Honest 4th of July BBQ

Honest 4th of July BBQ

Why don’t you let us do the grilling so we can avoid conversation for the rest of the party?

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20 Responses

  1. Joshua Burke says:

    Collegehumor i am in australia what do i do

  2. Joe Swamson says:

    What is werewolf?

  3. Nicole Blyler-Ayer says:

    I hate how real this was ?

  4. Bris Vegas says:

    grant’s shorts haha

  5. Metabeard says:

    haha, didn’t expect the Werewolf reference

  6. Nicholas Bloom says:

    I used to be the guy who got forced to come with his parents and always
    tries to convince them to take me home so I can play some videogames.

  7. Cheeseypizza angel says:

    Happy Independence Day Canada!

  8. rippy clique says:

    Illuminati, illuminati, illuminati

  9. Ivan Chagas says:

    That was a great video!

  10. pancudowny says:

    If this is how they see whatever social-function/family-gathering they
    attend going, why do they even leave the house?

  11. Celestial Salamander says:

    what is werewolf?

  12. The Adjective Nounist says:

    Wouldn’t wanna celebrate anything with these fuckers.

  13. Space Monkey says:

    I always become the grill man

  14. theTahnoktrapper says:

    Really expected this to be a political video, like the Obama BBQs
    More than a little confusing to look for hidden meanings and find none ^^’

  15. rykonjm says:

    turns out this video is preetty good

  16. TheNerdygamers 501 says:

    OMG so true

  17. Jeff Vader says:

    Happy treason day.
    The British

  18. Marko Blažević says:

    I wanted to see the fireworks :P

  19. Nathan Roon says:

    Top 5 College Humor

  20. Bob-omb animations says:

    Why do people keep saying, “Illuminati, illuminati, illuminati”?