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The Boston Celtics defeated the Charlotte Hornets, 134-93. Jaylen Brown led all scorers with 24 PTS, along with 5 REB and 1 AST, while Jayson Tatum added 16 PTS, 6 REB and 3 AST for the Celtics in the victory. Kelly Oubre Jr. (17 PTS) and LaMelo Ball (14 PTS, 7 REB, 4 AST) combined for 31 PTS for the Hornets in the losing effort. The Celtics improve to 1-0 in the NBA Preseason, while the Hornets fall to 0-1

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47 Responses

  1. Spike Shooter says:

    Great to be back! Jaylen looked like a man looking for All-NBA nods, Brogdon looking like the true PG of the team, Hauser and Payton looking accurate, it’s looking awesome. I just hope for once we can limit the turnovers cuz then we can be unstoppable.

  2. Pranav Manie says:

    Jaylen Brown, All Star and all-NBA.

    • Slicc says:

      @suiken 酔拳 yeah true. Brown is a Dawg and Tatum just need to be more consistent and become physically and mentally tougher and he’ll be so much better. He’s soft

    • suiken 酔拳 says:

      @Slicc Exactly. He may not have offensive help but his teammates are very good defenders which makes up for his deficiencies on that end.

      Brown and Tatum on the other hand make impact on both ends.

    • Slicc says:

      @suiken 酔拳 AI wasn’t a bad defender, he was average at best plus his real height is like 5’10. Can’t expect him to lock down bigger and taller guards

    • suiken 酔拳 says:

      @Slicc Eric Snow didn’t really need to score though. AI is known as a ballhog so he just fits well as a defensive stopper since he don’t take away the ball from AI. Plus AI isn’t exactly a positive on the defensive end since he’s very small. I’m so tired of “no-help” argument since star players like AI don’t even help on the defensive end.

    • Slicc says:

      @suiken 酔拳 Eric snow averaged 8 PPG and idk how Theo Ratliff was an all star when he only averaged 12 PPG and 9 rebounds. Horford put up those numbers last year playoffs. Tony kukoc averaged 9.3 PPG and Raja Bell averaged 2.3 PPG during 2001 playoffs while Smart averaged 15.4 PPG 6 APG and 5 RPG. Tatum averaged 26 PPG 7 RPG and 6 APG. AI didn’t have a teammate who put up Tatum numbers during 2001 playoffs run. White, Robert and Grant all averaged 8 or 9 PPG. 2001 Raja bell was far worse than all of those guys 🤣

      Those are all stats from 2022 playoffs vs 2001 playoffs

  3. Mimi says:

    I remember last year when the Hornets had a 68 point preseason loss to the Mavericks. This one wasn’t as bad at least lmao.

  4. Blind Pew says:

    Brogdon with 9 assists, already fulfilling that PG role!

  5. Tonnja Braden says:

    Dang the Celtics haven’t missed a beat with all these scandals going on. Good for them all working together through this awful time

  6. Murloc_Rampage says:

    Man… Hornets are missing miles bridges big time. They might be a lottery team again. Liangelo was not good but only played garbage minutes. He did take initiative to shoot, even though he missed, but it’s respectable. He wanted to prove he could come off the bench. Hopefully he trains enough to be a bench player instead of a benchwarmer

  7. tacko Fall says:

    Going to be a long season for the hornets 😭😭😭

    • Jay DS says:

      @Marco Jordan he was taken off the team lol pretty sure they put him to the g league then the cavs decided to take him

    • Jay DS says:

      @brzi. gelo just gotta get used to the nba if he’s playing the same next few games maybe it’s just him tho lol

    • Jay DS says:

      @PAC I live in Boston I’m a Celtics fan at heart want them to win finals but I live the hornets too cuz lamelo my fav guard to watch I just want them to make playoffs idec if they get sweeper first round lmao

    • Gabe W. says:

      @Sac12 keep that same energy I’ll be back here

  8. Mark says:

    We are back boys! Looking good with the new additions. Let’s go Celtics!

    • not the one says:

      @g13nn If I are a kahwai fan than why are you on a Celtics/hornets video calling somebody else salty because they are are saying Celtics wont make finals? That doesn’t make any sense lol.

      You are trolling

    • Lamar Stewart says:

      @g13nn that is why you salty , same man that blew a 3-1 lead and then Lebron killed the nuggets 4-1 😭

    • Lamar Stewart says:

      @g13nn yea that’s the guy who has the most finals mvps right now and he was hurt last season. Ya keep brining up last season as if its not a whole mother season going on 😭 ya sooo salty Celtics made playoffs and couldn’t even win the finals vs that old ass team they didn’t even have KD

    • g13nn says:

      @Lamar Stewart Lebron? Is that the guy that failed to even bring his team to the playoffs? Ah yes and history will repeat itself again.. and again.. and again.. 🤣

    • g13nn says:

      @not the one Huh? I am a Kawhi fan, how on earth did I become salty? Bold of you to make assumptions, no?

  9. vayahoo says:

    This Boston team is going to win lots of games this season. Wow they are so stacked in all positions

    • Rafi M. says:

      @Hero Miles In your own Opinion yes! But im not blind like yours that you cant even accept the fact that Boston dont stand a chance to GSW. Accept the fact bruh. And what are u sayin GSW downgraded this year? They add deadly youngsters and a future All stars. Bruh, stop makin nonsense here and please accept the fact that Boston dont stand a chance to GSW. and please stop cryin. And im not even a WARRIOR fan, im just sayin the truth. Be humble

    • Jamison Feeley says:

      When rob back we have a great front court to he’s back in a 2 or three months

    • Hero Miles says:

      @Rafi M. If you really believe that, you’re kidding yourself. Basically, what you’re saying is there is nothing the Celtics can do to beat GS if both teams make it back to the finals. The Warriors have essentially downgraded this year with a bunch of inexperienced players while Boston still has most of their roster with finals experience. RWIII wasn’t even healthy in the finals. When he comes back at full strength he’s going to be even more of a problem. I’m a Warriors fan btw but I’m not too delusional to believe that GS completely owns Boston. They owned Boston last year, but this year, you couldn’t convince me the result will be the same.

    • suiken 酔拳 says:

      @Lamar Stewart If the Celtics werr healthy from 2009-2012, they would won more than 1 championship. We can play what-if scenarios all day long. Also, Lebron didnt face Kawhi or Steph in that run.

    • Lamar Stewart says:

      @suiken 酔拳 Lebron wasn’t even healthy enough to play at least 69 games. How he supposed to make play in if he played 55 full games , make it make sense. Lebron last finals he won in 6 not the other way around 😭

  10. GroovyBeinGroovy says:

    We’re blowing teams out but we still had a ton of turnovers. We have a whole season to Clean that up a bit more and we’re golden.

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