is best

  10. SDG Danny says:

    Dang, that thing has nice speakers

  11. FindSkyy says:

    Everyone’s getting their’s so early!
    Mine arrives February 9th ?

    • Gustavo Taramelli says:

      is because apple is sending it to them because they in a away work for apple this people, they always gave great amazing reviews of there products that’s why apple is sending it earlier

    • Damian Medina-Ruiz says:

      Because that’s when they go on sale?

    • That LIFEBoy1000 says:

      Me too! What color did you get, I got space grey! All the you tubers got theirs early. Everyone else who preordered early gets it the 9th. The release date.

    • Christopher Ayres says:

      Gustavo Taramelli I got mine on Monday and don’t post vids about apple products?

    • Brandon Anderson says:

      You have mad the worst mistake of your life bud. It’s trash and it’s limited. Hell, it’s not even a proper home assistant.

  12. Phvan S says:

    You are always excited…….??

  13. Zed ProMedia says:

    It would have been awesome if It had a built in battery and a detachable cord.

    • Camel Is lit says:

      Zed ProMedia starting price $500 but if you want the water proof feature it would cost $1000

    • Tessa Brooks says:

      Umm, do you know the amount of power withdrawal for a speaker like this? I don’t even understand why you’d want it to be portable.

    • Zed ProMedia says:

      It could easily be portable! There are lots of Bluetooth speakers with built in batteries. It would just be sweet to move it to different rooms or outside without needing the cord. Siri integration and superior sound quality > other Bluetooth speakers.

    • kenekfour says:

      Triple3X ha ha ha good one.

    • You were Wondering says:

      Built in battery is kinda cool, but that’s something we might see in the future but again that would make it another one of those devices that needs to be charged. A better option is wireless charging, The device comes with a wireless stand hat constantly charges it when it’s kept on it and when it runs out of charge you just need to place it over the stand, kinda convenient in my opinion. But yeah detachable cord should’ve been there makes it way easy to carry around especially considering its’s larger size.
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  14. Christoph Bout says:

    Who‘s phone went Crazy as well when she sais „hey siri“ ?

  15. Travis says:

    Since you are a Sonos girl, will you please compare the sound of the two???

  16. Dumpster Mainia says:

    When ever she said hey Siri mine activated

  17. YouTubie16 says:

    Voice controls only work with Apple Music & Siri is still frustratingly limited ??

    • Achmad Putra says:

      Cameron Allen you can use Spotify with AirPlay

    • Doctor AryJ says:

      Jonathon Morrison made a video. You can use Spotify and Siri is not limited at all.


      What about other third party apps… they make this overpriced and before that they charge for Apple music. Apparently apple isn’t getting enough money. This is why people use stuff like spotify and others, because they don’t have to pay for them much or not at all unlike Apple. And then they never put in micro sd and instead make us may for iCloud. Good luck apple…
      #Apple for rich ppl only

    • pavlovanz says:

      Broke arse

    • You were Wondering says:

      Well, it definitely has lot so limitations, but we still need to find out if those are temporary or will the system remain like this forever, i do believe that Apple will add more functionality eventually. I kinda agree about Siri part though, it’s kinda limited if Apple plans to continue the Homepod as a series then Siri really needs an overhaul with more features and need to make the conversation feel this robotic.
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  18. coolworld123456 says:

    So it’s a big Ass Mic with Siri Smashed inside it COOL.

  19. David Salazar says:

    Looks like a big marshmallow

  20. Kara Sevda says:

    I ordered homepods too and Its arriving tomorrow! OMG Im so exited iJustine, do you think it worth to buy it? 🙂

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