homework should be abolished

homework should be abolished

hey it’s me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over why homework should be abolished.
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44 Responses

  1. Perpetrator Pickle says:

    “If school is not a place for sleep, then home is not a place for work.” Now I can stand by that

    • The King of Craziness says:


    • Felipe Garay says:

      @Löwenherz lol yeah..it’s kinda difficult getting a social life with online classes

    • Gālāxy Ñøvā says:

      There are some schools where you can actually sleep there sooooo technically this isn’t true about the whole school is not a place for sleep but hey that’s usual that’s the average so I guess what I just said doesn’t really matter

    • Yenom Playz says:


    • Anton Gegov says:

      Tell me how a Matg student is gonna learn his Maths without solving problems at home. There has to be a balance between things, but students are just overcoddles and lazy. People should learn how to work hard and take responsibility. HW gives you tasks you are responsible for.

  2. The SpicyDiamond says:

    “If school is not a place for sleep, then home is not a place for work” greatest quote I have ever heard and I couldn’t agree more!

    • Skem says:

      Actually what he said is a big fat lie. It was invented by the government. It is said it was because of that man because it was a joke.

    • TheJade Rabbit says:

      @Skem actually you’re wrong, do your research buddy because it was indeed actually created by him. It was his idea first, the government just decided to pay him off so that they could keep the idea and give themselves a pat on the back for false credit. Look up your facts before commenting.

    • Skem says:

      @TheJade Rabbit The first school with homework was in Germany, and Roberto was ITALIAN, no way he is the inventor.

    • Skem says:

      ​@TheJade Rabbit And actually you are wrong, do your research, Buddy.
      “Roberto Nevelis of Venice, Italy, is often credited with having invented homework in 1095—or 1905, depending on your sources. Upon further inspection, however, he seems to be more of an internet myth than an historical personage.”
      Here is the source: Who Invented Homework? The History of a School Staple (seems like i can’t put the link)

    • ; says:

      @Skem homework was invented way before anyone can even remember. Literally if you think about it logically any work assigned at home is “home-work”, plus their lessons were much easier than today.

  3. Manifest says:

    My teacher doesn’t believe in homework, and only gives it to us when we aren’t behaving, or need more practice on that subject.

  4. Zappers says:

    We are given homework just because. Literally they’re like “Okay make a 40 minute podcast and only work on it at home, we’ll also he doing more stuff in class too that we’ll also give you as homework because you didn’t get it done in the first class.”

  5. Anniewastakennotfoundinadumpster says:

    My mom says it teaches the kids discipline and time management, which makes sense, but I honestly think that should be voluntary. If you do private lessons to learn how to play an instrument, for example, it’s (normally, as far as I’m aware) your choice if you practice outside of that. You’re not really required to, and if you’re dedicated enough to do the work outside of practice, good for you.

    Also, homework actually encourages anxiety, self doubt, bad grades, and procrastination in a way. I’m not an expert at this, but I’ve had one too many times where I’ve just stared at my homework and thought about how much of a failure I was for not getting it done and how I’d be yelled at for not doing it.

    Also, it never quite takes into consideration the lives of people after school hours. Some kids have activities, some might have appointments and stuff, and you honestly just never know what could happen.

    Homework as a punishment makes more sense, anyways
    Especially since some teachers add extra homework for kids who are behaving badly, so technically it sort of is.

    I just don’t like homework. Unless it’s like something that you get an opportunity to work on at school, it just doesn’t do me well.
    Also! Being at home creates a lot of distractions. Whether it’s family/friends, electronics, etc. It’s just obviously way easier to work in an environment at school with the bright lights and specific learning environment

    I got a bit off track didn’t I

    • DerpyDerp says:

      Wowza, my man wrote a whole essay and only 2 likes. Rip. I was ur 2nd like

    • Sweet Tea says:

      I mostly got homework when I needed more practice at a certain subject, and I was ok with that since if I didn’t understand something properly, practice was good for me

