Youth Represent the World

DP/Edit by:
Michael Galardi
Steve Ngugi
Soheil Nanjee

Music by: Moseqar https://soundcloud.com/moseqar

Special Thanks: PapaJumba, Venerable Jue An, Han Jiang

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20 Responses

  1. Ninja C7 says:

    OMG YOU GOT HIT BY A CAR KEV?!? R u ok?!

  2. Emerrias says:

    I met Kevin a couple weeks ago, we vibed pretty well and I understand his new channel direction

  3. ThuThaoN says:

    I’m glad your ok and alive and amazing. Missed you so much!! Keep doing what you do and always know true fans have been waiting for you! And your dad ofc. ???

  4. what would Kanye do says:

    My wife’s in labor but fuck that

  5. XsMiiLey27 says:

    Wait so he’s not a monk? Is this just a reupload?

  6. Starz Dam says:


  7. Namnamnam93 says:

    Kev your an inspiration glad you’re much better now and we will continue to support you.

  8. YourBoyChad says:

    Damn so is that why he’s been inactive ? Glad you’re still posting Kev

  9. Keyboard Drunken Boxer says:

    Love you man

  10. avocadoe says:

    Just wanted to say that Kevin, you were the first person I subscribed to on YT. You were a part of my formative years and I can’t thank you enough. We never met in real life but I felt as if you were a friend because I could relate to you on so many levels. Just like many others, I slowly lessened the amount of time I spent on YouTube. Sadly when I started going on here again, you were gone. I just wanted to say welcome back and keep pushing. You seem like on of the strongest and kindest people in this community. More power to you Kevin ?

  11. bboyzid says:

    “Little over a year ago” Wait… is this an old video? Cause he left like 3 years ago…

  12. Faulty Logix says:

    Glad to see you back Kev! Was so excited when I saw you in the Wong Fu vid a while back.

  13. PinkCammy says:

    I cried when he said Team Jumba

  14. Mr. Game & Watch says:

    This looks like an old clip to me. I think Kevin’s dad is just uploading old clips.

  15. Kyle Swisher says:

    Anyone else on a big kev video Spree

  16. Vicky Tang says:

    kevin looks exactly like my brother oh ? ?

  17. Farbod says:

    so that’s why he stopped making videos 🙁

  18. Earvin says:

    Just glad he is opening up to us ever since this happen to hin after almost 2 yrs

  19. Em. mand says:

    Omg i have never been so sadhappytearing in my life

  20. Stony Tark says:

    how the fuck did i not know about this??

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