Honest Trailers – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Honest Trailers – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In a polarized world, the next installment in a franchise all about balance and non-attachment will be worshipped, hated, and obsessed about until it’s not even fun to talk about anymore – It’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Watch the Honest Trailer Commentaries to hear the writers thoughts on the movies along with deleted jokes from the trailer and a hint at next week’s movie!

Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Original Honest Trailer Voice by Gannon Nickell
Title design by Robert Holtby

Producers – Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker

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87 Responses

  1. Screen Junkies says:

    Strike us down in anger and we will always be with you. Let us know below what you thought about the trailer and movie! Plus don’t forget to give suggestions of what movies you’d like to see be Honest-ed. Thanks for watching!

    One, speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.
    Two, respect your community- racism, misogyny, and homophobia aren’t tolerated.
    And three, “be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Superion74 says:

    The only thing good about The Last Jedi is that they have improved my perception of the Prequel Trilogy, even The Phantom Menace, by comparing them to TLJ. Congrats Rian Johnson! You have done the impossible!

  3. Anushilan Dahal says:

    “I’m Carrie Poppins Y’all”

  4. Leo Gutierrez says:

    This movie sucked because of
    1. The humor
    2. Holdo
    3. Leia Mary poppins scene
    4. Killing snoke and luke
    5. Lack of plot
    6. Benicio del toro
    7. No memorable scenes at all except hyperdrive crash

    • Leo Gutierrez says:

      John Smithers I’ve seen other films that I hate. This film didn’t make me in awe like Captain America 2, guardians of the galaxy, and the Star Wars old republic trailers. And I think luke could have been a good damaged figure. But mark isn’t really a good actor.

    • waltereg0 says:

      1. Holdo
      2. Rose
      3. Mary Poppins
      4. The slow chase of the rebel fleet literally going almost nowhere.
      5. Benicio Del Toro
      6. Silly opening scene with gravity in space and Poe referencing call waiting.

    • Leo Gutierrez says:

      waltereg0 I didn’t have that much of a problem with rose. I just thought when she saved Finn was so CRINGEWORTHY.

    • Yuey R says:

      Lol uhm, there was a clear plot 😂. Learn what that actually means instead of just repeating others.

    • Leo Gutierrez says:

      Yuey R I saw the film twice, did you?

  5. Krishna Poddar says:

    The Last Jedi plot holes are bigger than black holes.

    • Steve R. Trevor says:

      But they can be huge.

    • Shuizid says:

      A black hole in theory has size zero. The schwarzschild radius only describes how compressed a mass needs to be, to become a black hole – however once compressed to this radius, the gravitational pull is so strong, that the mass will keep on compressing itself, until it literally is size zero (which is why math can’t describe them).
      Though the gravitational pull of a black hole is also just like the original mass. If our sun would be compressed to a black hole, the effect of it’s gravity on our solar system would not change (we would just be orbiting a black hole, instead of a sun). In case you are wondering, the gravitational pull affects an object stronger, the closer it is – when compressed into the Schwarzschild-radius, the gravitational pull of a mass onto itself is stronger than any known physical force working against it, which is why in theory, at this point the mass will compress itself into size zero, because there is no known force who could counteract that.

      What you might mean is the event horizon of supermassive black holes (like the one at the center of our galaxy). That one is pretty big – but since every mass has a schwarzschild-radius, black holes can have any mass from subatomic particles, up to trillions of suns.

    • Jim Fischer says:

      I just had a stroke!!!! muusf cee Star Wonka

    • PunchineloPow says:

      drummer261982 hahahahahha alas some sense.

    • Kinos141 says:

      I knew someone would say that.

  6. Nut neutrality says:

    I’m Carrie Poppins Y’all!

  7. 空氣微粒 says:

    ”I’m not gonna see that crap”

  8. TheNinjaMarmot says:

    J.J. thinks if u hate this movie, u hate women! Lolz

    • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s says:

      daniel sadowinski I agree, it’s so stupid that people are purposely twisting JJ’s words against him.

    • trevor linvell says:

      Did you read what he said? You obviously didnt

    • TheNinjaMarmot says:

      From the same article indiewire “As he prepares to reenter the “Star Wars” universe with his upcoming (and still-untitled) Episode IX, “Force Awakens” filmmaker J.J. Abrams is unbothered by the recent backlash to the diversity of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Asked by IndieWire about pushback from “Star Wars” fans who decried Rian Johnson’s film for its focus on more female-centric stories (bolstered by the edition of franchise newbies like Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran), Abrams was clear: “Their problem isn’t ‘Star Wars,’ their problem is being threatened.”” so yeah, fans feel threatened by women. Ergo women haters. and seeing most fans of the franchisr are male. Men hate women.

    • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s says:

      TheNinjaMarmot No. He’s saying the people bitching about the diversity and female characters are threatened by women. He’s not saying “if you hate The Last Jedi you hate women”.

    • Jordan Kidd says:

      LoN3wOlF5tudi0s whats stupid and twisting is the media trying to make it seem that people dislike TLJ because they dislike women. There’s loads to dislike about it without women ever becoming an issue.

  9. Nick Agriesti says:

    How the hell could the first honest trailers voice think his fandom was revitalised because Abrams, an objectively terrible writer who is painfully obviously fully aware of such, wrote it? What is wrong with him?

  10. Jakob Johnson says:

    I could write a book about my disappointment in the last jedi/first turd

    • Jakob Johnson says:

      Android 19 what’s ur thoughts ?
      “is it possible to miss pod racing?”

