Hope For Paws going dumpster diving to save kittens thrown like trash.

Hope For Paws going dumpster diving to save kittens thrown like trash.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: On Tuesday morning, #GivingTuesday, we will have a SUPER SPECIAL video for you!!! Please make a note to yourself to come back – it’s going to be SO COOL!

Sardine, Salmon and Squid were so lucky that someone heard them cry and called Hope For Paws for help. There was way for these kittens to get into the trash bin without being thrown in deliberately! The bin was huge, there was no food in there… it’s just terrible that someone would do such a thing 🙁

JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo headed out and saved all of them and now we need everybody to SHARE this story so we can find them homes.

This weekend we’re still on Black Friday / Cyber Monday mode, so the Lucky Leashes on our website are ON SALE: https://www.HopeForPaws.org/Lucky_Leash

I will see you on Tuesday for a special (human) celebrity appearance on our channel 😉


#HopeForPaws #KittenRescue

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58 Responses

  1. Adventure Girl Warrior says:

    Your the best Hope for Paws Team ???

  2. Katherine/Kathy :3 says:

    The heroes are back at it. ?

  3. Alyssa Devito says:

    Yall are so amazing to animals! We need more people like this in our world!

  4. Deathvonsolo says:

    Oh my god, how could anyone do this

  5. Eleanore Celestre says:

    omg why would someone do this

  6. slimy squishy says:

    Who else was waiting for a cat video? There are so many strays

  7. Ash Bug says:

    I love you hope for paws ? our animal community would no be the same without you ?

  8. Hadley Bird says:

    I tapped on this right away! I am an animal lover and this video is sooo heart breaking! My dream job is doing the stuff you guys are doing! Because you help so many animals in need! Thank you guys for ALL you do?❤️

  9. Mayyi Salazar says:

    I love u guys so much the only thing I’m asking for for Christmas is a hope for paws hoodie

  10. Fossman Peapea says:

    Glad they were saved bless y’all hope for paws

  11. Sneha Choithani says:

    I just wanna say thank you guys for saving these little ones lives you guys are so kind and helpful

  12. Mac Awesome says:

    Whoever threw the kittens in the trash has no soul. KITTENS ARE ADORABLE

  13. Comedy Role6 says:

    Whoever did that should BURN IN HELL.

    Ahem, excuse me..

  14. Olivia Dremal says:

    Salmon, Sardine, and Squid the cutest cat names ever!❤❤❤❤???

  15. kimmyPatato patatoo says:

    God bless ? thank you for saving them whoever was going to crush those baby kittens is an monster!!! This world is. But thank you so so much for saving those cute baby kitten’s ?

    • Joyous Crafts says:

      Preach!!! ??

    • 2jzboy Gaming says:

      kimmyPatato patatoo 1. The garbagemen probably wouldn’t know. 2. It would have been the person who threw the kittens in there’s fault. It’s regular dump truck routine to take and crush the trash so it’s not their fault

    • kimmyPatato patatoo says:

      +2jzboy Gaming They wouldn’t be their for no reason. Plus they probably knew what they have done they could clearly see the kittens whoever it was. Never know.

  16. Susan's Slime says:

    Why would people throw KITTENS in a dumpster?! I’m so mad right now.. but I’m really happy that you guys helped them.

    • Ilike sloths says:

      +John D Why would that be funny?

    • MermaidDolphinNYC says:

      It happens every day. The real sad stuff are all the cats and dogs lingering in kill shelters. Those rescuers also have to deal w such but they are facing so many. Even Susan, the wild horses that I am not sure what Department it is use helicopters to round up our wild horses and then send them to slaughter. There is ONLY so much I can take anymore. I just hope that one day human beings will learn not to me cruel. Peace and love, Jenny

    • JanitorIsBack says:

      have you ever thought that mom put those kittens in there thinking it was a safe place

    • Aloha MD says:

      JanitorIsBack great point, I will think that instead of a human doing that.?

    • Aloha MD says:

      MermaidDolphinNYC nicely said. As with those poor horses, it’s the bureau of land management. ?

  17. Sana Savannah says:

    Thank God for you good souls! I dread to think what would happen to all these animals if you didn’t step in and help them..!

  18. Suzanne Noel says:

    “Who throws kittens into the trash cans?” Monsters called humanity. For every one good deed done like these guys. Three times as much evil deeds, such as this, are done. You have to understand my cynicism in all this.

  19. Lisa G says:

    Awwww poor little babies! Thank goodness you saved them
    Thank you HFP ?

  20. Bunny The Bear says:

    Who could do such a cruel act and deed, *SHAME ON YOU* ??? whoever did this to these helpless babies! ? ?? Thanks much for saving these babies Hope For Paws! ?? ?? ?

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