Honest Trailers | Tiger King

Honest Trailers | Tiger King

Netflix will save us with a perfect distraction for these trying times – it’s Tiger King!
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Honest Trailers | Tiger King
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Max Dionne
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Associate Producer: Ryan O’Toole


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61 Responses

  1. John Atkinson says:

    “Look at her eyes, she’s totally lying” – without a doubt my favorite quote in this video

  2. Jackson Gibbs says:

    “So I kind of put them in a tiger cage, and they ate him.”


    • Justin Carson says:

      @Chimapnzee total war You don’t need to be on a case to have influence with who ever was on the case. Law enforcement trusts each other far more then the general public. He said he was with her the night her husband vanished, she was not ever even a suspect because they took his word on it. Given all we know about the situation, I am not sure if you are naive and genuinely believe law enforcement doesn’t take personal factors in mind when making decisions or if you are just trying to be a contrarian.

    • Chimapnzee total war says:

      @Justin Carson I am not saying she did not do it I am saying there is not enough evidence to determine if she did do it and I don’t like judging people if the evidence won’t hold up in court

    • Justin Carson says:

      @Chimapnzee total war Who said anything about a distraction? He doesn’t need to distract them, there is no amount of distraction he could do to cover for her. It was purely a matter of lying for her and them believing him right away because he was with them.

    • Chimapnzee total war says:

      @Justin Carson I doubt he would be trusted, he had a clear conflict of interest

    • Chimapnzee total war says:

      @Justin Carson Whatever evidence we have that she did it would not hold up in court

  3. Emily_M. says:

    Please do “Prodigal Son” or “Legends of tomorrow” next

  4. RIPjkripper says:

    Say: “Shiny! Let’s be bad guys.”

  5. N Marrs says:

    “Zoo owner” is a stretch. Seriously these people are the worst.

  6. jelmor11 says:

    I never noticed until now that Carol laughs after literally EVERYTHING she says.

  7. mekman4 says:

    Not even Tarantino can come up with dialogue like that.

    • Wess Moore says:

      The first interview in the show with the media guy seemed very Tarantinoish with how the guy phrased things to me.

  8. J_B says:

    The next Netflix-based Honest Trailer should be The Umbrella Academy!!

  9. Kyle McKinzie says:

    I think the main point we should all take away from this documentary is that most of them are bad people and deserve to be in jail lol

  10. Abdulaziz Rex says:

    Can anyone own exotic animals without having a criminal record?

  11. kevon barnes says:

    “…broken people hurting each other.”

    That’s… yeah.

  12. Daniel Axelsson says:

    Can Everything Go Wrong?:

    Tiger KIng: Yes

  13. Kevin Rupe says:

    “He’s locked in a life and death struggle with literal catwoman: Carol Baskin.” LOL

  14. St.Louis Films says:

    The fact that somebody getting their arm bit off by a tiger only took up about 5 minutes of showtime just tells you how insane this show is

  15. Iain Bryden says:

    “Joe Exotic, a zoo owner who looks like you hit RANDOMIZE in the Fallout character creator.”

  16. Bacbi says:

    These people are like GTA characters come to life.

  17. S V says:

    People who take sides on this show confuse me so much . Almost everyone on the show is a terrible selfish person

  18. Mercy says:

    Animal Crackers is such a brilliant parody title… I don’t even have time to unpack all of the layers there are in this joke

  19. Juliana Arthuso says:

    No one should be celebrating this guy or his employees. They TORTURED these animals! I was happy to see the tigers attacking them. I wish they’d be eaten by the tigers that would be a happy end.

  20. LilMissTravelPants says:

    The weirdest thing on social media is all the support for Joe. I went to his zoo in 2011 or 2012… it was depressing asf. We left after like 30 minutes and that was a stretch, simply because of how miserable it was.

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