Youth Represent the World

DP/Edit by:
Michael Galardi
Steve Ngugi
Soheil Nanjee

Music by: Moseqar https://soundcloud.com/moseqar

Special Thanks: PapaJumba, Venerable Jue An, Han Jiang

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20 Responses

  1. Ninja C7 says:

    OMG YOU GOT HIT BY A CAR KEV?!? R u ok?!

  2. Emerrias says:

    I met Kevin a couple weeks ago, we vibed pretty well and I understand his new channel direction

  3. ThuThaoN says:

    I’m glad your ok and alive and amazing. Missed you so much!! Keep doing what you do and always know true fans have been waiting for you! And your dad ofc. 😍😍😍

  4. what would Kanye do says:

    My wife’s in labor but fuck that

  5. XsMiiLey27 says:

    Wait so he’s not a monk? Is this just a reupload?

  6. Starz Dam says:


  7. Namnamnam93 says:

    Kev your an inspiration glad you’re much better now and we will continue to support you.

  8. YourBoyChad says:

    Damn so is that why he’s been inactive ? Glad you’re still posting Kev

  9. Keyboard Drunken Boxer says:

    Love you man

  10. avocadoe says:

    Just wanted to say that Kevin, you were the first person I subscribed to on YT. You were a part of my formative years and I can’t thank you enough. We never met in real life but I felt as if you were a friend because I could relate to you on so many levels. Just like many others, I slowly lessened the amount of time I spent on YouTube. Sadly when I started going on here again, you were gone. I just wanted to say welcome back and keep pushing. You seem like on of the strongest and kindest people in this community. More power to you Kevin 😘

  11. bboyzid says:

    “Little over a year ago” Wait… is this an old video? Cause he left like 3 years ago…

  12. Faulty Logix says:

    Glad to see you back Kev! Was so excited when I saw you in the Wong Fu vid a while back.

  13. PinkCammy says:

    I cried when he said Team Jumba

  14. Mr. Game & Watch says:

    This looks like an old clip to me. I think Kevin’s dad is just uploading old clips.

  15. Kyle Swisher says:

    Anyone else on a big kev video Spree

  16. Vicky Tang says:

    kevin looks exactly like my brother oh ? 😂

  17. Farbod says:

    so that’s why he stopped making videos 🙁

  18. Earvin says:

    Just glad he is opening up to us ever since this happen to hin after almost 2 yrs

  19. Em. mand says:

    Omg i have never been so sadhappytearing in my life

  20. Stony Tark says:

    how the fuck did i not know about this??

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