Honest Trailers | Thor: Love and Thunder

Honest Trailers | Thor: Love and Thunder

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Honest Trailers | Thor: Love and Thunder
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, Lon Harris & Drew Grant
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Associate Producer: Ryan O’Toole
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne

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42 Responses

  1. Jacoby says:

    Totally agree with Honest Trailers. Focusing more on Gorr’s god-killing mission would’ve made for a vastly more interesting movie, especially considering he was arguably the best thing about the way the whole thing turned out.

    But oh well. Let’s see Paul Allen’s Gorr

  2. Cici ~_~ TLB says:

    “The firstborn child Chris Hemsworth promised Kevin Fiege” makes a lot of sense honestly, how else has Thor been the only one of the big three to get a fourth solo movie?

  3. Jordan Williams says:

    The only time I laughed out loud in this movie was the ship crashing into the tiny planet, a brief silence, then the goats screaming. That got me good

  4. mrgnw311 says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard at an honest trailer, *ever.* Contrasting those awful goat screams with completely reasonable, interesting alternatives at the end was divine.

  5. SmashDriven says:

    This was so spot on. Also the Thanos Hitler thing was hilarious.

  6. Its always around says:

    Yeah I really agree with that line of introducing a whole new major villain with Gorr. If they were going to go through the effort and connect different mythos’ and all those Gods it could have been maybe over another movie and idk.. actually HAVE Gorr kill some gods?

    • Brian Henry says:

      ik, right? I was looking for some god fights but got a couple corpses and an angsty axe. Like when I went to see Multiverse of Madness for a bunch of crazy universes, and I got like a couple of them and a brief montage. At least for MoM I had EEA@1 to satisfy my itch; maybe we need the Daniels to make a movie about embattled comic book gods.

    • CaptHayfever says:

      He killed a bunch of gods. We saw some of their corpses. The GotG’s mission at the start of the movie happened specifically because that planet’s gods were killed.

  7. Jonathan Chen says:

    One of the greatest “Starring” sections and titles IMO. “Jane the Version… we wanted more of” and “A white Christian who hates polytheism” had me rolling 😂

  8. TheDoctor DB says:

    I thought there were some pretty good moments in this movie, and I especially liked how Gorr was written. Most villain types will just continue to kill for no reason, despite having been presented a solution to the thing that made them angry in the first place. Props to Gorr for actually wishing his daughter back when given the chance instead of just being like, “Nah, I’m evil now.”

    But… then they did the exact opposite with Zeus. Instead of, “I can’t believe I’d forgotten what it means to be a god” his reaction was, “Dude… they can’t do that… Shoot them, or something.”

    Didn’t really have an issue with much else but the anthropomorphizing of the weapons ended in the flattest way possible. After all that he still ditched Stormbreaker for his old fling. I mean I do get it, but that’s on them for setting up a situation in which it actually feels stupid for Thor to get the hammer back. There was no reason for them to highlight that. It was cool the first encounter because even in the first movie we get the sense the weapon has some greater sense to it (it’ll know when someone’s worthy, after all). But going that far with the relationship aspect just destroyed the idea of seeing him back together with the hammer… which is eventually what they did. They could’ve focused on Stormbreaker instead and made it feel more meaningful that he’d give it up for the kid, rather than it feeling like he stabbed the weapon in the back by lying to it lol

    • magicmulder says:

      Well he could also have made a better wish, like “live with my daughter happily forever after” or “I wish I never believed in gods”.

    • Eric Magana says:

      @twomz we are, literally getting adam in the next guardians, gunn knows what he’s doin kid

    • twomz says:

      The Zeus end credit scene just reminded me of the GotG2 end credit scene also setting up a vengeful character to follow after the protagonists. Wonder if we’re ever getting anything out of that one.

    • David Lundquist says:

      Well, to be fair, Zeus has always been a self-absorbed jerk. But given that Zeus’ father devoured his own children whole in order to keep them from usurping his throne, it’s kind of hard to blame Zeus for not being the most well-adjusted god.

    • SuperboyPrime says:

      I mean IT seems like she has Eternity powers so I don’t think she needs a weapon at all.

  9. bluesdjben says:

    I thought the first half of the movie was a complete mess, but I really liked the second half. Definitely a very mixed bag and I kind of hope this is Taika’s last Thor film, but still excited to see where Thor goes from here.

  10. pyronuke476 says:

    I’d say that Gorr is probably one of the better we’ve got villains since Thanos. I’ve heard some people say the end was anticlimactic, which yeah a little bit, but I do like a villain redeemed storyline and I think his third act redemption was handled better than most. It also helps that Bale put more effort into the character than the majority of superhero movie villains these days.

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