Honest Trailers – Justice League

Honest Trailers – Justice League

Somewhere between the awful Suicide Squad and the really good Wonder Woman, there’s a movie that is determined to be right in the middle – It’s Justice League!

Watch the Honest Trailer Commentaries to get the writers thoughts on the movie along with deleted jokes!

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Title design by Robert Holtby

Producers – Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker

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69 Responses

  1. Screen Junkies says:

    Where does Justice League rank amongst the DC movie lexicon? Where do we rank amongst Honest Trailer creators? (please say one) Let us know in the comments and thank you for watching!

  2. AAMIR MEHMOOD says:

    I actually like this movie

  3. CatsDogsandGames says:

    theres 1 reason and only 1 reason why the DC cinematic universe sucks compared to the marvel cinematic universe and that is that marvel took there time to develop the characters and stories through several films before bringing them all together in the first avengers movie while DC was super rushed and the SECOND film had superman batman wonder woman lex luthor and a GOD AWFUL doomsday (plus cameos for flash cyborg and aquaman)

    • Chem Adeft says:

      Or because suicide squad had to be written in 6 weeks and justice league had two directors…

    • JSSTyger says:

      The biggest reason is that WB didn’t have the people dedicated enough to make GOOD comic book movies when the Marvel train got started. Marvel was always its own studio and they had at least a tentative plan from the start. Another giant mistake was to start with characters that are already popular and come with pre-conceptions. Marvel’s Hulk movie did pretty bad because Hulk had a bad reputation after Ang Lee’s version failed. WB didn’t care and slapped their biggest Superhero’s all in just the second film. Now there’s nowhere to go but DOWN. Remember how Nolan woo’ed us with Batman Begins and Joker was not the villain? That movie left us craving for Joker in The Dark Knight. That was SMART. Make people want the “big time” characters before you make their movie! See what happened when Marvel put Spider-Man in Civil War?

    • T-ZER0 says:

      CatsDogsandGames+ It’s called the DC “Extended” Universe.

    • Steven Aubrey says:


  4. Killer Instincts gaming says:

    How did Warner Bros mess up the biggest hero’s ever? The Justice League was the biggest parts of every 2000’s kids childhood if you watched the show that fit more character development into 22 minuets than a 2 hour movie. I loved the movie in the theater because of nostalgia but looking back it was just ok. How Warner Bros? FREAKING HOW?!

    • Macrocosm Cat says:

      Cause Snyder, actually, that budget cut. It felt like 2000’s CGi. The CGi was really outdated. If they couldn’t deliver a good CGi they should of gone with suits for everyone. It would of make more sense.

    • Brandon Lyon says:

      Since when was Cyborg ever one of “their biggest hero’s” I never got why DC tries so hard to make him a founding member of justice league when never was a founding member.

    • Killer Instincts gaming says:

      Brandon Lyon he was huge because of Teen Titans and I don’t have a problem with him as a founding member

  5. Mohd Safwan says:

    Do Black Panther

  6. Jack James says:

    Everyone keeps mentioning the Snyder Cut as if it were this glorious masterpiece that is hidden from the public and meanwhile I’m just asking how much it must have really sucked to make Warner Bros this desperate.

    • willynilly91 says:

      They poured over a $100 million to reshoot this thing. While I do wish we got to see the Snyder version than what we currently got, the assembly cut must not have been that good if WB went through all of this trouble to scrap it.

  7. Tanveer Ahmad says:

    *BvS: Save Martha!*
    *JL: Save Mother!*

  8. Arthur Mendoza says:

    Please Say: “I’m a CGI hero, in a CGI world
    Life in CGI, it’s CGItastic”

  9. Alex Paulino says:

    Honestly, I have no idea why WB would let Synder direct this film, after the critical disaster that BvS.

    That alone should have gotten Synder fired before JL ever went into production.

    • Dolfy Hitler says:

      Did you see the extended cut of BvS?
      Also, Snyder backed out from this one after the unfortunate death of his daughter.

    • Macrocosm Cat says:

      More like how did he filmed BvS after MoS?

    • Edward Antonowicz says:

      Because they let him direct the movie right after BvS was finished, which was release 3 weeks during filming. They did not know it would have become a failure. And was kinda too late to fire him until his daughter passed.

  10. Screen Ninja says:

    Honest Trailers Thor: Ragnarok!

  11. D reynoso says:

    While it’s my opinion and really doesn’t matter, I still think Snyders vision would have been better. Still liked the movie though it could have been better

    • Sean Thomas says:

      Snyder‘s version of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were both poor.