    • Sherlock Shlome says:

      TFA was already abysmal. It could have been redeemed with a good TLJ movie but NOPE. Nope nope nope nope nope. We are going even lower. This trilogy is looong beyond saving and I really mean this. Disney fucked up.

    • S says:

      Oh come on. I’m as big of a star wars nerd as they come and to be fully honest, I am very happy they’re making more movies and will continue to do so. Every time I watch any star wars film, I get goosebumps repeatedly throughout. There are a few things I will never get tired of and that is the music, the lightsaber fights, and the age old battle between good and bad. Throw in some next gen graphics and i could care less about the actual plot line. The amount of money disney puts into SW guarantees it will be entertaining, and thats all it is at this point. Entertainment. Y’all need to accept that and be happy. If you want better story then go read some SW Canon fiction online – there’s plenty out there – and dont bother watching these. Solo’s movie will be entertaining and fun to watch and I can’t wait. It’s better than the saga just dying as it would have without Disney’s initiative.

    • Kinos141 says:

      Yeah, like how lightsabers look NOTHING like sabers!!!

  11. Neil Lehane says:

    No you were right, that was the last one im paying to see.

  12. mariabenz07 says:

    Wow, it seems this one BROKE NEW GROUND! I enjoy the honest trailers but it seems the people behind these have all but confirmed their shill status

    • Steven Brock says:

      They’re nerds and fans of the Star Wars movies – expect them to behave like nerds and fans of the series which is to say, some on their staff will love it (represented in the trailer by Epic voice guy) and some didn’t love it (represented by original Epic voice guy). It’s a comedy channel, they made it comedic but they agree with both sentiments.

    • Nathan Keelin says:

      mariabenz07 very cool

    • mrpepre says:

      I thought exactly the same thing

  13. Metalks says:

    It sabotaged act two in a trilogy. The build up for the third act is gone. Rian systematically targeted every plot thread and destroyed them. What is there left to be excited over?

  14. SerFaggot says:

    Too bad the last jedi was a crappy mary sue/edgelord flick.

  15. mechasentai says:

    This movie was a horrible tease. It showed something that seemed amazing then threw it out immediately in favor of some lame joke.

    • 343Films says:

      Tony Walton Because Luke disrespectfully tossing his father’s lightsaber over his head in a completely unrealistic-to-his-character way isn’t lame and stupid, it just requires a great mind to understand… Yeah… go suck a bag of dicks

    • Tony Walton says:

      343Films wow guess Im dealing with an immature kid. And what he’s been through, well of course he tossed it out. Obviously you missed the backstory

    • BolanderBooks says:

      The backstory that in no way fit his character and was just an excuse to keep “subverting the audience’s expectations”?

    • RICHIE MAMA says:

      mechasentai salty

    • Tony Walton says:

      BolanderBooks a characters character can be changed depending on certain events that took place. Like how he felt the darkness in Kylo and how he wanted to prevent it from going further but before he killed him, he saw his dad in him and stopped

  16. Yokesplooge says:

    How do you make an honest trailer for TLJ and not bring up Rose and her horrid “Save the ones we love…” line?

    • Darth Batman says:

      Well, they didn’t make fun of the even more horrible lines like “You’re in my very soul, tormenting me…” and “So love has blinded you?” either in their respective videos.

    • Tyrantofthewind says:

      Yes, them completely ignoring lines like that and the terrible humor is incredibly questionable.

  17. Gilli Weed says:

    A mediocre honest trailer for a mediocre movie. Fitting, in a way.

    • SicParvisMagna123 says:

      343Films Rotten Tomatoes is pretty unreliable. Most people can just make an account and downvoting it without even seeing it. IMDB on the other hand has a 7.4, a majority. Also, scientific polls like Cinemscore actually ask people right after seeing the movie, which in the case of TLJ got an A score.

    • GrasshopperWild dfg says:

      trevor linvell LOL Oh how the “Pro-Last Jedi” fuckboys don’t realize they are actually the minority. The rest of the world is laughing at you.

    • GrasshopperWild dfg says:

      SicParvisMagna123 Is it unreliable because it didnt fit your narrative? Last Jedi sucked, it would’ve been more believable if Mark Hammil didnt spend months warning fans about this garbage.

    • Edward West-Summers a.k.a. CrimsonWitch26 says:

      nahor88 except for the fact that they portrayed the people who hated Last Jedi for legitimate reasons as whiny little crybabies. Wasn’t really fair on that end.

  18. Key Strix says:

    How to become a Jedi master:

    Cut a rock
    Fall into a hole

    Congrats on your Jedi mastery!

    • DagobertX2 says:

      Yet he got into a trap, lost his hand to Darth Vader, and almost died which was a great lesson to him.

    • Key Strix says:

      They say that Luke was to bring balance to the force….

      Well it’s a good thing Rey’s full name is MaRey _Balance_ Sue.

    • Agilemind says:

      How to become a Jedi master according to the original trilogy:

      Run around the woods for a a few days, lift some rocks, fail at lifting you X-wing, get beaten in a lightsaber fight. Congrats on your Jedi mastery!

    • WJZAV says:

      Gregorio Power I guess you would need a little more than a brick to destroy large space craft. And you would need to outfit it with a hyper-drive. The whole kamikaze-ship thing is a little expensive and probably only used in worst case scenarios.
      Hell, nobody complained when Anakin kamikazed a ship into a Separatist space station in the Clone Wars. And he only did that because it was already heavily damaged and evacuated.

  19. DC Engine 64 says:

    this is one time the HISHE is funnier than the HT

  20. AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive says:

    Oh boi. So many things I wanna say about this movie but…the coment section, ambivalent as it is, speaks for me :/

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