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Hoonigan, Ford and Need For Speed proudly present Ken Block’s Gymkhana SEVEN; Wild in the Streets: Los Angeles.

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19 Responses

  1. Jonathan Diaz says:

    The best part of course was when you went under the hydraulic low rider
    TWICE, but if that part wasn’t there I would say when you went around the
    Randys Donut place that was dope also either way great video.

  2. MrFlamez316 says:


  3. Arve L Lindstrøm says:

    incredibly cool 

  4. Sherif Taher says:

    The most insane car video of the YEAR… Simply AMAZING

  5. AutoClown says:

    O.J. Simpson? lol wat

  6. Iron Scotsman says:

    7:34 have they still not caught him yet? ;-)

  7. Tom Clyburn says:

    Not that impressed. He has done better in the past. The hills in San
    Francisco were great along with the golden gate bridge and the barge.
    Awesome car though. 

  8. Sean Gault says:

    This just isn’t that impressive to me. 4WD is saving his ass everytime as
    the front wheels pull him out of the drift.

  9. synocate says:

    Best part: 60fps. Oh wait…

  10. Silvio Treptau says:

    great job… awesome.. i love it :)

  11. James Cammarata says:

    this is fucking amazing

  12. Kovács Gábor says:

    A Mustang ismét bizonyított.

  13. DeadRabbits33 says:

    That shit was solid, should took that to Oakland for the sideshows, getting
    sideways this way that way shaaaaaooooww. Now just add the homies unknown
    Industries and their Harley wheelies and you got your next solid video

  14. Sean Rice says:

    The sound of that engine is boner city.. Nice.

  15. João Pedro Pereira Silva says:

    Super legal

  16. Israel P Roman says:


  17. Andrea Luzi says:

    Let’s drive listen to us 🙂
    Check our channel if you want guys !

  18. James Freeze says:

    Ken Block should be a stunt driver for any and every racing movie for the
    next 30 years… This guy would make for great scenes imo.

  19. black diamond says:

    Woulda been cool if one of those cops was chasing him through out. Damn
    this video made my day.