    • IceCOLD Eren says:

      Yes, you are right with that. But me dir example, i always do the things First that i Need to do so when i come home from school i instantly do the homework after that i do other things that i have to do: go to the gym, food etc. It is a sort of thing which teaches you to not procrastinate the work you „need“ to do. You know all students needs to do their homework in a way so it is what it is you cant change it if you like it or not thats just how school works yk. It is not nice but you need to do the work

    • vine says:

      Rip my school they give us so much hw everyday and I hate doing them so much. Teachers should go learn more about hw when it should be used or not used honestly I’m so tired from hw like everyday. I Know I think teachers think we are robot with no feelings like what fuck, like imagine you cry after you get back home because you do not wanna do an assignment like everyday. I hate dealing with stress everyday about hw and I hate people when they say oh this person got good grades yeah because I kept beating myself up for not work hard enough. I know that I’m just trying my best now and I’m not trying to push myself too much.

  6. The Origami Genius says:

    “If school is not a place for sleep, then home is not a place for work.” – Any person that’s not a teacher

    • ; says:

      @Tamara Protić I bet half of people who complain about homework don’t even do it. I agree that some homework is pointless, but learning a lesson in one hour is literally impossible. Then students complain we didn’t learn this even though if you actually did the homework you’d have a way better understanding. Reviewing a lesson is the best way to learn it. And in college you have like half of the time in school as regular high school. It’s not too much to ask to do more homework. Partying everyday is what college kids want to do instead of working towards their future.

    • Darth Sidious says:

      @Alireza Karimi once had to make a full fucking podcast as hw, oh Lord u wanted to did

    • ; says:

      @Alireza Karimi Thank God for medicine schooling being hard. I don’t want some dumbass to work on my medicine, it’s hard for a reason, it’s because one failure can cause someone their life.

    • Alireza Karimi says:

      @; I mean it could be easier If you just pick less classes but it takes longer

    • Blue says:

      Normal people*

  7. Vort3x says:

    I’m Norwegian and study IT in high school, we only have homework if we don’t finish the tanks we get assigned during class. Also; the teachers give us time in class to work on assignments from their subjects.

    • WGS says:

      You live a a nordic country you dont count hecause they actually have good schools

    • Mr. V.P. says:

      That’s literally how it should be because if you think about it what if your homework assignment is due the next day but you don’t understand it so now you have to take the time in the morning to go see if your teacher has enough time to help you understand the previous homework assignment.

    • Mowermen says:

      Nordic countries are so much better than the us

    • ; says:

      You live in Norway. People tend to value education way more than here, I live in America where half the kids want to act “cool” instead of focusing on their education 🤷‍♂️

    • Dosomestuff says:

      @Mr. V.P. that’s how it is for us too

  8. GamerZ Alone says:

    you are right gabe, as a student I can agree that homework is stress I literally have to work till 8 it 9 p.m (after coming from the school) and I don’t get too much time for self-study and homework must be accepted as a punishment and the lines- “If school is not the place for sleeping, then home is not the place for working” this made my day!

  9. Sweet Tea says:

    The only homework that venifited me was during college when we specialised in our preferred subjects, and those practice essays assigned as homework did help me to figure out where I was going wrong and how to improve so that when it came to the real exam, I wouldn’t make stupid mistakes. I was studying English where practice essays made all the difference.

  10. Try says:

    Exactly. But schools are like: “yeah but 6 hours of staring at people teaching you things that are generally useless for the majority of the people taught it isn’t enough, they will simply forget what we taught them if they don’t practice it for two hours a day after the 6 hours of mandatory schoolwork.”

    If we forget about something we learned in school after learning about it for that long, chances are its not important enough to remember. I for one will not remember the exact equation for finding the area of a parallelogram or whatever, but I will remember how to do taxes if I am ever taught that, as that is a life skill that is put into practice in the real world almost everywhere, and I don’t intend on working in a field where memorizing complex math equations is a necessary skill for life.

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