Honduras vs. USA: Extended Highlights | CONCACAF WCQ | CBS Sports Golazo

Honduras vs. USA: Extended Highlights | CONCACAF WCQ | CBS Sports Golazo

The U.S. have been inundated by the trevails of Concacaf Qualifying. A win in one of the region’s hardest matches, away vs. Honduras, may be their elixir.

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47 Responses

  1. Hector Lopez says:

    This was incredible. Incredible win.

    • IcoNexcalib3R says:

      @The Taco Kawaii haha like Mexico has seen success at the world cup or has many more CONCACAF trophies than the US…… Football is you main sport yet you guys are so mediocre at it. If the US cared or put half the effort as our most popular sports this wouldn’t even be a contest. Your irrelevant country can take a back seat and stay mediocre like they are at most things.

    • D1ndad0r2004 says:

      @Timmy Tuckerson It was 4-1 in Honduras you idiot

    • andy says:

      @D.V. usa is ass white boy, get surgery and get better eys

    • Danahje Vanterpool Bryant says:

      @GHOST pulisic is bench warmer ? he is a super sub that comes in and gets big goals and assist in champions league. No one in Mexico is even on his level or doing near the same in Europe. You guys compared Diego Lainez to Messi who cant even score a goal for Real Betis

    • American Toff says:

      @Stark Tony I just want your sportscaster that screams “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL” to declare he is a US national

  2. Ben Gonzales says:

    Berhalter started with a SHIT lineup with people playing out of position (specifically Adams.) What a difference halftime substitutions, and playing people in their actual position makes!!! What can you say about Pepi?! This kid has all the potential in the world. Negatives were Sands, and Bello. Antonee Robinson was a difference maker off the bench. All in all it’s three points!!! What a comeback from the boys

    • Javier Landaverde says:

      @dblvision Those European guys won’t change anything if USA plays Argentina, Italy, Netherlands. They would take an L too

    • JP - A.V. LLC says:

      Berhalter must of got a phone call at halftime. Anyone ever seen 3 subs at halftime at international levels.

    • American Toff says:

      It baffles my mind that shitforbrains coach puts Sands and Bello in there, and won’t even give Zimmerman a chance. Zimmerman imo is better than Brooks, Brooks has been shite past two games. He was 100% responsible for both goals. Zimmerman keeps his position, commands the centre back area and does not allow a header ever. I dont even mind if he puts Brooks zimmerman robinson adams as a back four. And yes Lamejet got a lucky bounce goal but why does he keep putting him and roldan and sargent in there. He is so much worse of a coach that Bruce Arena, who was very bad. Can you believe our coach waited until the 83rd minute in Nashville to bring in tactical attacking subs? High school coaches know you dont wait that long. Afraid we will never really get better until we sack our coach, as long as his bro is in the USSF that won’t ever happen. TBH I was kind of hoping we would lose, just so we could get a new coach but then I remembered his brother is in the fed and the fed doesn’t really care about the quality of soccer.

    • American Toff says:

      @A M I love Pepi, I have been screaming since the El Salvador game to bring him in. I just hope Chelsea doesn’t pick Pepi because if that happens he will sit on the bench collecting dust. I pray that Pulisic gets traded to Spurs, or Leicester or even West Ham where he would start every game on a middle table club. We see how rusty Pulisic has been in these three games. first game, meh, second game a little better, this game a little more better.

    • Luke Taylor says:

      Yeah it’s great to have a left footed player at left back.

  3. Les says:

    Ricardo Pepi just saved our WCQ campaign tonight. What a stuuuuuud! A team without Reyna, McKinnie, Dest, Zimmermann, Weah, Steffen, and now possibly Pulisic… and they still got a huge result. This US squad is a lot deeper than many give them credit for.

    • Brrrr says:


    • Jason Perez says:

      Snuck in Zimmerman like we wouldn’t notice

    • Sam Oday says:

      Huge result ? Have you seen how unbelievably poor Honduras are ? Concacaf is so weak a blind team could get through

    • PgPro 86 says:

      @John Sheawi well Costa Rica and USA made it out of the group last 2 world cups USA was in. One of them being the group of death in 2014 and USA made it to knockout round WC before that while England couldn’t even make it out of the group stage both those years 😂 destroyed? typical no knowledge just hate.I’ll take making it out of group any day when countries like Germany couldn’t make it out of the group stage last World Cup and England hasn’t won one in 70 years. Looks like a lot of sides are getting destroyed by other Euro teams.

