Homes washed out to sea as Fiona slams Canada

Homes washed out to sea as Fiona slams Canada

The hurricane that wreaked havoc in Puerto Rico and the Carribbean, is now classified as a post-tropical cyclone.

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22 Responses

  1. Ivan Villamil says:

    Definitely I never seen this part of Canadian shores destroyed like this and homes washed away.

  2. newlife956 says:

    ….and that was just one town in one province, but Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Labrador were also severely hit.

  3. NorthCoast says:

    I never knew that Canada would get hit.
    My condolences.
    Also I can relate to the struggle since Dorian hit us awhile back (Grand Bahama, The Bahamas).

    • John Curtis says:

      Obviously never did Canada, either. To be fair it’s a very rare thing to get slammed by such a weather event that far north. Usually, they veer eastward and back over the Atlantic well before that latitude. I guess you could say they took a Mother Nature sucker-punch. One straight to the face, too. POW!

    • Rad Ham says:


      A hurricane on a coastline?


  4. Cat Skittles says:

    Canada?? I didn’t realize it got that far north! Condolences and prayers to you all!

  5. Slay CJ says:

    This is so sad. 🥹 I hope this storm weakens and moves along quickly, and these people can restore their lives.

  6. Fremont Pathfinder says:

    I love Canada and am so sorry for what is happening there

  7. Charli Hanz says:

    To my Canadian Family and Friends please stay safe. Canadian love always….Canadian loud and proud ❤

  8. abattle6973 says:

    Praying for everyone ❤

  9. ZebeArt says:

    I know how these people feel. My prayers and thoughts are with them.

  10. hilario hernandez says:

    From the Caribbean to Canada, wow!

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