Honest Trailers – Transformers: The Last Knight

Honest Trailers – Transformers: The Last Knight

Because we live in the darkest timeline, prepare for another Transformers movie that’s mostly about the humans – it’s Transformers: The Last Knight

Watch the Honest Trailer Commentaries to get the writers thoughts on the movie along with deleted jokes!

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Title design by Robert Holtby

Producers – Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker

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45 Responses

  1. Super Critic says:

    Honest trailer for Raiders of the Lost Ark!

  2. Matthew St Vincent says:

    Say: “My nephew wanted to be Batman… so I killed his parents”

  3. MehMonster says:

    Can you make an honest trailer for 2017-18 YouTube? I want to see how savage it would be 😂

  4. Dante Crailman says:

    Where can I find a version of this without all the violence, lol!

  5. Muneeb Asad says:

    “Megan Faux” is so damn accurate

  6. LAZZA MCPE says:

    You’d think unicron would feel a sun harvester on it

  7. speed squad live says:

    Say ‘why do I waste my life on this useless crap’

  8. The MustangFan13 says:

    Say: Hux: Do you know dae way?
    Holdo: (turns ship around)
    Hux: You do not know the way! You do not know the way!
    Holdo: (hyperdrive)
    Leia: You must have ebola

  9. jimmyw604 says:

    Please say “Rubber baby buggy bumpers”

  10. jayce french says:

    Say, “let’s ‘taco’ bout it”

  11. PTH Gaming/vlogs says:

    Do the last jedi

  12. Rogue Resident says:

    1. Transformers
    2. Dark of the Moon
    3. The Last Knight
    4. Age of Extinction
    5. Revenge of the Fallen

    Revenge of the Fallen is so bad lol

    • Vampyricon says:

      Eh, I’d put ROTF before TF4 or 5. This one (TF5) was the worst.

    • Mart Leuvering says:

      Maybe it’s because I watched the 5 from the comfort of my own home, but Age of Extinction was the one where I actually considered leaving the cinema (which I have never, EVER, done during a movie).

  13. kagato0987 says:

    HT, please do “Big Trouble in Little China”

  14. spideydew20 says:

    The instrument doesn’t exist that can measure how immensely relieved I am that I didn’t see this piece of aardvark dung.


    4:10 I’ve always want to be in one of your videos, I’m the blonde haired knight (Kay) who comes into shot. Life complete.

  16. Gh0sT says:

    I vividly remember jumping up and yelling hell yea In the theatre ,
    When I saw the trailer for the first movie,

    this is why I stopped watching after the first movie!

    Hot wet garbage at best!
    Florida university
    Micheal bay

  17. Sworn Sword says:

    *Roses are Red*
    *I Have a Phone*
    *No One Gives Me Their Number*
    *Forever Alone*

  18. TheHypershon 40 says:

    Lol anyone remember how Nostalgia critic managed to give a completely accurate review of this film before the it even came out

  19. Aydan Metsch says:


  20. Feynstein 100 says:

    Lmao it’s been a while since an honest trailer made me laugh so much. And I haven’t even watched this movie. In fact, I haven’t watched any of them except the first one. Looks like I made the right decision.

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