    • philipp Behrend says:

      dunno, but aren’t we supposed to beat teams like honduras with our B-squad? given the resources we have

  4. Anipaptions says:

    The halftime subs made all the impact. They had me nervous at halftime, this game was a must win

    • Zerofighter93 says:

      Also the formation switch

    • Kevin Barrera says:

      If Berlhalter hadn’t made any halftime subs then he would have been fired for sure. Everyone knew we needed a change. A midfield of Acosta and Sands is asking for trouble. Adams is needed and then we need Reyna, McKennie or Musah for creativity. Looking forward to the October window.

    • Hector Lopez says:

      Berhalter was getting afraid that he was about to get fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ako Fobia says:

      I’d say the real difference was Honduras changes. If they kept the same lineup and formation they could have scored an early second as us pushed to equalize. Honduras went to conservative too early. They completely dominated the first half. Why change tactics before the US proves they can compete. Anyway a good old fashioned win for the US.

    • M MRMV says:

      its funny becasue gregg made good changes at the half, while fabian made terrible changes haha.

  5. Jake Pizzitola says:

    It’s paramount that these USMNT games are more accessible to the public, a plus if they’re free

    • D M says:

      Clever! I watched the first half on Telemundo which is over the air where I live!

    • FinnishCraig3 says:

      @Ben Harrison My wife is Brazilian and they could never afford any kind of cable. Everyone had access to the games on local free channels there, and her family is still living there without cable and access to all the games at no extra fee.

    • American Toff says:

      @Ben Harrison No, the government shuts down whenever there is an England football game, businesses close, they declare each game a national holiday. I think you get put in jail if you don’t have your TV on watching the game, tbh. lol. The USSF is such a joke worldwide, it’s obvious by allowing our tactical braindead coach to keep his job. One day I dream of a world with Europeans teaching the USSF how to run a countries football program.

    • American Toff says:

      @mccheese0 Maybe Mexico can take over the USSF. Can you imagine getting that sportscaster screaming “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL” every time the USMNT scores?

    • Benjamin Peters says:

      I think they are free on spanish tv

  6. shnigaa says:

    absolutely buzzing from this result this was a must win game this young team showed out today not a perfect game by all means but an important win

  7. movinbutnotshakin says:

    Brendan Aaronson up and down the field all second half. No surprise he was in the box when needed to seal the deal. He always gives such a fantastic effort.

    • Hillsane says:

      @Brian Roz317 yes, he tried to do too much and thought he could dribble through 3 to 5 closely packed players!

      I think that lead to his injury. He had options and kept dribbling.

    • Dynastie says:

      @Hillsane the only issue is that if Pulisic passed the ball would get turned over because someone else would make a sloppy touch or pass. So he had to take on solo dribbles

    • Xd merchant says:

      @Brian Roz317 the first goal which opened the floodgates was made by him being aggressive,being selfish as a winger is sometimes needed

    • Dennis Florine says:

      Brian Roz317 the first goal was possible because Pulisic held onto the ball “too long”. It gave Aaronson time to draw the defenders so the right side of the box could open up for his pass. He needed options, aaronson finally gave him one.

    • Dennis Florine says:

      He should have started. Maybe a fitness issue?

  8. ripsaa says:

    Like I said 2 weeks ago…Pepi should have played in the El Salvador and Canada game…this kid is for real

  9. AML says:

    I dont think tyler adams gets enough attention for his performance, dude was everywhere and rock solid throughout the whole game. Kept our intensity high and was always making the right pass or decision. Helluva performance

    • Carson Baird says:

      No, he plays the CDM #6 role and is fantastic at it. Put him out wide and he isn’t able to enforce as much and has much less impact.

    • Eats 4 Cheaps says:

      In the first half he looked so scared with the ball at his feet it was embarrassing.

    • Carson Baird says:

      ​@Eats 4 Cheaps Not sure how you’re singling out Tyler when you had someone like Sands fumbling literally everything right next to him in the first half.

    • Nathan Slaughter says:

      Agreed i think he is a role model for this team. Dude plays for the badge and at cdm he is everywhere where he needs to be

    • AML says:

      @Carson Baird same complaint about adams performance at rwb/rb could be said for sands, although he was exposed so much more than adams. Sands isnt a cdm, so why greg put sands in the cdm and adams in rwb will always baffle me…

  10. madnessontheisland says:

    The writing is on the wall here. Pepi was instrumental in all 4 US goals. They had nothing going offensively before he took the CF role. If he keeps playing like that he’ll soon find himself in Europe and playing up top for the US permanently. This performance is what US fans have been waiting for from a striker.

    • joseph boyat says:

      I am a huge Pepi fan but he was invisible in the first half when Honduras was fresh, si?

    • Scott M says:

      @joseph boyat he was playing out of position…everyone was pretty much. That’s on Berhalter, he needs to stick to the old faithful 4-3-3 and let these young guys run the counter attack.

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