    • CosmicGeneralThade says:


    • Jack TheMan says:

      CosmicGeneralThade not wrong they were crap. Man of steel was “meh”

    • Ismail says:

      SuperOmnicron Dude you’re talking like you saw Synder’s cut. There was a report before Joss got involved saying that the movie was unwatchable.

    • willynilly91 says:

      I’m personally not a fan of Snyder’s work. But I would’ve preferred seeing Snyder’s straight up version (or Whedon’s).

      What we got was a complete mess: Snyder shot the film, left shortly after, Whedon did EXTENSIVE reshoots, a bunch of corporate execs meddled with the film, and this entire thing was rushed out instead of moving back the release date. If it was Snyder from start to finish or Whedon from start to finish, I think this movie would’ve at the very least been a lot more coherent.

  12. Nogah Lerman says:

    Im a DC fanboy but man i gotta be honest, DC was so behind now compare to Marvel.

    • Wparker6804 says:

      Well it’s also 5 years behind on the timetable. They shouldn’t have rushed things like they have been.

    • Vince Ramirez says:

      Hmm for me though from the sources i read. Zack had plans for DCEU, of course starting with MoS, after that he planned an MoS2, but WB wanted to catch up with marvel. Instead, they ended up woth BvS. For me though, so what if they’re behind or if they are worried if they might forget the characters. The DC universe will always be remembered with there iconic characters. They should have took their time and planned it well. Just saying LoL.

    • Genevieve1023 says:

      That kind of thinking is what got them into the mess they’re in right now. They would’ve taken thier time, if they didn’t feel like they needed to catch up,

  13. Willie Stroker says:

    I forgot this movie existed

    And I’m a DC fan 🙁

  14. NET Alliance - Star Wars Fun says:

    I’ll be the guy to say it… This movie was actually entertaining. Not great. But fun.

    • BABY ASAHD says:


    • Oscar Robledo says:

      NET Alliance – Star Wars Fun I agree. I liked it for what it was meant to be entertainment

    • NavySharkz says:

      I’ll be that guy who stands beside you and proclaim that I actually liked this movie more than The Avengers.

    • E J says:

      It was underwhelming, but only because expectations were so high. But rightfully so. They are the most well known characters of all time. And they didn’t do these characters justice (no pun intended), with just about everyone cracking jokes here and there. The DC animated universe is by far the best, and that includes the MCU.

  15. Mate397 says:

    WW was decent, sure people claim it was “excellent” but only because the bar was lowered by the other films so that having a decent film among them is basically equal to a “masterpiece”.

    • Larry Wyse says:

      Wonder Woman doesnt pass the “Do people act in a believable way?” test. Neither Wonder Woman, who regularly puts her own friends in jeopardy to “save” people she doesnt even actually know are in trouble; nor Ares, who actively sabotages his own plan, while holding information back from his own agents for some reason; act in any way in a logical fashion. I was absolutely astonished that people thought the movie was great considering how convoluted it was and how lost the protagonist and antagonist seemed to be.

    • Thomas Chancey says:

      Story was good! The chemistry was good! Acting was good! What’s to complain!

    • E J says:

      Mate397 couldn’t agree more 👌

    • Nicolas Charly says:

      WW was so bad me and my girlfriend almost left the cinema…

  16. Guy R says:

    Why does ANYONE want to see Snyder’s cut? Considering Snyder’s track record, it would have probably been even worse.

    • NavySharkz says:

      I keep asking the same question.

    • Jerr S says:

      Guy R to be honest, it’s probably a little better than Whedon’s re-shoot cut. They should have left Snyder’s version alone and gone with what he had. Why they needed to do re-shoots I’ll never know

    • NavySharkz says:

      Sure enough there could have been a little more done to bring more cohesion but I’ll take it for what it is.

    • Guy R says:

      Considering the fact that ‘Justice League’ was STILL better than ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman v Superman’ IMO… There’s no way that the Snyder cut would have been better. Don’t forget – the Snyder cut had stuff like Eisenberg’s Luthor, which Whedon removed from the final version. It was so bad that test-audiences deemed it “unwatchable”. It couldn’t have been better.

    • Brandon Lyon says:

      People ask the same thing for Josh Tranks cut of Fant4stic even though he apparently didn’t even bother to film a ending to it.

  17. Timothy Walsh says:

    You criticize this movie’s use of CGI, but Marvel movies also rely heavily on CGI.

  18. Doesnt Matter says:

    Terrible movie, bad writing, bad acting, bad fighting scenes and zero character development for half of the team. Also aside from superman every chatacter was portrayed poorly/wrong.

  19. Gordon Shumway says:

    Say: Tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat.

  20. OneNewHope says:


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