Honest Trailers – Jurassic Park 3

Honest Trailers – Jurassic Park 3

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Before you watch Jurassic World 2 be sure to check out the movie that made the franchise stop for 15 years – it’s Honest Trailers for Jurassic Park 3

Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title Design: Robert Holtby

Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Dan Murrell
Produced by Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne

Supervising Producer: Warren Tessler
Production Coordinator: Sarah Rivera

Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Post-Production Supervisor: Gracie Hartmann
Post-Production Coordinator: Carolyn Croce
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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72 Responses

  1. Screen Junkies says:

    Which moment from all of the Jurassic franchise is scariest to you?

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  2. SPPSports says:

    My comment was going to be *ALAN* but since everyone else is doing it, it’s no fun…

  3. Leo Caldwell says:

    *Say this in your epic voice*
    Dog says woof.
    Cat says meow.
    Raptor says “Alan!”

  4. Strider Zessei says:

    Still better than Jurassic World.
    I mean, it even did the same thing you call out this film for; the Meta-saurus or whatever it’s called kills an Ankylosaurus just to prove how badass it is, (and Ankylo’s are my favorite.)

    • Kenneth Donnelly says:


    • MsUltraBob says:

      Sexy Savage Goldblum humour fits better because it doesn’t felt as forced as Chris one.
      By cage I meant the whole cage with all dinosaurs in it like ankylosaurus.
      But I agree with you that the acting of the kids was better in the finale of the movie right before the T- Rex appeared.

    • Sharil Shahed says:

      Strider Zessei nah World is still better, more tolerable and less stupid than this.

    • Andreas says:

      Sexy Savage goldblums fits better because if you think about it most of his jokes critizised the jp he was not just making jokes in his case the humor was just used to support his opinion

    • Strider Zessei says:

      Sexy Savage first, you know nothing about me, so kindly refrain from making assumptions about my character.
      That said, no, nostalgia is not my issue here. I wanted to like Jurassic World, but after seeing it, it’s blatantly just a cash-grab meant to target our nostalgia. The characters are unlikable, the story is one-dimensional, and it has no respect for any of its predecessors or the books.
      Crichton is probably rolling in his grave.

  5. Miguel aka mplovesmovies says:

    I actually liked this movie, thought it was much better than The Lost World

  6. Montesama314 says:

    “Well, that talking dinosaur was weird,” you think to yourself. “Meh, it got a chuckle out of me, but it definitely couldn’t be funny a second time.”
    And then it was funny EVERY TIME.

  7. hemmingwayfan says:

    Say what you will, at least they used animatronic dinosaurs instead of 100% CGI

  8. Alan Gohel says:


  9. eXc says:

    Forrest Gump?

  10. Mega Rayquaza911 says:

    Do Eight Legged Freaks

  11. Artamus Sumatra says:

    TV quality effects my A**! The Pteranodon sequence is still one of the scariest, and best scenes in any of the JP/JW films. Way better than the arial attack in JW, and I liked that one alot. This movie is criminally underrated, just because A T Rex(it wasn’t THE T Rex) loses to the Spinosaurus, and the admitedly goofy, but brief part where Grant only DREAMS that a Raptor says “Alan!” I like it much better than Lost World.

    • Brandon Lyon says:

      The Spinosarus thing is actually pretty funny nowadays after recent scientific discoveries. The spinosarus is a lot more aquatic then previously thought, had short legs, and mostly only ate fish. So the real life spinosarus was a lot lamer in reality.

    • John Last says:

      Brandon Lyon This is not directed at you but a lot of the fans forget that these dinosaurs are not 100 percent based on its theoretical real life counterparts. The lore states this clearly. You’re right it’s funny knowing what the real spino actually is like, yet some fans still assume that the spino in the movie is exactly as it is in real life, and in consequence hate the “inaccurate” representation. I love the spino in the movie, the real life one, like you said, is funny to me and less scary.

    • Geek Azores says:

      A kid survives on an island with the most dangerous creatures on the planet for several weeks 😒

    • Brandon Lyon says:

      Indeed, their was even one quote in Jurassic world, where one of the scientists said that they could’ve made them more scientificly acruccate but the people and investors wanted them to look as big and scary as possible regardless what they are suppose to be.

    • John Last says:

      Brandon Lyon Precisely. I like you.

  12. joelnert says:

    Say, “Now where did I put my banana?”

  13. Andreas Nordvall says:

    This is probably my favorite Honest Trailer so far just because it commits to repeating the same gag over and over until it’s run into the ground but it’s equally funny every single time.

  14. Akshay Verma says:

    Say what you want but this is still my favorite Jurassic Park movie after the first. I think the 2nd(lost world) was the worst. I mean it was literally king Kong. They go to a island see beast take one to the real world it breaks out and is killed. Boring and predictable. Then you have Jurassic world, fun popcorn flick with no consequences. This film imo had a decent story and amazing fight scenes, and man that ring tone… That was the ring tone

  15. I am Steve Rogers says:

    Take a shot every time the raptor said “Alan!”

  16. Kory Turner says:

    After the third “Alan” I was like come on guys it’s getting old. After the fifth one I was like man I can’t stop laughing. I don’t know why

  17. Agrenost says:

    I loved Jurassic Park 3

  18. rachel b says:

    *A L A N*

  19. Omkar Nadavadekar says:

    say “turn on your voice chat”

  20. Golden Shenron says:

    They never learn do they

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