Honest Waiter Warns Ramsay of the Terrible Food | Kitchen Nightmares

Honest Waiter Warns Ramsay of the Terrible Food | Kitchen Nightmares

“Chimichanga? Chimi chuck it in the bin!”
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20 Responses

  1. tarek Hasna says:

    soaking wet newspaper

    its dry

  2. Griffin Dale says:

    Gordon: so what’s wrong with the restaurant?

    Manager: there’s a lack of costumers

    Gordon: so why is there a lack of costumers

    Manager: because there’s not enough costumers


  3. Your Random Girl says:

    Who else binge watches these videos all day? Why are they so addicting?!

  4. THUMPER_AHM says:

    Dont let white peoples run a mexican restaurant

  5. Pizza hogger says:

    Gordon: The meat is so frozen, it’s still singing let it go!!!!!
    Gordon: I’m gonna die from a panic attack!!!!
    Me: omg, don’t worry Gordon I’m gonna call the ambulance


  6. Khalid Faisal says:

    Does anyone wonder how Gordon Ramsey comes up with his insults? Like does he have a book of insults laying around in his house

  7. Ornacia says:

    In some societies it is a sign of respect to lower yourself so your guests can speak to you at seated level

  8. Neptune ! says:

    0:12….some give this sexy man a job in the movies

  9. Kevin W says:

    That waiter seems like a great guy!

  10. Alex ander says:

    “Are you cooking it? “Yeah” *throws it in microwave* “Are you sure you’re making it fresh?’ “YES” *Beep beep beep*

  11. MrHi says:

    I love how the waiter have to spit the steak out

  12. Jeremy Khim says:


  13. Plol Valle says:

    England is my

    L A M B S A U C E

  14. Robert Ramsey says:

    3:18 the fear of the manager was so strong it activated the register

  15. Fernando Guo says:

    I don’t get it. Do some ”chefs” really believe that people walk into their restaurants to taste microwaved food? Really?

  16. Shannon Rosario says:

    If you need to get Gordon ramsey to help fix your restaurant, you shouldn’t be suprised when he says your food is shit

  17. datruephenom says:

    Yooooo he said “Chimi chuck it in the bin” lmaooo

  18. bguzewi0 says:

    I love how Gordon is always so nice and polite to the waiters/waitresses and completely savage to the chefs/owners. It’s fantastic.

  19. lich5164four says:

    Gordon: Why are you lacking customers?
    Manager: Because we need more customers.

    In other news, water is wet.

  20. SynetricalPlayz says:

    xD the waiter actually spat it out

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