Honey Jar: A Tribute to Peeno Noir – Orange is the New Black – Netflix [HD]

Honey Jar: A Tribute to Peeno Noir – Orange is the New Black – Netflix [HD]

OITNB meets Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The ladies of Litchfield pay tribute to Titus Andromedon’s masterpiece, Peeno Noir.

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20 Responses

  1. unknown bubble says:

    piper ???

  2. Paul Marvin Ong Siu says:

    Now I want the House of Cards and Daredevil version of Peeno Noir

  3. Healoz says:

    um wat

  4. nettaP says:

    Give me back my us Netflix in singapore! ?

  5. ❤Amor❤ says:

    i love both shows… omg april come soon!

  6. Keith Lavallee says:

    no Piper?

  7. caprice gray says:

    season 4

  8. Shayla Pearson says:

    I don’t get it ….

  9. citrusfirefly says:

    I guess Pipers in max. Oh, well. I love these WOMEN!!!

  10. Billional says:

    Plz bring back Pornstache ?? for season 4

  11. Daniel Aguilar says:

    Don’t know what I just watched but the chick at 0:02 I’d fuck senseless.

  12. ASMR Gratitude says:

    does this mean Kimmy or Titus are going to make a guest appearance on
    Orange Is the New Black?

  13. MazdaBass971 says:

    I didn’t see Piper!

  14. Scarlet Moore says:


  15. febrianaars says:

    I’ve never been more alive

  16. Hannah Jette says:

    thank god for this

  17. Isaiah Avila says:

    Fire!! !

  18. nahyla pacha says:

    This is too good omg

  19. Mysticate says:

    Pousseyyy. The fave

  20. Jelly says:

    So, Whene will this be on Itunes?!?!?!