Honest Trailers – The Mummy (2017)

Honest Trailers – The Mummy (2017)

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Tom Cruise can bring himself back to life, but can he revive the Dark Universe? – The Mummy

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Title design by Robert Holtby

Series Created by Andy Signore – http://twitter.com/andysignore & Brett Weiner
Executive Producer – Andy Signore
Producers – Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker

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20 Responses

  1. thatdronekid says:

    I went to go see this in 4D and fell asleep towards the end…

  2. Enialecej Joestar says:

    >Needs a red stone to defeat the enemy
    >swarm of creatures attacking the protagonist
    >The ultimate technique of said protagonist is “RUNNING AWAY”
    >Crashing planes

    What is this? “Tom Cruise’s Bizarre Adventure: Mummy Tendency”?

  3. Cy M says:

    Do “The Never Ending Story”

  4. Henry Christi says:

    Please say :

    “It’s over Anakin. I have the high ground.”

  5. Naveek Darkroom says:

    Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman next!

  6. Duffman says:

    Say “T-Mobile, a company so shitty they have to bribe you with free Netflix in hopes you’ll forget how bad they are”.

  7. Truly Fehrle says:

    Do IT please please and thank you❤️

  8. woodyburns says:

    Honest Trailer for Snakes On a Plane!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ryan Monadjem says:

    Please say: You have reached Ryan, please leave a message

  10. joylit1 says:

    Starring a swarm of spiders, a swarm of rats, a swarm of birds, a swarm of terrible reviews… LOL

  11. thelittlerainicorn ofaa says:

    say there aint no rest from the wicked

  12. lyndsay80 says:

    This movie made absolutely zero sense.

  13. Jan Christoffersen says:

    “Get Out” is not a good example of a horror movie. All the negative things said about this one as a horror movie, is true about “Get Out”.

  14. Sal Macias says:

    making movies ,making songs and fight’n round the world!

  15. Sean Snyder says:

    say “I fired, and I missed, then I fired again, and I missed!”

  16. Erin Luthie says:

    Do both it versions

  17. Alf Stewart says:

    Please say: “Is this real enough for you Billy?”

  18. DarkiceForge says:

    Brought to you by Maypax. The official tampon of NASCAR.

  19. harpistelaina says:

    So there’s a new Magic School Bus coming to Netflix. Maybe an honest trailer for the original Magic School Bus…….PLEASE??????

  20. Joy Holmes says:

    Okay, but…now I need the announcer guy to do a full rendition of “Thriller”

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